the spider that was here and it’s not a
dangerous fighter like this is where I lived and it’s a 15 by 15 foot room and
the Seri Indians helped me to know that you can be very happy in a very small
space and you can even have lots of people in a very small space and
everyone be happy very unamerican this is an early not to
a Modena Road Runner but they were finer not sure anyway these things are also personal to me
that I am just taking back down memory lane every time I look at any of it I’m Jim Linda and sorry my name is boto
sigh that’s the last name that I was given the first was kisses in sorry
Indians they would present me with a carving or basket or a necklace to buy
and I if I wasn’t gonna buy it right then and there I would tell him kiss-ass
that which means perhaps in Spanish and so I said that so often that they began
calling me kisses I began trading with them in 1973 was my
first trip in the summer early summer of 73 I went to Kino Bay with my friend Don
Lee that was the first time I saw any Sri carvings or any saris their work was
just fantastic I couldn’t believe it and I thought to myself you don’t see these
things anywhere in the States anywhere see here’s a carving with an eagle on it
on a cactus and this unfortunately it was made by a man who is now dead this air is very well know what they
need only ant all the other animals around them they live in the desert by
the sea on the sea and they know what they carve with sorry carvings cuts are
made of wood this is de Soto the NIA is the scientific name and this is this
only occurs in the Sonoran Desert the Sonoran Desert begins just a little
south of here and includes Phoenix and all the way down to past Guaymas Mexico
Sonora I earn it’s the most dense wood on this
continent only lead wood in Florida is of comparable density it sinks it will
not float and I mean a tiny piece of Ironwood it is incredible wood I love
the smell of it I’ve spent so many years smelling iron wood burning you know
because of course the little chips as they’re carving wood that was their
firewood and they wouldn’t waste it you know you had to it was work to go out in
the desert and find Ironwood and get a piece that you could make a carving out
of they wouldn’t waste it not at all so Jose Astorga he initiated the making
of Cerie carvings now this carving is when Jose was dying
Jose had told his daughter Olga Astorga who is now likewise dead to
make busts of his head and she would be able
to sell everyone she did it was a wonderful wonderful experience
in Mexico in the same my name is Mike gray and I volunteered
and worked with the series primarily on economic development I’ve worked with
them professionally in the past as a coordinator of volunteer service
projects for the Quakers the American Friends Service Committee southwest
areas and in other parts of our country okay it’s about 95 so it’s almost 20 years
I’ve been working with a series of different projects really really focused
on economic development for about the last eight years maybe really what we
saw it is the fishing is not making money like it used
to the fish population in the Gulf is is crashing so the fishermen aren’t making
as much money as they used to we have been able to increase the sales baskets
and our wood carvings to kind of make up for what the fishermen have lost so the
series are not getting richer but they’re kind of staying on par with the
income that they had before and so the fish said until the fishing gets
better they need to find another way of making a living arts and crafts are
culturally appropriate and people can do them sustainably and in harmony with the
environment I think it’s a good a good move as long as the outside world and I
am sustained that now it seems like a good way to go I go alone a lot but there and my work I
find a lot of volunteers and people were interested necessary want to go see who
they are how they move and so I take people with me frequently everybody in Mexico goes to the beach if
they can that’s our even it’s a modest ontem
people come how to disarm okay but they don’t usually come to the town they go
to the beaches north or south of town and just dam on the beach
you know there’s no hotel in town a restaurant in town
just a real attraction for tourists few little markets if they need
something that most people bring everything they would
so this area certainly don’t benefit much from that Frankel tourism happily government or government tried
to protect forests they just don’t care it’s such a little thing to the
government you know it in terms of how many dollars or how many people are in
perfect they really don’t seem to give in budget there are no sounds with birds and wind
early light of Warren sarah.billick it’s so quiet it’s not like the cities we
live in with Lawrence blasting and people busy walking around you can
hardly find any signs of the modern society this is desam baka it’s an
ordinary fishing village sitting by the edge of the Sonoran Desert and see the
Seri Indians call it home this is Alejandro Diaz feel it like others he is
waiting for my gray to try to sell his works
Alejandro used to be a fisherman but he changed his career path to become a
full-time iron wood carver I’m working without a definitive with
three minutes very well today I do not have the users
they were probably addiction or a radically market performance indicator
available but they only look at all the liquid has one fucking game and I think we did over a week a little
young i’m dr. freda doctor hailing a geek me
innovator who you work for truly we are playing as an appeal or any God will
give anyone my opinion if equipped and work well we are what I do literally
anything with your vanity use and we are going my way in the past the Seri Indians were highly
dependent on the ocean they had access to marvelous marine resources that
unfortunately we may never see again historically they were nomadic people
who followed the migration of fish and wildlife along the main coastline of the
Gulf of California from where the Lobos adopted wireless bag they were hunter-gatherers who
maintained an intimate relationship with both the land and the sea since the 17th
century the Seri population has never been more than a thousand due to disease
in warfare first with the Spanish and the Mexicans later on by the 1930s the
Seri population were slow as 300 they are now mainly settled in L
disembarking in Portage Lake which is a couple of kilometers
land Tiburon Island the series still try to make a living from the sea as much as
possible fishing was the major source of income
it is until 1963 when a man named Jose Astorga changed that he made the very
first iron wood carving for an American friend and coincidentally created a new
market for the tribe well gosh Yahoo oh gosh near yeah
oh hey that was my my gosh nice creamy feeling Tommy timidly
adeney well hey the guy mock my head mostly Oh hurry hurry or have my and so
I was like um what and I have been one of only four my head yeah in me that like father like daughter Aurora a
starka has inherited talent and craftsmanship from her father as a fine
machete user she knows how to manipulate in shape Ironwood and has become an icon
among the iron wood carvers in the village here’s something a little more
shaky the promotion the one who die annually diet ready of duckweed attacks
become odometer comical gospel to the held Omega the gears of nigga be present
in mind cheeky guinea-bissau theologian van hoy de Atacama and chicadini anta
anta et compacta photochemically dr. kadar atomic ta da hai by the head I
mean I could they work aboard the Pegasus
oh yeah I gotta go for Sonia Kashuk you’re not
worried because these people did to my hair but the funny is that this antenna
doesn’t appear that the unethically endearment when handling wood it’s
common for the wood to crack will be eaten by insects even for iron wood
which is as hard as metal to fix those cracks or rora uses crystallized saps
from the creosote bush and various plan with your family collects in the desert
to fill in the holes and cracks with delicate sanding and polishing those
cracks or holes in the surface of the car d are hardly noticeable the
production of a serie carving is not a one-man job you will see a couple of
family members sitting together led by a carver like Aurora is now to go through
the whole process I’m Julie
the carver outlines the shape of the carving and the details and his or her
daughters and sons finish the rest either with sanding or polishing others
sit next to them to learn by watching by doing so the art of the carving is being
passed out to the next generation during the summer 50 degrees Celsius or
122 degrees Fahrenheit is quite typical but the heat does not stop Aurora’s
family from collecting iron wood you know big everywhere suck my garlic we
are again until mustafa Ingram another play I did the abalone Hare Rama Hare
Rama dogs are adults Adama Hancock got my backup car walk with my head that
will knock my or him but that was in mind now Aurora’s family’s goal is to
look for dead or fallen desert Ironwood trees because those are ideal materials
for carving or firewood desert Ironwood is the common name but
its scientific name is to south the omnia it’s native to the Sonoran Desert
and is indicative of that desert it’s the highest species there it can
reach to almost ten meters I they are a very slow-growing species and
according to researchers some trees are told to be more than 800 years old in
the desert generally you’ll see them growing along the valleys and sand banks
which are washed out by water in the desert they are evergreen plants even in the
dry season the extreme environment makes it very hard and dense even denser than
water which also accounts for their varied and unpredictable grains these trees are considered one of the
top 10 heaviest woods in the world during the search for Ironwood the
family splits into a couple of small groups some of them carry a 10-foot long
wooden pole with a small knife attached in a bucket because they are picking
cactus roots as well they use these poles to cut the fruits from the top of
sometimes two-story tall cap die without getting pricked when out in the desert series always eat
these cactus or fruits as supplements to keep them hydrated and energized they
say a bite of cactus fruit can be both refreshing
Nowell life-saving especially after a long walk in the desert they wanted mr. knows no danger
diabetics can eat this there are of course some sirasa peas for
cactus fruits for example they may eat it raw or slice it to bite-size and dip
it with honey they also make alcohol from the cactus as well you’ll see them
serving cactus wine during special occasions such as the new year it is
sweet and tasty and also very strong Aurora’s family and other series would
never try to cut down any living Ironwood trees they collect fallen limbs or cut down
the dead part of the trees they only take the
and they never take you much this is not only because they know how easily
Greenwood will crack and make it unsuitable for carving your tools but
they feel it is important for the sustainability of the forests they
collect the wood carefully because they want to save the trees for the future
they treasure the forests and everything the land gives them however over logging
by the Mexicans climate change and other factors have caused a huge decline of
the forests this is a serious issue to the ciri culture and nature aurorus family and other villagers now
have to travel farther to collect Ironwood when Aurora’s family comes back from the
desert with the wood they collected they sort out the good ones for carving and
leave the rest as firewood or other usage desert iron wood burns consistently
which is why it is excellent for cooking or heating a room even though gas stoves
are installed in most homes now the series still prefer to cook meals with
firewood because it’s hot and it’s free not everyone here can afford propane gas traditionally when it comes to food
series would make bread for mesquite or Ironwood seed flour but it’s not often
seen nowadays they mostly make wheat bread now Laura’s daughter is using
ground wheat flour to make dough which will later turn into sis for the
flatbread which is known as the serie bread it’s about time to cook dinner for the
family now the fire is going in the pan is hot and ready they press the dough
into small round shapes and then gently place those into the hot pan to fry them they generally eat these flat breads
plain or sometimes with hot sauce what shows up on the dining table besides the
Serie bread is what they catch during the day it may be fish crab prawn or
maybe nothing at all and thanks to Aurora’s son-in-law the
kitchen is serving fish fingers in Serie bread tonight most artists in the village still
generally follow as a estar gas style of carving and they carve in the old method
using a knife a machete because it wasn’t that long ago that electricity
was installed in the village miguel Estrella used to work with an
international NGO called *Ocean Revolution for projects he is also the girls work is influenced by Jose as well but more than that this carving is also
inspired by Armando Torres Armando is another well-known Carver who’s famous
for swimming with someone whom appear item of
Moorhead Muslims can’t come anymore cause you couldn’t interfere if you take
it when I was a boy for the series the sea turtle plays an important role in
their history and culture it used to be one of their main sources of food the
elders also believed they could talk to see journals it was said that when the
earth was covered with water there was a leatherback sea turtle it
flipped mud onto its back and created a land where people can live and that’s
how Tiburon Island came about so whenever they encounter a leatherback
they always hold a four-day festival for it um the Honda
they’re become oh my god we wanna hear music especially that if he is been the
remain stage and we are done next podcast
Giani ji ah ho yeah who did not agree touch my hair clip I’ll do the comedy
heard who it is totes my hands and doing what connecting for the next eight days like Aurora
Miguel teams up with his wife and they share the work together lost at the time one distinctive feature about Siri iron
wood carving is the lack of details such as the lack of eyes unlike Mexican iron
wood carving that is usually done by machines and has artificial eyes Siri
carving simply brings out more of the vivid characteristics of the apples gets
more alive and these make Siri carvings so different and unique due to the
recession however the cheaper crisis of the imitation Mexican carvings took a
toll on the sales of Siriano carvings and deeply impacted Siri artists and
cons sale the baskets also silence dr. ski versus tactic when a
multivitamin is a crystal a tons of my existing about the Mafia who lifted the
my head what mean that’s how who uses a miser down but 100m away so see I got
that pesky we at the at home with that lag what was my going back I better on
the I but you’re going where are we what a calamity up my alley a government
in LA with a night in fact series were first recognized for
their beautiful and collectible baskets rather than my own wood carving people
were amazed by the finally made and high-quality Seri baskets the baskets
once brought good fortune to the village when the economy was doing well
Miguel’s older sister Berthe Estrella is one of the best Weaver’s in town so
Clara must watch am i sad because or do we might just absolute I’m a surrogate
mother he must actively measure to must
accurately diamond and coke and the critical top Murphy is a whisker is a
whiskey dummy they give my doctor him economy die Damacy and coupled with the
MMSE you see the vampire to see or supposed to me we quit my serie is a
matriarchal society women do most of the work
except for fishing similarly basket making is under their domain as well we
rarely see a man sitting in the group and helping in the process of weaving
and there’s an interesting tale about Cirie basket that if even got they’re
going to feast on them – yeah yeah oh wow it was so hit with I my wife is the
one with my English is warming there was a material
with a mass quantity read of my DNA give me Tomas Tomas want a sea que esto es mi
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Sadako’s a customized bogum inap na ki taraf a reversed Empire Coco Coco Coco
de Mer spa – EE as was imported and so Tahu be bracketed masters and Adama when
I die bramara disappointed Bhagwat this one yes for TV that Murphy was doctor
bhagavata scorching is the first step in the
basket making process because it’s easier for Bertha to peel off the bark
when that outer bark of the taro thing is burned the inner white stems of the
taro take our what she is after and those are the fundamentals of leaving the weaving segment comes together when
certain white stems are collected it is a long and arduous process for Bertha it
may take her weeks sometimes years to finish a basket depending on the size
and the complexity of the pattern she wants to accomplish forgot my album vodka Association
expanded Marshall in my take that is the equally would forget mother while she
was at Woodstock or it let’s go with that don’t make it you know the much
cheaper a bit with documents without her and get them away but they’re not
working every letter CN CN to think when Lucien thought that then women that down Bertha is now increasing her pace as the
New Year is right around the corner that means they’ll be tourists visiting the
village and walking around she needs to get more baskets in stock because every
sale counts as the new year is approaching women in
the village start decorating the place where the celebration will be they type
plastic ribbons on the poles and three different colors blue white and red
these are the colours of their national when night falls people from all parts
of the village start showing up and make their way toward the only school in town
there is a graduation ceremony they bring cakes and sodas to cheer for the
kids who finished their studies this year the children are taught in both the
Spanish and Siri languages however the lack of support for the educational
system and financial aid from the government as well as the widespread use
of Spanish in the country the elders are worried and concerned the younger
generation will soon face the problem of self-identification and start forgetting
their native tongue this is becoming an inevitable trend for
the ethnic tribes in Mexico they really can’t stop this from happening without
money the anti-theft Nikole Killion the aquino module is important
tenemos impressive a look at team approach noi apoyo al revere no Mexicano
no I Ramos ayuda por algunos tanto element
eCos tanto monetary Oh para para salir empezando LED ocasion in dicen que en
cuenta que nosotros ND Fennessy rita men cream o salir adelante y tambien Oh Papa
Madison Tammy no Papa molest a Tennessee Wilson para que nuestros hijos Oh Esther
Familia Esther’s Julian el dia de mañana el viento most rope
well porque como a comment oh the laughter Sonia geomos estar la moneda
the lawyer on this town many preparations are still taking place on
the morning of the new year and events are happening throughout the village at
the beach women are now busy building shades there were once used in the past
these shades are now more symbolic than actually functional they are now mostly
built for festivals and ceremonies you’ll find many parties going on when
you walk through the village people are generally sharing food like ciri bread
to all of the visitors everyone is welcome the kids and teenagers sit
together and be beautiful patterns on their faces with different water colors
the paint and their faces are simply beautiful in the past the Seri Indians
painted their faces to avoid bad spirits and to protect themselves from sunburn
it is now more for taking photos and catching the eyes of tourists so the
first thing a lot of tourists will do now is to get their faces painted it’s
also a good opportunity for the villagers to push the sales of their
hand crafts such as necklaces carvings or baskets singing and laughing can be heard
everywhere starting in the morning with people sitting under the shade and kids
dancing in their traditional costumes the vibe is a joyful one throughout the
village the new year is at the end of the dry
season with all waiting for the monsoon rain in the desert which usually starts
in late June when the rain starts it’s when the desert comes alive and that’s
how the series believe it’s the beginning of a new year it’s the best
time of the year to be around because that’s when everything is coming alive
and growing again every year they celebrate the new year
and invite people to join or not only fun but also to promote their culture as
time goes on more people more tourists flood in at the Fiesta the elders sing
their traditional songs and men and children will take turns women sit in a
round circle that is surrounded by organ pipe cactus and play a gambling game
this is a game reserved only for women the celebration can last from dawn until
midnight when night falls everything goes even
more active men would gather around a box filled with sand and play a gambling
game as well there is face painting cactus wine deer
dancing performed by Aurora’s grandson and more everyone’s faces are filled with joy and
big smiles however behind these happy faces still moves in uncertain future how will they retain this way this way
that they live in their culture in the modern world series believe their
culture is beautiful because of their isolation from outsiders their
arts-and-crafts iron wood carvings and baskets might be a path of hope for them
but it’s still an unanswered you