I hate it when people
have mugs like this. It’s not a heater– you know what I mean? [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, hi. Welcome to Eat the Universe. I’m Justin Warner. And today, we’re going to be
baking in honor of She-Hulk. [SPITS] This is so freaking hot. [BEEP] Today, we’ll be making a
lavender-infused vol-au-vent. And this would be a perfect
dish for Jen Walters to make after a tough
day at the office. Lavender is known for its
relaxation properties. First, we’ll be working
with puff pastry. When you’re working
with puff pastry, it’s very important that you
have all of your ingredients spread out in advance
because if you don’t spread it out in advance,
the puff pastry won’t rise. And if it doesn’t rise,
it’s not puff pastry then. And if it’s not puff
pastry, and it’s not rising, then it’s not all vol-au-vent. And we’re trying to
make vol-au-vent today to honor She-Hulk. But there’s no pressure. First, we’ll spread
out the puff pastry. Now, as you can see, this
puff pastry is homemade, but store-bought
is totally fine. Lightly flour both
sides of the puff pastry so that when we roll it out,
it doesn’t stick to the– [CLATTERING] This is a baking show, a baking
show designed to be relaxing as a tribute to She-Hulk. I cannot have noise. Now, we’ll add some
garden-harvested dried lavender. If you don’t have a garden of
your own, store-bought is fine. I just love that smell. Now that we’ve
applied the lavender, It’s time to roll it out. We’re going to be
using a rolling pin. Just between you and
me, a rolling pin is a great melee weapon. Isn’t this relaxing? Sometimes I think
that I’m just giving the puff pastry a massage. Now we’re going to
make an egg wash. It’s very simple. You just beat an egg and
apply it with a pastry brush. I love beating eggs. You know, it’s a fine
line between beating and smashing eggs. But today, we’re
beating the eggs. Now, here I have a
silicone pastry brush. We’ll liberally
apply the egg wash to half of the puff pastry. It’s just like painting. Once the egg wash
is applied, you just fold it over like a blanket. Now, we’ll apply
some more egg wash. You know, I heard
that Jen Walters actually watches
cooking shows just like this one on her phone. Hi, Jen. Now we’ll add just
a little salt. I think that She-Hulk is just
the perfect balance of sweet and salt. Now we’ll fold
it over one more time. Now just a little
more egg wash– lavender– and finally,
some turbinado sugar. Refined sugar is fine. No, it’s not. Now, if you want to cheat
and put a little extra to reward that sweet tooth
after a long day at the firm, go right ahead. I’m not watching. Now using a very sharp
knife, we’re going to trim the edges of the vol-au-vent. That’s going to give
it a perfect shape. No rough edges– I hate rough edges. Now, using a ring cutter,
we’re going to cut directly out of the center. This is going to
make an adorable lid for our vol-au-vent. Now all we do is transfer
this to a baking sheet and put it in an oven at 425. I’ll be back faster than
you can say gamma radiation. Isn’t this lovely? What a transformation. I missed you. Now, to finish off our
lavender vol-au-vent, we’re going to top this
with a scoop of homemade vanilla bean ice cream. If you don’t have homemade
vanilla bean ice cream, store-bought is fine. Isn’t that wonderful? Let’s have a taste, shall we? It’s still a little warm. It rules. I love it. It’s crunchy. It’s crispy. It’s gratifying, satisfying. The lavender really brings a
sort of like floral component to this. And when I think my mind
thinks about flowers, I think about relaxation. I bet She-Hulk would love that. That’s all we’ve got
for Eat the Universe. We’ll see you next time. [MUSIC PLAYING]