Hello! Welcome to Archana’s Kitchen. The wedding season is on and when it comes
to sweet dishes at weddings then… … be it a buffet or traditional
arrangement, Basundi is always a must. We always wonder that why are we
unable to make… … the kind of Basundi at home which is
served in weddings. To discover the secret, keep watching
Archana’s Kitchen. Today I shall teach you to make
Sitafal or Custard Apple Basundi. Let us see the ingredients needed. Half to three fourth litres of milk. 200 grams of condensed milk like
Milkmaid or Mithai Mate. Pulp of one and a half big custard apples
deseeded. 1 tablespoon Milk masala. Chopped almonds. Let’s start making it. We will put on the gas stove first. We have boil the milk. We will add the other ingredients once
this milk is fully boiled. Boil the milk properly. The milk is now boiled and its time to
add the milk masala to it. The ingredients in this masala are almonds,
pistachios,cashewnuts in equal quantity. Half crush them in the mixer and then add
some cardamom and saffron to it. You may then take the mixture in a
container and store in the refrigerator. It will last you for over a month. So we are adding one tablespoon of
milk masala. We have some condensed milk here.
Approximately 200 grams. 150 to 200 grams would be sufficient. This condensed milk is brown in colour.
Why is it so? This is because I have cooked it in a
pressure cooker for about 25 to 30 whistles. The condensed milk gets cooked and
changes its colour. Once the tin of condensed milk cools down,
open the seal and take all the contents out. Add a bit of milk to it and whip it
in the mixer. We may then add it to this milk. An important point to remember here is that
the Basundi which we eat at weddings… … is brown in colour. At home, we keep
boiling the milk till it reduces. The cooking gas gets consumed for no reason
plus we waste time reducing the milk. So never forget to boil the condensed
milk in the pressure cooker. Due to this condensed milk, the Basundi will
get a light brown colour. Stir nicely. Bring it to a boil. We didn’t need to reduce the milk.
The condensed milk does the job. You also get a darker colour as you desire. We will boil it for about 5 minutes and then
transfer it to another container. Once the Basundi cools down, we shall the
custard apple pulp to it. Since we are making Custard apple Basundi,
we have taken the pulp of the fruit. We will add that pulp to the Basundi. The Basundi has cooled down completely now. Time to transfer it into a bowl now. We shall now add the custard apple
pulp into it. 2 to 3 custard apples are needed. This is because we have taken about
three fourth litre of milk. Since it is Custard apple Basundi, we need
to be generous with the custard apple. We have seperated the skin and seeds away
from the pulp. Mix nicely. There should be ample of custard apple
pulp clearly visible in the bowl. We have now mixed the Basundi well. We shall now garnish it with
chopped almonds. The Custard apple Basundi is now ready. I am sure your mouth must be
watering by now. What should you do now?
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