Hi, I am Scorpii. I was born in “Scorpii Star” that is a twin of the Sun in the constelation of Scorpion at a distance of 45.3 light years from the Earth. I am the advisor of Biolcom to develop new plant based products and to search an strategic partner to give access to our natural products around the world. Biolcom is using solar energy, exactly as we do on our home-planet, which is still in a perfect shape without any garbage. Today I have the pleasure to present you Biolcom’s Products. Sacha Inchi OIL. Omega 3, 6, 9, plant based protein. Dark Chocolate PRODUCTS. Cocoa beans covered with chocolate. The way you should enjoy cocoa. Baby Banana covered with chocolate. Blackberry covered with chocolate. Goldenberries covered with chocolate. Pineapple covered with chocolate. VINEGARS. Exclusive Cocoa VINEGAR. Baby Banana VINEGAR. Passion Fruit VINEGAR. Goldenberry VINEGAR. Pineapple VINEGAR. With organic roses. Produced by