Hello everyone. Welcome to Sign1News. I’m Crystal Cousineau. Here are your top stories for today. All of us here at Sign1News want to send a
big congratulations to Conrad Baer and Albert Blake. These two brave Gallaudet alums set out on
a mission to bike cross country across ten states through all kinds of challenging weather,
terrains and dangers to raise awareness and funds for the American Society for Deaf Children
(ASDC). Through the organization’s online initiatives
SignOn, hearing families with Deaf children learn ASL, giving Deaf children language access
at an early age. Baer and Blake started their bike journey
in Yorktown, Virginia on June 8 and ended 4,000 miles away in Astoria, Oregon this past
weekend. Their goal was to raise $25,000. They did it! Plus $700 more for a total of
$25,700. Baer and Blake say the money will help over
300 families. Be sure to check out their Facebook page BBikeUSA
to see their wrap-up video. Great job guys! Earlier this week we asked you, our Sign1News
viewers, how do hearing people respond when they realize you’re Deaf? And then what is
your response? The question stemmed from the recent episode
of the popular ABC series “What Would You Do?” Deaf activist, actor and model Nyle DiMarco
pretended to be a customer at a restaurant interacting with a hearing actor pretending
to be a waiter. Here are a couple of your comments: Leigh Ann Cowan says “If I’m out with other
people, when the waiter figures out I’m Deaf, they immediately start to ignore me to ask
my friends or family what I want. If I’m by myself, I type my order on my phone. Most
waiters are fine with that but sometimes others are annoyed.” And Sean Fortine says “I can’t explain why
hearing people react so differently to sign language than they do to someone that only
speaks a foreign language. I can’t explain why it’s so hard to get people, including
some people I know, to work with me a little to have a conversation in English rather than
getting frustrated. Most people won’t change but you can forgive and educate those willing
to learn.” Great responses Leigh Ann and Sean. Thanks for sharing. The city of Atlanta is dealing with the largest
outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the city’s history. Eleven confirmed cases, sixty-three probable
cases and one death have been linked to a Sheraton hotel in the city. And now several lawsuits are being filed on
behalf of those who contracted Legionnaires’ disease while staying there. Lawyers say every hotel knows bacteria lives
in its water systems and policies and procedures should be in place to prevent the spread of
Legionella. For an outbreak like this to happen, lawyers
say someone did not follow procedure and families should be compensated for their injuries. Officials with the Sheraton Hotel say they
have completed a thorough cleaning, scrubbing and chlorination of all its water features
and they are working closely with the Georgia Department of Public health and environmental
experts to ensure no further threat of Legionella infection. So what is Legionnaires’ and what makes it
so dangerous? Legionnaires’ disease is a serious type of
pneumonia caused by the Legionella bacteria. It’s a bacteria, typically found in warm freshwater
like hot tubs, hot water tanks and decorative fountains. It can also be found in showerheads and plumbing
systems in large buildings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
says a bacteria rarely causes illness in natural water sources but when it grows in a man-made
setting, it can become dangerous. Water droplets containing Legionella get into
the air and people breathe it in. Symptoms of general pneumonia like coughing,
muscle aches, fever, shortness of breath and headaches can occur. It can typically be treated with antibiotics
but people over the age of fifty, those with COPD, past or current smokers or those with
a weakened immune system are at a greater risk. According to the CDC about one in ten people
infected with Legionnaires’ dies. The Justice Department says Ethan Kollie,
a friend of the Dayton mass shooter, Connor Betts, has been charged with lying on federal
firearms forms. Officials say Kollie bought Betts the body
armor, the AR-15 accessory and a 100 round drum magazine in May and hid everything in
his apartment so that his family couldn’t find out. Betts opened fire in the Oregon District on
August 4, killing nine people before police shot and killed him. Federal officials say Kollie helped Betts
assemble a 100 round double drum magazine in the weeks before the shooting. The FBI says Kollie told him he had taken
hard drugs with Betts four or five times weekly for a number of years and smoked marijuana
almost daily. The FBI says Kollie indicated on an ATF form
that he did not use any narcotic drugs, which means he lied on federal firearms forms to
obtain a weapon. Kollie now faces federal charges and fifteen
years in prison. However police say there’s no indication Kollie
knew he was assisting Betts in the mass shooting. If you’ve ever eaten at Olive Garden, you know the Italian restaurant chain offers unlimited soup and
salad. Well…how would you like pasta for a lifetime? That’s what Olive Garden is offering with
its new deal. The restaurant is introducing a lifetime pasta
pass this Thursday, August 15. The pass includes a lifetime of unlimited
servings of any pasta bowl along with unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks. The deal is an upgrade to Olive Garden’s never
ending pasta pass. The never ending pasta pass is $100 for nine
weeks. The first fifty people who buy those will
be able to opt into the lifetime pass. That will cost you an extra $400. Both go on sale August 15 at 2 PM Eastern
time. And those are your top stories for today. I’m Crystal Cousineau. Thank you for watching Sign1News. Remember to follow us on all of our social
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