– So, welcome to Sasha in Good Taste. Today I’m gonna pour chalk all over me and I’m gonna roam around and I’m talking to you about P.F. Changs. Oh, hi. You ready? – That was awkward. (upbeat music) Recipes, life hacks, and every day tips. Welcome to Sasha in Good Taste. (laughing) Welcome back to Sasha in Good Taste. Today we are gonna redo a candlestick and make a candle holder and
a plate into a cake platter. So what’s great about this is that you’re not throwing anything away. You’re reusing things and making them into something that you love instead of going out
and buying more things. Let’s give this a try. I think I wanna start by
painting this candlestick first. So, all you really need is some paint. Latex is okay, depending on your surface. Make sure that if it’s
something that has like, a polyurethane on it, that the paint will be
able to stick to it. Definitely ask someone at a hardware store or a craft supply store. They will be able to
direct you to something that will work on whatever
surface you’re using. Let’s do it. – Okay, I’m just gonna speed this up. – Do not even think about it. Hudson.
(Hudson laughing) All right, so we are done here. I’m gonna let it dry,
and then I’m gonna find a cool place for it. I think this will go really
great in my dining room or actually, maybe in our
bedroom or guest bedroom. I don’t know it can
fit in a lot of places. This is exactly how I hoped it would look. It’s completely different, it totally changes the look of it. It feels like I have a
totally new candlestick. All right, so we are moving onto our soon-to-be cake platter. There’s a few things that you need. You obviously need your candle holder and your plate, but you
also need some glue. This is glue that is
good for metal, plastic, wood and most surfaces. So, depending on what you’re gonna make your cake platter out of,
just make that your glue can handle whatever surface
that you’re adhering to. First, I always make sure
that the bottom of my plate is clean and dry, and likewise
with my candle holder. Very, very simple. All you gotta do is coat the
candle holder with the glue. (humming) It completely sets in 24 hours
but it’s pretty much solid within the first few minutes. Yep. Leave this be for a couple minutes and then we will be back. All right, so everything’s dry. Look at how cool my candle holder is. I am so, so, so happy with it. And look at this cake platter. Also, this carrot cake looks great in it. So, I’m looking around at
tons of different stuff in my house that I can revamp and renew. I wanna show you some other
stuff I was thinking about. I really wanna change this
to something, maybe white. Because I think it’d be really great to put a potted plant on it. There’s also this one. Kinda weird now, but I
think with a different type of paint, either black or white. Maybe antique it a little bit more. Instead of it being this
color, maybe more gray. So, I get to play around and figure out what I want to do with this. But, I want to see some of
your suggestions beforehand. So, please comment below
and tell me what colors you would like for these two platters. Now that we’ve chatted about this, I am excited for carrot cake because it’s Hudson’s favorite. It’s a little bit of a surprise. Look what I got you, babe. – Thank you so much. (laughing) Here, hold it I’ll, (grunting)
– Oh, is that, – Oh, my god.
– I told you! I wanted to surprise him,
but this cake is really cold and I can’t cut through it.
– And really dense. – Is that just your one big slice? It can be.
– No, I’m not that selfish. It is frozen. – Just so everybody’s clear,
I didn’t make this cake. I took the easy route and guess what? Not as good as my own carrot cake. It’s a little frozen.
– That’s literally frozen. – It’s a little frozen.
(giggling) – We’re gonna let that thaw out. – I’ve learned my lesson. I should make everything.
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– And uh, get yourself some carrot cake.