I don’t know why but… The whole group of Indians are here. I don’t, I think it might be some kind of special occasion but… There are so many people. A lot of people, look at that. So right now we are actually heading to Little India in Singapore. 3, 2, 1, we will jump there. Okay? Okay. Alright. 3, 2, 1, jump. Okay, right now we are here at the Chinatown MRT. Going to the Little India so… Here with me, is the Singapore’s metro card. Called the EZ-Link. And… Gonna go in and take their train, let’s go! So there are actually… 5 lines, in Singapore. And right now we are actually at the, purple line. Downtown line is the blue line. 1, 2, 3, 4. The green one, where’s the green one? 5. You see here right… They have this TV that shows you like when the train is coming right? In Taiwan, they will show you advertisements you know? Advertisements of pretty girls. Pretty girls and stuff… Wow, very good… But then, this one is just… Next train, Punggol. The moment I came out of the train… I notice this distinct smell. Authentic smell. And then when you exit the station you can see… Indians. The ambiance is awesome. Multiple… Multi-racial. Yes, multi-racial. Really. It’s so much more crowded than Chinatown. Yeah it’s so much more… Because this is Little India! We stumbled across this place. Where they sell jewelries and… It’s super crowded, check it out. I’m not interested in gold. So… Let’s go! Not much people here. It’s totally empty. That store with a lot of customers are Chinese sellers. Yes Chinese sellers, very weird. Very chill. They seemed to be able to… Relax? Yeah, relax anywhere. So right now we are walking towards our eating place. And we just stumbled across this… Street market, here in Little India. And I’ve lived here for a long long time in Singapore… But I’ve never ever been to this place. So, are you ready to check it out? Let’s go! Actually the market is not very big huh… Market is just here, here. This place. They are now standing here, to chill. And relax. To chill and relax. Chitchat session. Yes man and they are standing ah… I cannot understand their logic. I don’t know why but… The whole group of Indians are here. I don’t, I think it might be some kind of special occasion but… There are so many people. A lot of people, look at that. There, this is the Mustafa Centre. So along that street is a lot of people. A lot of stuff to shop as well. And a lot of food to eat. Enough of seeing the crowd. Need to go and eat already, let’s go. Imagine if you are meeting a friend here. How are you gonna find them? We will be screwed. Chinese seems to be a rare animal here. So now we are here at this place to eat our dinner. It’s called the… Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant. 24 hours, so… Are you ready, buddy? Let’s go! What is good here? Very good, the best. I want the best. Here is the best. This set has everything in it. Yeah. Then, maybe I will order this as well? These are their desserts. Desserts right? Yes. The sweets. This one, what is this? This one? This one is Mango. Mango? Okay. The green color, yes. This one is ????? Ah, okay! Actually I didn’t hear it clearly. So our food is here. So let’s check out our amazing set. Wow man. The curry’s very rich. So, our tea. The Masala Tea here. Ginger milk tea. So Masala is ginger? Is it Masala? It’s not Masala. Yes it’s Masala tea. She said it’s Masala tea? Ginger right? Yeah ginger, a little bit of ginger. So this is the Samosa. Sweet and sour. Sweet sweet sour sour. Next! Actually, I’m quite full already. Me too, I’m full. Wow it’s hard. So this is the Chocolate… I don’t understand. I think it’s this one, with a 3. Ah yes! Fruit Burfi. This is technically… Chocolate flavored milk powder. In cubes. Taste like chocolate powder right? Smells good. The next one we gonna try. This one. So what did she say this was? I don’t know. I don’t know what flavor is this but… It’s okay we will know when we eat it. We will know, yeah. I think it’s milk. It’s still milk powder. My turn, my turn. Like pandan. Because it’s green right? I think there’s a little bit of pandan taste. Then there are little… You see the seeds? There are seeds on top. The next one is this, in a heart shape. This is called the, Mango… Yup it’s mango. Mango Burfi Let’s see what’s inside. Actually there are some small stuff inside. Then there’s this, I think it’s cherry right? Grape uh? I’ll eat it? Sure. Or is it tomato? How can it be? Cherry. Cherry? It’s really sweet right? Just one bite. This is mango right? It’s not mango? Doesn’t taste like it? Looks like mango ah. But I didn’t taste the mango. It’s too sweet. It’s really sweet. The sugar level of this thing is over 9000. No mango right? It’s not mango.
No mango right? It’s not mango. I got scammed.
It’s not mango. I got scammed. This is called the Jalabi. Actually it is biscuit. Fried crackers, but deep and soaked in syrup. Still a bit crispy, but. Mainly in syrup form. A lot of syrups. So I will just plug one. Wow it’s so sweet. This is also sweet? Wow, diabetes. Will you get it? Diabetes for sure. Super sweet. This is a biscuit, okay, but… It’s all soaked inside. I think there are only syrups in it. It’s biscuits, with syrups. Wow, too sweet. Sweet right? You see these are the leftovers that we cannot finish. The outer side is okay, but the inside with the syrups… Look at the syrup. Look, oh my… Abnormally sweet. Hi guys, so now we are at Bugis Station. As you can see from behind, Bugis Station. Saw a lot of Indians. Gather together. Thousands of them. And having Indian food. Thank you for watching. Thank you so much for watching my videos. Stay tuned to my channel. And I’ll see you next time.