MUSIC SUMMER CAMP My young lady. Come in. What’s the matter? I prepared your breakfast. You should have it before go to school. What did you prepare for me? Sandwiches with omelet. And salad. Your dessert is yogurt. I told you that I didn’t like sandwiches. – But…
– Dad. What’s wrong, my daughter? Will you take me to eat ‘phở’? Why? We have plenty food. Why do want to eat ‘phở’? I don’t like sandwiches. Sandwiches contain much starch. It will make my belly bigger. And it is normal knowledge for all women to know. Oh my. You are a fool. Then you think ‘phở’ contains no starch? Eat it then you will be overweight. Go down stair to have your breakfast. I will tell Mrs. Thuy to make you ‘phở’ next morning. It must be ‘zucchini phở’. The normal ‘phở’ is the best. Look at yourself. You are as skinny as a rail. I don’t understand why you have to go on a diet. Go down stair, have your breakfast then go to school. You go down stair, too, Mrs. Thuy. How bored! You know nothing about beauty care. Have your breakfast, Thu Nga. It’s omelet. It’s nutritious. Daughter. Do you have your exam result? Let me have a look when you get it. Don’t worry about it. You will know about it as soon as you go to the parent-teacher meeting. Do you think you will get high score? I hear that La La School scores test strictly. It’s as easy as a pie to me. Mom, will you buy me this Swiss watch? It’s girlie. This brat. We are talking about studying. Why do you suddenly change the topic to your phone and watch? Don’t be that worried, dad. You will know about it as soon as they release the exam result. Also, your daughter is smart naturally. And I was taught by the most skilled teachers after school. Don’t worry, dad. – Buy me this, mom.
– Really. Set the watch a side. Have your breakfast. Okay. You should eat properly. Why do you have to study while eating? I think you finished you exam. I finished my exam. I’m just reading a reference book. By the way. Keep this. Use this to buy drink or fruit. Thank you, mom. If I have more money, I will give you more. I hear that canteen in luxurious school sells things expensively. It’s okay. This much is… enough for me to buy soft drink. And I can buy 3 glasses of ice more for my friends. We often drink it. If they get fat, it will be your fault. This brat. How dare you blame on me? You are good at dancing. I’m sorry. Why? It might be noisy. I bothered you. Do you like art performing? Yes. I love singing and dancing. I love the girl group AKB48. The style of this group is young, active and friendly. Their members is young but talented. I dance to every songs of this girl group. You dance in your own way or you imitate them? I often imitate them but if there is any part that isn’t suitable for me, I will make it myself. I think you are gifted. Thank you. By the way, if you can go to La La School and study with Thu Nga, what do you think? Excuse me. What do you mean? I mean I want you go to La La School. First, I see that you are gifted and have passion. If you go there, you will have a bright future. Second, Thu Nga is studying there. You will progress faster if you study with friends. You two can help each other in studying. To be honest, La La School is my dream. But I think I can’t do that. Why? My mom can’t afford it. You are fool, girl. I only said that when I mean I can support your school fee. I can support you until you graduate. Are you serious? But I can’t. I don’t know whether we can pay you back. My family is poor and my father died early. You have helped me and my mother a lot. You gave my mom a job. Stop it. Don’t mention debt or anything like that. You and your mother are somehow relatives in my wife’s side. You only have to promise me to help Thu Nga in studying. All she knows are hanging out and getting dressed. She slacks off in her study. I’m worried about her. So I ask you to help. And about the fee, you don’t have to think about it. This is your only chance. Many people want to study in La La School but it’s just their dream and they can’t make it come true. Whereas, you are having a chance to make it come true. Why don’t you accept it? No. I accept it. As long as my mom accepts it. All I need is your acceptance. I will talk to you mother. – Deal?
– Yes. OK. Continue with your practice. Thank you so much. Finally, I have a chance to study in La La School. Who’s that? It’s me. Cat Tuong. Why did you cover my mouth? Look, you are a member of Princess team which consists of the most glamorous girls in La La School. You are standing here eating your ‘bánh mì’ like a pig. You look like homeless people. Because… it’s delicious and I’m hungry. You have to eat it in a noble way. Eat it little by little. Take it. Wow. You’re really the second glamorous girlie princess – fancy girl. Obviously. Where’s the first princess? Why hasn’t she arrived? Right. Well, speak of the devil, here he is! What? I’m not looking for the devil. I mean Thu Nga is coming. Hello girls. How are you today? I’m fine, thank you. And you? Always fine because I’m princess. How cliché your hair is today, Tuong! Take your hairpin off. Bread crumb is on your mouth. You are fat enough. Stop eating. Girls, are you ready? Ready! Princess team is pretending glamorous as usually. No! It’s aura from Thu Nga. My eternal love goddess. Eww. Stop dreaming in the morning. You have no chance approaching her. She is pretty and talented. It was like she rescued the world in her past life. She is a perfect girl. It’s fine. It’s my dream. No one can ban me. Thu Nga, will you drink this? I will be happy if you do so. What’s that? Rainbow milk tea. It’s on trend. Thank you but I don’t like milk tea nor sweety. But I bought it. It’s okay. I will drink it. Anything else? Then bye. He doesn’t know his place. What did he think when he gave her that drink? Oh my. How terrible that milk tea is! I wanted to vomit as soon as I tasted it. What’s this? Wow. Audition to be the next generation of musical group in La La School. If I’m a member in musical group, I will have chance to approach boys. Stop it. Silly. If I’m a member in this group, I will receive more favor from teachers. And if I forget my homework at home, or sleep in class the teacher will assume that it is due to my hard practice for musical group. No one is like you. You lost all your cool. Will you join? I think this is a chance for us to shine. After joining this group, we can take part in a competition with other schools at the end of the school year. I can meet some music producers. My dad can open a music production company for me if I want to. You’re right. After all, do you two want to join the musical group? Let me think. Oh my. Who’s that? It’s early in the morning. Who’s that brat? I can’t be kind even if I want to. Who’s that? Who threw the ball? Come here. Who’s that? What are you going to do? Ask her to take the ball back. And say sorry to her. Forget it. She is a hot-tempered girl. She is Hoang My. She can curse everyone. No one can beat her off. She will curse you if you mess with her. Are you serious? She looks meek. Don’t you dare to come here? Who’s that? Come here if you are brave enough! Hoang My. It’s early in the morning. Who’s messed with you? Look at this. Someone threw it on me. It hurts. I’m looking for who threw it. It’s fine. Why don’t you go to class? Why are you standing here? Oh right. I’m looking for you. You know what? The thing we are looking forward to these days is going to start. The thing we are looking forward to? Yes. Don’t you know it? Audition contest to find the next generation of musical group in La La School. Isn’t it the thing we are looking forward to for a long time? Should you and I join it? Yes. We should. Want to join school musical group? Someone wants to climb high. The higher you climb, the more pain you will feel when you fall. We can’t blame her. We can tell who she is by her friend. Who are you talking about? Are you stupid naturally or by practice? Of course we are talking about you. You have nothing to do with us applying for school musical group. Why not? Studying in the same school with you is too much for me. You even want to join school musical group? I don’t think you’re that obsessed with me, My. I will tell you. You have little brain. Your brain are so tiny that you need to hire tutor. Our going to apply for school musical group is not your business. If you don’t want to see us, don’t apply. It’s as easy as a pie. That will be good, Duong. I was afraid we would be in a team with these girls. They always pretend they are princesses and glamorous. Oh my. It seems they will give up. Tuong, Earlier I told you I would consider joining school musical group now I have my decision. I will join school musical group to kick her ass out. She will know who is Princess, who is Cinderella, who is on top and who is forever on the floor. Yes. I remembered last year she took the chance to meet Lee Kwang Soo away from me. I couldn’t go to meet him. Now she want a place in school musical group. We have to give the pets a lesson. Go to hell! Forget it. Don’t get yourself into trouble! I can’t stand what they say. So what? Are you scared? It’s the truth! How dare them? It’s too much true. And you, a snobbish home helper. You should stay at home to do your job. My father gave you a chance to study here only because he feel pity for you. Focus on your study to get a fully-funded scholarship. Don’t mess with me. Otherwise I will kick your ass out. You always talk about helper. Don’t you find it boring? No, I don’t. What are you going to do? Episode 1 – The end I want to talk to you. I suggest you form a modern music group, which is glamorous and have foreign style. At first, I think we will practice in my house but I want to mess with Trung Duong. How can they use free room and light, which are paid by us. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. Do not boast until you see the enemy dead. You are the most talented students. But you were fighting on the stage? It’s because of her. – It’s all her fault.
– Stop it. If you’re chosen to be in school musical group, I eat my hat. And if you fail, eat your hat. Are you in? These girls can be the next talented generation of La La School.