Hi everyone Shana here welcome again to
my kitchen. Today we’re going to be making quit cranberry and pecan pies for
your Thanksgiving table. So to make our pies we just need a 16 ounce bag of
fresh cranberries, 2/3 cup of white sugar, we have just a little bit of regular salt we have a tablespoon of white sparkling sugar we have a little bit of butter there’s three tablespoons here and a tablespoon here we want that
divided up. and then we have a half a cup of pecans, a lemon we’re gonna use the zest and then some store-bought pie crusts. We’re gonna get the crust ready
for our pies now we are using 6 ounce ramekins for these pies to make cute
little individual pies. If you would like to do this in a regular 9-inch pie dish that is absolutely fine. You’re just gonna place the ramekin down on the crust and you want to make a circle of crust around it and you want it to be
about an inch and a half to two inches bigger than the actual dish. It does not have to be perfect but you’re going to take the crust and you’re just going to
kind of feed it down into the dish and form the dough around the ramekin and
then you’re gonna take your knife and just cut off any excess dough around the
edge. And once we put the pretty top on this you won’t even see any of the imperfections. Okay so I’ve got my food processor out
here and I’m going to put in about three-quarters of those fresh
cranberries now I should mention these are thawed so they are not frozen. We’re just gonna put those in and just coarsely chop them just give them a
couple pulses just so they look like this. To make the filling for the pies we’re just gonna add the chopped cranberries
to a bowl and then we’re also going to add the whole cranberries so the only
reason we chopped those is just to give a little bit of a texture variety. This is the sugar, we’re going to add just about a quarter teaspoon of salt and
then a half a cup of chopped pecans. I just buy the pre-chopped variety to make
it extra easy. And then we’re just going to take a lemon and we’re just going to zest in about a teaspoon of lemon zest. And then we’re just gonna stir this up. Next we’re just gonna take a few
tablespoons of butter and we’re just going to dice this butter up. Adding this butter to the middle of the
pie is just gonna give a lot of richness and it’ll take away some of the tartness
as well and just give this another little stir and that is all there is to
the feeling now we’re going to scoop it into our pie crust. So just take a spoon
and you’re just gonna pack the filling right into the crust and just make sure you get a couple of the hunks of butter in each one. Now you’re gonna make this
heaping over the top of the crust. It’s gonna look like it’s too much but the
fruit instead of going over it’s actually gonna sink down when these cook. So we’re just gonna make the pretty top
crust that go onto these pies this is just the leftover scraps of dough that
we had from when we cut out the bottom crusts so all you’re gonna do is take a
sharp knife and you’re just gonna cut out little strips of the pie dough. So we’re just gonna take the little strips of pie crust and you’re gonna put it
right over the top and just push it into the edges and all you have to do is
pinch off the excess and you’re just gonna maybe do this three to four times
across the pie. And then you’re just gonna take more strips of dough and just do a little crisscross pattern. So once you’ve got
that done you’re just gonna again take your knife and just go around the edge
and that way if you have any of these little ends hanging over you’re just
gonna take them right off. And then dob a little bit of melted butter on the
surface this is just gonna help in the browning and then we’re just gonna take
this decorative sparkling sugar and put that over the top. So once you’ve got all
for the pies done we’re just gonna place these on a cookie sheet put them into a
375 degree oven for about 40 minutes. Okay our pies just look perfect. Just let these cool for about five minutes so they’re not piping hot and then we can
clean up the outsides a little bit and get them ready to serve. And there we have the quick cranberry and pecan pie. Thanks for visiting me in my kitchen if
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