Turkish Dessert Cookies in Syrup Prepare The Syrup Boil the sugar and water in a medium size pan Contunie to boil for 5 more minutes, add lemon juice. Turn of
the heat after 30 seconds and leave to cool Making The Dough First i have a butter in the bowl at room temperature I am going to add powdered sugar in it I am going to mix it for about 30 seconds now adding the egg after mixing a little i am going to add the vegetable oil now add some of the flour in the recipe along with the
semolina, unsweetened coconut, baking powder and vanilla i will continue to mix and add flour little by little
until i have a soft but not sticky dough As you see i have a soft but not sticky dough Now we can begin to shape the shekerpares Now i am going to give shape It has a high content of butter, so no need to
butter the baking tray You can grase the pan a little if you want If you are going to brush it with egg yolk (optional) the
classic shape is an oval shape like this.. when you brush the top with egg yolk and mark it
with fork it will make the classic shekerpare shape If you want to make a different shape then round i have a metal form for making a fried dough desserts here When you press this on to the round dough it will
make a beatiful mark Then you can put hazelnuts in the center like this After shaping the dough as you wish bake it in
preheated 170C oven until golden brown about 45 minutes To let them soak the syrup better put it in a
smaller baking tray After 2-3 minutes pour over the cooled syrup and close
the top of the pan with another tray and leave until
it soaked the syrup well My shekerpares soaked the syrup well.. It tastes wonderfull too, you should definitely
try this recipe You won’t search another recipe for shekerpare after
trying this.. Bon appetit and see you next time For ingredients amounts and more
check under the video links..
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