November I’m going to talk to you all about boosting your immunity and gut-friendly foods that we can have Why not check out my videos on making sauerkraut, which is a fermented cabbage Milk kefir which I have here and we love it in smoothies or on top of the muesli Water kefir, which is a really refreshing drink Sourdough bread, using only three ingredients: flour, water, and salt or a lovely dessert, like labneh cheesecake On my website, there’s also some recipes for things like kimchi Which is a Korean dish which I would have with eggs most days for breakfast honey and elderberry tonic Which is great on the first sign of a cold coming on to take some of that or winter tonic, which is made using Horseradish and chili and ginger and garlic a lots of strong flavours like that the vegetables that we have in season in Ireland are purple sprouting broccoli brussel sprouts or cabbage which is why it’s a great time to make the sauerkraut and If you want to come to one of my live demos on Thursday the 7th of November, I have one all about easy entertaining with friends to find out more check out my website: Thanks a mill. See you soon