LullaPolice Department is stillsearching for whoever shot two teenagersbehind Sentinelhigh school on Sundaytoday they held a news conference totalk aboutthe investigationk-paxisConnor McCauley joins us in the studiowiththe lateston this caseConnorthanksJoe while the police departmenthasbeen conducting an investigationthere isno new leads on the location ofthe shooter the officials saythat theshooter might not even be inthe city ofMissoulathe two victims of the shootinga 16 year old and a 17year old arestill in an undisclosedHospital at thistimenoneof the partiesinvolved in theshootingare from Missoula while the twovictims arestill dealing withmedicalissues MPD has been ableto speakwiththem multiple timesMPD says eachconversationhas gotten more informationon the shooter we’ve talked to him twice and able to get alittle bit more information fromthem the second time we talked to himbutobviously their medical care comesfirst and so we kind ofare letting thatI would like to do something much moreinaudible a firearmhas been recovered that isbelieved tobe the one used intheshootingbut testing will need to becompletedbefore that canbe confirmedback to you allright Connor thank youand thepolice are stillaskingfor thepublic’shelp that you have anyinformationabout this even if you thinkit’sjust a small detail they wouldstill liketo hearfrom you