Hi, I’m Kristin Miglore from Food52. I
am here in the beautiful, bustling kitchens at Cooks of Crocus Hill, and I
wanted to show you a couple recipes from the new cookbook that we just came out
with at Food52 called Genius Desserts. This one is a chocolate chip cookie;
it’s called secretly vegan chocolate chip cookies from Ovenly, which is a
really great bakery in Brooklyn. Basically they just wanted to come up
with a better vegan chocolate chip cookie that didn’t require a bunch of
substitutes for the butter and the eggs that made it more and more of a far cry
from a chocolate chip cookie that you’re really looking for.
So, they took out the eggs, they took out the butter, and they replaced them with
oil and water, which basically, scientifically, are the same things. And
now, this is the part where you would normally see eggs and butter, but we’ve
got some neutral oil like vegetable oil, canola oil, whatever, and some water. To
make up for the fact that you’re losing some of the richness from the delicious
eggs and butter that you would normally have, they have a trick which is to
hydrate the dough for about 12 hours. The dough becomes richer, it has a better
texture, it’s crispier, its chewy. Cover this tightly and put
in the fridge for about 12 hours. Maybe sneaking a taste,
maybe baking off a couple for your snack. This is the dough that’s rested in the fridge for
about 12 hours. It’s really amazing since this book has come out these seem
to be the one the recipe that people are gravitating to first because it’s so
fast to do and everyone wants chocolate chip cookies whether they’re vegan or
not that has proven out time and again. Alright, I think I’ll just stick
with six just becuase these will spread. We would do a whole other sheet of the rest
of these. And if any bits fall off just kind of squeeze them back on; they’re
all going to melt together beautifully in the oven.
And then a key component of these cookies is the salt on top, of course. A
little bit of flaky salt – this one is, I believe, Maldon flaky salt – but any kind
of coarse finishing salt that you put on top. Okay, these will just bake off like
any other chocolate chip cookie at about 350 for 12 to 13 minutes and then you’ll
have these and everyone, vegan or not, will be very happy!