When it’s the end of July, and your
peppers look a little lackluster, more olive than green, it’s time for Kaye’s
secret pepper pick-me-up. (fun, lively, orchestra tango music) (horns, tambourine, drums) (scraping SFX) (tapping SFX) (banging SFX) (big horn finish with 3 blasts) (ethereal music begins) (piano medium tempo begins) (plastic cracking SFX) (music picks up energy) (big finish, music ends) (bird sings) (dramatic wild-west song begins) (song pauses) I love to give shoutouts to my friends.
This kurti was given to me by Mumbai Balcony Gardener last year. This is the
perfect day to wear it because it’s the end of July, it’s hot, and it’s kind of
humid, so it feels wonderful. If you haven’t checked out
Mumbai Balcony Gardener on YouTube, please do. This lady seriously makes the
most of what she has. I’d love to shout out my friend Heather, at Stone Malas on
Etsy.com. Heather and I got together about a year and a half ago and came up with the
Late Bloomer Garden Collection bracelet. She’s a jewelry designer. She uses these
wonderful stones, and we created this bracelet collection to raise money for
Late Bloomer, and I would love it if you would just go to her Etsy page, and see
if you like it, and see if you like anything else there, because she’s truly
a genuine person, and she makes really thoughtful jewelry. And I love to help
people out. That’s what life’s all about for me, is networking and sharing, and
inspiring. So I’ve been back for a couple of weeks and I told you in that first
video that I had hurt my knee and a little update on that, I’ve had an MRI and
I’m waiting for the results on that. Update on Linden, she actually chewed off
that hair on her leg because of fleas. We did some blood work, because she has to
have her molars removed, and, which is common in cats. Did you know cats and
dogs don’t really need teeth to eat? They kind of chew with their tongue. So, she has
to have her molars removed and, we did some blood work and we found out that
she has a liver problem. I have to give her medicine for a while and then get
new blood work and see if that improves. Update on my mother, she is actually
moving into assisted living in one week, and we are all very excited and she’s
all organized and ready to go. So, thanks again for watching my channel
and please share with your friends and I’ll see you next time! (big orchestra finish to song) (parrots squawking)