Hi FitLifer’s! Got a very special treat
for you today. Pam Sterling is visiting and she flew all the way down from Washington
to spend the last 48 hours with us here at FitLife to put the finishing touches into
our certification program that we’re gonna be rolling out to you as a community so we
can transform a billion people’s lives together and I’m excited she’s on the show because
she was telling me this morning, she’s like you know what? I was in Thailand, why don’t
we tell them, tell the story? Yeah, so I was in Thailand in 2010, I was at a raw food resort
for a month doing a detox cleanse they had an amazing flan, there’s a mango, vanilla,
coconut flan and it was a hit of the entire restaurant and I came home bound and determined
to find out how to make this thing. So this is a brain boosting blueberry flan. So give
me ingredients, what do we got on this thing? Alright, so We have some coconut and we start
with the young Thai coconuts, if you’re not familiar with them they’re the white
ones with the brown all taken off, it has water, has coconut meat inside and then we’re
gonna add a couple of blueberries, a cup of the coconut meat and we got a half of cup
of the coconut water that came out of the inside. We’re gonna add a teaspoon and a
half of vanilla. Cool. Were gonna add about a quarter to a half a teaspoon of the Celtic
sea salt and then we’re gonna add a pinch or an eighth of an inch, eight of a teaspoon
of Cardamom. If you’re not familiar with that, it is the amazing spice that sweetens.
It is used in two places Sweden and India primarily. We’re gonna add a quarter of
a teaspoon of cinnamon and a quarter of a teaspoon of nutmeg and we’re gonna put that
all in there and It is amazing now. I just love smelling all of this together. Absolutely.
So it’s almost like we have three sweeteners that you really didn’t know were sweeteners
in this recipe as well. Absolutely. Cause the Coconut water’s gonna sweeten up the
coconut meat which is loaded with fat and the blueberries coupled with the spices, I
mean this is gonna be amazing. This in coconut fat I mean you know this it’s like, total
brain, your brain loves coconut oil and coconut fat so this is a total brain booster. Yeah,
and it’s very satiating. Yep. So you eat it, like you could eat it for breakfast and
you’re not gonna be hungry until lunch because you get all the fat from the blueberries and
the coconut meat as well and it is mineralized by Celtic sea salt. A hundred mineral in this
stuff. Let’s walk them through how to make it. Okay, great, let’s do it! Alright, so
here it is. Were gonna taste this but before we do, tell us more about this amazing certification
program. Oh I’m so excited for you guys, you know I am like you. I have been a FitLife
follower and a FitLife client for two years. Yeah 2012 so going on three years. Yeah. She
came to us and was coaching with us while working with Mae. And I’m also a coach and
I just felt like gosh! You guys have some great information, some great material. People
are gonna love to do what you do and I’m guessing that people have been asking you
for years. Hundreds if not thousands of emails from people all over the world. Yeah. You
know, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong like all over the place people were writing in and
they’re asking us can I start FitLife where I am? Can I start coaching where I am in the
world? And that’s what we wanted to do since the very beginning. When we say we’re in
this together like that’s our dream you know. So Pam has been instrumental in helping
us put that together. At FitLife you guys have probably seen this video and stuff, super
creative, big picture visionary type stuff, Pam’s really good at setting up the details
and creating the system so that we really can impact because you got to have creativity
but you also have the system in place, the processes and everything else. Let’s go
ahead and try this out. You try. Okay, here we go. Hmm, what? Okay. Are you kidding me?
That’s incredible. That’s good huh? Yeah. I’ve never used cardamom. I tried it in
couple of dishes before in a restaurants but this is amazing. And you know what? That vanilla
is really good and there’s nothing like fresh coconut. So we’ve been talking about
a lot about getting rid of processed sugar, sweeteners, things that are gonna spike your
insulin up, store body fat. This is a Perfect snacks last breakfast or like Pam. Dessert.
Eat it, dessert anytime throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get you supercharged.
Alright, so if you were wondering who the juicers going to this week? Big round of applause,
Sandy McCormick. Sandy has been loving the Organifi. She was just diagnosed with RA and
her life has been completely altered so she want the Kuving’s juicer to take her life
to the next level. She just ordered the give your Body 30 challenge as well so we want
to send her a brand new Kuving’s juicer. Congratulations Sandy McCormick! Pam this
is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. Oh Thanks for having
me. For flying down I mean that just shows you the kind of dedication that Pam has, that
she puts out into the world and you know as well as I do whatever you put the world comes
back to you. Thank you. So we appreciate you for being a part of this movement. Alright
so what we didn’t tell you in the beginning of this video is that Pam has had an amazing
transformation story. Will you share a little bit about that? Well I found you guys in 2012.
Yeah. And you know I’ve been an athlete all my life and stuff but just, you know,
I just got out of shape and sat from the computer and you know hurry up my heaviest when I met
you guys. So what were you? Can we say that? No. it’s too personal? Can we show a before
and after picture? Yeah. We can show a before and after picture. Okay, so before, after.
I mean it’s incredible what you’ve been able to accomplish in like… well thanks
to you guys. And that just looking at the outside. What’s happened on the inside like
the energy level that you talk about? The Clarity. Well what’s interesting that I
felt my life firing on all cylinders except physical side, the health side and so, you
know to just find a way to really transform that part of my life as well and what I knew
is that when there’s one part of my life that’s out of whack, out of alignment that
affects all the other parts of my life as well. So it’s really important for me just
knowing that to get that part of my life in alignment. Yeah. And once it did totally affect
all of the other parts of my life. So guys if you want more information about the certification
program, click the link below, enter your name and email and we’re gonna update you
along the way and let you know when it comes out and how we could transform the world together
because when we say we’re in this together, we really mean it. As always Drew Canole,
Pam Sterling remember we’re in this together. Can I have another one of this? Yeah absolutely.
This is so good. Hmm… Ninja tip, you ever wake up in the middle of the night to use
the bathroom? That’s getting too personal. Is that too personal? Hope may you will. If
you guys ever wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, take a little warm
water, Celtic sea salt it’s gonna curb the need to do that. We talked about that before
so won’t need the tip. Good to know.