(upbeat music) – [Clintus] Bryce is up,
finishing breakfast, watching some
videos, some videos. What game is it? – Fortnite, the lens. – [Clintus] It’ll fix
itself, it’s all right. I didn’t notice
that it was all that bad. Thanks for noticing though. Good morning, guys,
welcome to Tuesday. I just got out of bed. Bryce is getting ready
to head off to the bus. Sierra’s just now
rolling out of bed. That’s the time difference between him going to
school and her going to school. He’s about to leave, she’s
just now waking up. (laughs) It’s Tuesday, I have a
conference call to jump on. And then, I edited last night. I also put up a video on
Clintus Games from Destiny 2. So, if you wanna check that out over at
YouTube.com/ClintusGames, I put that up.
I have it in my head that I wanna put up
more videos on that channel. And then, just with all the
other thing I’ve got going on, I always forget to like follow
up and like edit and post. I record stuff, I just don’t
get around to editing it. So, I’m trying to
get better at that, guys. I apologize. But anyways,
that video is up now. You guys can check that out. Destiny 2 is down for
maintenance this morning. So, I’m probably gonna
end up playing some PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. I know that’s a
real popular thing that’s requested a
lot on the channel. So, it makes sense for
me to squeeze it in there. But the moment
Destiny 2 goes back online, I will be switching back. Because I’m excited for
what they’re changing today. – [Tiffany] Brycers is home
from school, reading away. How’s it going? Good book? – I’m almost done with it. – [Tiffany] Yep, tail end. (crowd chatter) (girls and audience cheers) (whistle blows) (girls shouting) – [Clintus] Save. Nice. (audience applause) (girls shouting) (whistle blows) (girls cheering) Unfortunately another loss
for Sierra’s volleyball team. I think I said this
before, I’ll say it again, lack of practices are
just killing the team. No time for the
coach to really coach them until they’re in the game. At that point,
it’s almost too late ’cause it’s like they’re
already making the mistakes. And it’s game pressure. Just rough,
Sierra’s very frustrated. You know, there’s
some good girls on the team and they just
haven’t had any really time to be cohesive as a team. You know, started off awesome, beginning of the season. And then, just week after week, with little to no practices. It’s been rough for her. One more game after fall
break and the season’s over. And then, we just kind of wait for club volleyball to start. Alright, we’re in the kitchen. Tiff’s got some buh,
blah, blah, blah pasta. Pasta, I can talk,
we have pasta. I’m gonna boil some
water to put the pasta in. And there’s something
over here in the Crock-Pot. It looks like turkey
and cheese and Rotel. Smells good, I’m excited. – Taco pasta. – [Clintus] Taco pasta. – I’m using all of my
like leftover noodles. That’s why
there’s three boxes out. So, it’s gonna be a mix match of all kinds of
different noodles. – [Clintus] Taco pasta.
– Taco pasta. – [Clintus] For Taco Tuesday.
– [Tiffany] Yep. – I’m not gonna lie, she
teased me yesterday with pizza. Taco pizza. – [Tiffany] I didn’t
go to the store today. – She didn’t go to the
store today so wah, wah, wah. I was excited. I told her I’ve
been craving pizza. Even though that’s not
really traditional pizza. So, Bryce ran upstairs. He’s probably
playing some Fortnite. He’s just totally in
love with that game right now. – [Tiffany] No, he’s not. – Where is he at? – [Tiffany] He’s pooping. – Oh, he is pooping really? – [Tiffany] (laughs) Yes. – All right, Bryce
is pooping, never mind. Bryce is pooping. Sierra just went just out front. She’s gonna ride the
scooter with some of her friends out in the street,
out in the street. And I’m not
gonna like, guys. I actually had that
little, bitty thought, as we were
pulling into the house, I’m not just hop on my
bike and go for a quick ride. But the problem
is this time of year, it gets dark really fast. So, it says sundown is at 6:11 and it’s 6:07 at the moment. It takes me at least,
even when I haul my butt, 10 minutes to get my gear on. Pants, jersey, you know, boots. Get the bike out,
start it up, warm it up, 15? And so by then, technically
it’s already sundown. And then, it’s like what? I go out to go riding, I get five minutes
and have to come back. If I had a little more time,
maybe I’d squeeze one in. But I’m just feeling like
that’s what I should be doing. When I feel like
riding, just do it. Just do it and get the
bike out and go riding. The desert is right over there. Alright, here it is. Mom’s taco pasta,
what do you think? – It’s good. – [Clintus] Hot,
I could guess it’s hot. You should eat the
salad first. (laughs) Got a salad, some salsa,
sour cream, mhmmm. Alright, we’re
wrapped up with dinner. And Tiffany had a fabulous idea. Because it’s Taco Tuesday and
we didn’t really eat tacos, but we did have a
taco inspired meal. She came up with
the idea of a taco themed or taco inspired dessert.
– Dessert. One day I’ll make them homemade. – I think you should. I don’t think it’s that hard. But we’re on the
hunt for some Choco Tacos. Made by Klondike. They’re like nothing special. And they’ve been
out for years and years. In fact, I think
Taco Bell sells them. There’s a Taco
Bell right over there. So, if for whatever reason
this Target doesn’t have them, we’re gonna walk
over to Taco Bell. I guarantee they’re
gonna sell them individually. But supposedly Target
has in the freezer section. So, that’s where
we’re going right now. Super Target for
some Klondike Choco Tacos. (Bryce laughs) Oh, some Starbucks Frappuccino. – For later. – [Tiffany] Uh-oh. – Choco Tacos! The original. The come in four
packs, how convenient. One for each of us. – [Tiffany] Did
they get smaller? – Did they get smaller? – [Tiffany] It’s
like a tiny box. – I don’t think so. – Those are tiny,
yes, those are tiny. – Choco Taco is
the size of a taco. It’s the size of a taco. – [Tiffany] Is
your mouth watering? – What’s this? Save that for later.
(Tiffany laughs) – [Tiffany] Sierra’s
gonna pick out some fall flowers for me. – I like those.
– [Tiffany] You like those ones? – Yeah. The colors are
like yellow and red. I was gonna say these ones. But then, I saw those ones. – [Tiffany] Pretty cool.
– [Sierra] Yeah. – [Tiffany] Is that
the one, right there? – [Sierra] Pretty good. Oh, it popped out fine. – [Tiffany] Just pop
it on the table like that. – [Bryce] Not enough sugar. – How bad they are for you. – [Sierra] Don’t worry
about it, let’s eat them. – [Clintus] So, we decided
to pull down the tailgate. I wanna know the last
time I had a Choco Taco. Dude, if it’s cracked,
I’m giving it to you. – You’re the one
that didn’t grab it. – [Clintus] Have a seat, Mom. – [Tiffany] I was
gonna be nice and open yours. – [Clintus] I was gonna be nice
and let you eat them first. Oh, she just dived right in. Yeah, so, Choco Tacos,
you can get them at Rubio’s, Taco Bell, and
the ice cream truck. That’s where we
typically see Choco Tacos. – Valle Luna, we
used to get them. – [Clintus] They had
them for a brief time. Yes, Valle Luna did sell them. You put like
whipped cream on them. – I can’t open this. – Like I said, it’s the
size of a normal size taco. It’s good, right? It’s got like the little
chocolate ribbon in the middle. I had to admit though– (Bryce screams) (laughs) Is that
what you were waiting for? – [Bryce] Yes. – Waiting for me
to start vlogging. I was gonna say,
I have to admit, standing here in the middle
of the parking lot like this, eating Choco Tacos in the
back of my truck, memories. Sitting around in a parking lot eating Jack in the Box
tacos in the back of my truck. I had an all green like
’67, ’68 Chevy pickup truck. We’d make like
late night Taco Bell or Jack in the Box
runs and just eat tacos. Just like this,
open the tailgate. Sit down, stand up. – Like, normal tacos? – Normal tacos, yeah. But it’d be like late. Because I’d get off
work at like 10, 11 o’clock and come visit your mom. Or pick your mom up. And we’d go across the street to the the Jack in
the Box or Taco Bell. We’d just stand out in
the parking lot, eating tacos. Good times, good times. But this is because we
have this awesome weather. It’s says it’s 85 but I
just don’t believe it, man. It feels so amazing. I feel like 85
would still be too hot. Back home. Couch time for the girls. Sierra’s upstairs
taking a shower. I just got done
with a little walk. Went and got the mail,
walked around the block, just listening to a podcast. Just to kind of make
sure I hit my Move goal. Trying really hard. I upped my Move goal
this week by 40 calories, I think, per day. Just because last week,
the dirt bike ride, a couple of other things, it pushed my
average up big time. So, it recommended
that 370 was my daily. Which still is really low, guys. I’m not bragging at all. 370 is still really low. But I’m trying to
hit my goal every day. But I just did the walk. And once it gets to a point
where walking isn’t enough, I have to start running. Then, I start running. Try to do something every day. And that, ladies and gentlemen,
is the end of the night. Which means it’s
the end of the vlog. Thank you so much for
watching, hope you enjoyed it. Some of you guys,
not a lot of you. Some of you guys,
were, you know, bummed that the vlog
was so short yesterday. And I’ll say the same
thing I say every single time, the vlog is as
long as the things that we do throughout the day. If we don’t do anything, there is nothing to vlog,
there is nothing to share, there’s nothing to talk about. And numerous
people said they’d rather have a short
vlog with just like, boom, boom, boom, boom. Then, long two or
three minute rants from me. So, I’m not gonna rant. It is what it is. There will be
another vlog tomorrow. Thanks for watching, vlog on. – Hey, Clintus,
it’s Jaser and vlog on. (upbeat music)