Hi Bold Bakers, we’re here in LA in the
home of celebrity stylist Kate Martindale who did the beautiful styling for my Bigger
Bolder Baking cookbook. Kate has worked with celebrities like Gwyneth
Paltrow, Joanna Gaines and even Kate Hudson to name just a few. Right now we’re gonna head into Kate’s
kitchen and make a recipe from my cookbook, so let’s go! So this is my friend Kate Martindale and she
is a stylist to the stars. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about
yourself. So I have been a prop stylist for about 22
years now. And I’ve done a lot of books. Done cookbooks and some home books. I loved doing your book. Aw thank you. Your book Your book was one of my favorite
books to do and I think it’s because we connected with the aesthetic and the style. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun, it was a lot of cakes. Yeah it was a lot of fun. So that’s always fun. I think my most favorite thing was getting
to icing all those cakes. Are you serious? Yes! It was therapeutic. It was my favorite thing that you did that. Really? Yeah. I’m terrible at decorating cakes. Well it gave you a break, which was nice. Yeah I just got to sit back and give orders
to people. Yeah exactly. I liked it. I liked that every day it was something different,
we had to approach each one different it was like learning about your recipe and like doing
it, making it and then making it happen and making it for the photo and kind of the collaboration
so. Well you’ll see that the photography, I’m
particularly proud of it. Anyway I think it’s gorgeous and I’m super
happy with the way it came out. Kate I want to make a recipe with you today. Yay! And what I was thinking, this is one of my
favorites, the chocolate soup. Ok, that’s what we want on a hot summer
day. Yeah that’s exactly what you want. Hot chocolate soup. I was vibing on you. Silky smooth chocolate soup that’s what
we’re gonna make today. Yum. I love this but you know why I love this actually? I’ve got other recipes in the book like
it. Because it’s a twist on something that like
in your head you’re thinking that’s not right, but then you’re like no it’s dessert
chocolate soup. I love it. So why don’t you tell me what to do. You want me to tell you what to do? Yeah you tell me what to do. Actually I don’t I like it when you’re
in charge. That’s the way I like it too. So I basically just start, right, with number
one? How much milk do you need? So I need one cup of heavy cream and three
cups of full fat milk. Okie dokie. Ok so we have our milk and our cream over
there and we’re gonna bring that to a simmer. You wanna chop the chocolate? Sure. Ok. It’s almost like we’re making hot chocolate
in a way. Yeah it is. So there’s kind of a theme, and I’m sure
you saw this doing the book, I kinda gravitate towards desserts that are soft and squishy
so like Pavlova I adore it because you’ve got the soft cream on it and the crunchy marshmallow
stuff in the middle. So something like this, the reason I love
it so much is because of the texture. And it’s served warm so it’s warm pudding
and cold cream on top and then it’s really soft and I just I absolutely love it because
like mousses and things like that are actually some of my favorite desserts. Yeah, it’s so yummy. Love it. Is this fine enough? Yeah gorgeous perfect. Ok cool. Do you know what I’ve learned from you Kate? Kate buys really good quality ingredients. A lot of stuff from the Farmer’s Market. She would get all her flours and stuff there,
her vegetables. So when we came here there were bowls of fruit
everywhere and a bowl of cherries. Yeah. Really gorgeous things and when you would
pick up something to eat that’s when you would just register I need to be buying better
olive oil I need to be buying better ingredients. This stuff is just out of this world. That’s what I’m always telling my bold
bakers, that start out with good quality ingredients, it’s what I grew up on in Ireland. And the thing is that good quality doesn’t
always mean expensive it means kind of being a smarter shopper. Yeah, sure. And buying in season. And luckily chocolate is always in season
so Kate let me tell you what’s next to do. We switched roles again I’m telling you
now what to do. I love that. Oopsies. I’d rather it be that way. The cream came to a simmer, add the chocolate
into the cream and whisk it until it starts to melt. Yum. This is looking good, yes, no next thing to
do is your cornstarch. I like to add a little corn starch because
the chocolate, especially this good quality chocolate it naturally, once you heat it up
to a certain temperature, get’s naturally thick but I like to add a little cornstarch
because number one it’s not flour it’s gluten free, and it just gives you that extra
thickness, so it gets soupy, it gets really soupy. So three tablespoons of cornstarch and we’re
gonna dilute that with three tablespoons of water. We call it slurry in the business. Slurry? Yeah I know it’s not a very good… I don’t know, I don’t know why they call
it slurry I didn’t name it. Wait is that a European word or is that? No when I worked in a kitchen in San Francisco
they called it slurry, I don’t know it’s kind of odd, I kind of like that, because
in Europe a slurry, and people from Ireland know it’s a very different thing. It’s on a farm and it’s not so nice. Yeah I love it so I’m gonna pour you’re
gonna whisk? Yeah exactly. Ok tell me when to stop. You go for it and I’ll start whisking. How’s that, more? Gorgeous. I would say, do you know what? I think we’re good. Because you see it hasn’t even reacted yet
so it’s only reacting now. Now I know I was on the shoot, but how do
you usually prepare for a cookbook. Like what is your… process? Your process. My process. Yeah your creative process. Right well so usually with most books the
client will tell me how they want it to look and how they want it to feel and how they
want it to be. And then they want my interpretation of that
so then I kind of take that and then produce my interpretation with images that, you know,
from other things. You know, Pinterest and all of that, Then
I send it back to you and you either say I’m totally on, your sort of on or your not on
at all. Yeah. I think a lot of it, after going through the
process myself now, is the vibe of the person. And kind of their style and working because
maybe you have a style that they don’t even know about. Right. But like with working with someone like you,
we did a lot of things in the book that maybe I wouldn’t have thought to do that I think
like reflect the book really well. Right. And I have to say, I think one of my most
favorite I’ll go with my favorite then you can go with yours, is the fairy cakes because
I had this lovely cake stand that was like a tree trunk and quite whimsical and like
very girly and elegant and then you did the little bits of like flowers and leaves everywhere,
it just made it really whimsical. That’s the perfect example of how I knew
or how far I knew I could push it with you, like I don’t know if I would have done that
in the first couple days of shooting. But towards the end I was like “I’m just
gonna do this” and you didn’t stop me and say you’re crazy please don’t do that,
you kind of let me go with it and you kinda watched the development of the shot and by
the end of it you were like “I love this” I loved it, absolutely perfect, it was fun
because I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m not bored. Like I’m still not bored, it’s not something
I don’t wanna do, I still really love it. Ok Kate this is simmering, I think we’re
good, I’m gonna turn off the heat, now will you do me a favor will you add in a generous
pinch of salt? Sure. Because salt and chocolate are best friends. Yes they are, and caramel, I love caramel,
caramel and salt I love. And then a little splash of vanilla extract
in here also. I use vanilla extract a lot and I use it as
a seasoning because it just brings out the flavor of all your ingredients. Absolutely. Oh my gosh you smell that? You know what this smells like? It smells like brownie batter. So I told you my favorite, now what’s your
favorite photo from the book? Oh gosh so many. Or your favorite recipe. Well my favorite recipe was the banana foster,
what was the title of that? Oh was that the meringue? Where we rolled it? Meringue Roulade with butterscotch and bananas. Insane. Yeah. Insane. Hands down… and that’s another squishy
mushy one. Yes. Hands down my favorite dessert. But the taste of it? Yeah. It’s kind of mindblowing. Photography-wise, one of my favorites, I loved
the one with the Moroccan glasses. The mousse? With the Morroccan glasses that one was gorgeous
I loved that. We’ve been doing a lot of talking, our soup
is ready. I can’t wait. You wanna try it? Yes please. So I have some beautiful glasses I think will
go really well with this. I’m sure you do. I would say Kate fill them up with soup almost
all the way to the top and then leave me a little bit of room for me to add a dollop
of softly whipped cream. Yum. And then you know what we’re gonna do? For a little bit of extra fanciness. I would say if you don’t mind shaving over
a little bit of chocolate. Amazing. Yum, cheers, that looks so good. I can’t wait. I wanna make sure I get it while it’s still
warm and the cream is cold. Oh my gosh that’s so yummy I love it, it’s
just, how thick it is. Is it bad if you give your children chocolate
soup for dinner? No it’s not. So I wanted you to see behind the scenes at
Kate’s house because she was a big part in pulling my cookbook together and making
my recipes shine. So thank you so much, thank you for having
us, thank you. Thank you for showing us a little bit of your
world. My book is available right now so I hope you
get yourself a copy and really enjoy it. Cheers Kate. Cheers!