Welcome back to Pastry Maestra! I’m Tereza and today I’m making semifreddo. Semifreddo is Italian word for “semi-cold”. Despite its name, semifreddo is actually
fully frozen dessert, made of a flavoring,… …for example chocolate, hazelnut,
nougat, fruit, or a custard, some Italian
meringue, and lightly whipped cream. Now, if you want to learn more about
frozen desserts, check my post on that
subject, the link is down below. If you want to learn everything about
custards – like creme anglaise and creme… …patissiere, you can see my other posts,
the links are also in the description below. And if you have never heard of Italian
meringue, don’t worry – hop off to my … …post and learn all the tips and tricks
of making meringue, and yes – you guessed
it – the link is down below! Now, let’s get back to semifreddo! The combination of Italian meringue and
whipped cream makes this sweet to be… …incredibly light and airy, and even though
it is frozen, semifreddo in fact has very… …soft texture and doesn’t have that
“brain freeze” feel, like – for
example – ice cream does. The reason is simple – semifreddo
contains less water than the ice cream! The absence of water is another upside
of this dessert because semifreddo
doesn’t have to be churned! That’s right, no ice cream machine
needed today guys! So, who invented this incredible dessert? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I couldn’t
find the name of the inventor, however – … …I’ve discovered that semifreddo appeared
around the end of the 19th century,… …probably as an evolution of the French
parfait, which is another wonderful frozen… …dessert that dates back to 1869,
when its first recipe was published
by the name “Parfait au café”. The semifreddo I’m making today
is like – crazy simple! You don’t have to make custard, you don’t
need any fancy molds, and almost
no equipment except a stand mixer. Regarding ingredients – you will need some
hazelnuts, candied fruits, some heavy cream
and a couple of egg whites, that’s all! Easy-peasy! So, let’s make some semifreddo! As usual, recipe is on my site,
the link is down below. To make semifreddo first thing I’m gonna
do is whip cream to soft peaks. I’m gonna put it in the fridge until needed. To make Italian meringue I’m gonna place sugar and
some water into a saucepan, and put a lid on. I have already put egg whites into a bowl of
a stand mixer fitted with whisk attachment,
but I won’t start whisking just yet. When my syrup boils, the steam will wash down
the sugar crystals from the sides of my pan,
and I’m gonna remove the lid. At that point, I’m gonna insert the probe of
my digital candy thermometer into the syrup,
and continue cooking on medium heat. All about cooking sugar syrup you can learn from my
post – the link is in the description below. When my syrup reaches 113°C (235°F), I’m gonna
start whisking my egg whites on medium speed. When the syrup reaches 118°C (244°F) I’m
gonna pour it into foamed egg whites
carefully without turning off my mixer. It is important to pour the syrup between
the whisk and the side of the bowl. Be very careful; if you pour the syrup on the
whisk while it’s working, it could splatter… …your hands or face with hot sugar syrup, and
you could get serious burns! Once all the syrup is inside, I’m gonna
continue whisking Italian meringue
until it cools down. When Italian meringue cools down,
it is ready to be used! I’ve toasted and chopped my hazelnuts,
I’ve chopped some candied cherries, and
soaked raisins in rum overnight. Now I’m gonna fold everything
into my Italian meringue. Finally, I’m gonna mix in cream
whipped to soft peaks. I’m gonna transfer the mixture into a
plastic film lined pan, and put in the
freezer for a couple of hours until set. My semifreddo is done. I’m gonna take it out of the pan
and remove the plastic foil. Then I’m gonna cut a slice, serve it
with some fresh raspberries and enjoy
perfect summer dessert. Join me!