In this cake tutorial you’ll see how to make
this Halloween cake, with blood red buttercream Roses, Buttercream striping and candy skulls. Welcome back to me channel. If it’s your first time welcome to Wedding
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to create beautiful cakes and memories subscribe and ring the bell. This skeleton Halloween cake is part of a
YouTube Creator Collaboration with Epic Confections, Rosie’s Dessert Spot, and Storytale Cakes,
Make sure to check out their cake designs. To make the beige add a small amount of cocoa
powder to about 1 1/2 cups of buttercream. One batch of my buttercream recipe makes about
4 cups. Add a larger amount of cocoa to the remaining
buttercream along with black gel. This is a luscious Chocolate buttermilk cake
with chocolate mousse. The recipes are in my book . You can also
find them here on my channel for small cakes like this one. Crumb coat the cake in the light beige buttercream
and then fully frost it with the same buttercream. Use a bench scraper or a spatula to smooth
out the buttercream. To stripe your cake you’ll need a comb like
this one. I’m using one that my son made for me as a
prototype. But you can find the Wilton one in my shop,
or check out Rosie’s she also sells a variety of combs. Carefully scrape and clean the scraper often. While the cake is in the refrigerator make
your candy skulls with melted white chocolate and these awesome skeleton head molds. You can get these in my Amazon shop as well. I found these candles at JoAnne’s Fabrics. I wasn’t able to find the exact ones on Amazon. To create the shadows on the skeleton heads
use brown petal dust or cocoa.I also used a little bit of shiny pink on some of them. You want to make sure your cake is chilled
before you do this. The buttercream has to be hard for this to
work. At the end of this video you will see an end
card with another striping tutorial that I recently made for you, with a little more
detail on this technique. Use a tip large enough to fill the divets
completely. Then start scraping and continue until you
get a clean line.It will seem like this is an impossibility, but eventually you’ll get
a good clean line. Now for the Roses, if you start with previously
colored buttercream like I did you can add red gel to it and it eill get deeper. Start with an orange if possible. It’s easier to place buttercream flowers if
you refrigerate or freeze them first, so I piped them onto little pieces of waxed paper
and I stick them into the fridge for about ten minutes. You can use a dab of buttercream on the back
of the skulls to stick them onto the cake. I just piled them up on the side. I also made this Halloween skeleton cake for
our son Chad’s 32nd birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Chad!!! Take a peek at my collaborators designs. the links are below and in the playlist. Have a great day and I’ll see you the next
video 🙂