Ok slater brothers cook from a book, our new
You Tube channel we’re going to review cook books and tell you what works and what doesn’t
work today. We’re hitting the sexy Nigella, it’s a good book Feast, I like Feast, good book.
What cake? err old fashioned chocolate cake, let’s do it. You need this? or you want
me to tell you, no I know what it is, are you doing everything and I’m doing nothing
(laughs) no you can do (laughs) need scissors what we doing greasing the butter for the
cake tin we need grease proof paper as well no no while were doing that just really grease
it, you get this all round have you tried this cake before no, ok, thats a lot you’ve
got on there you wanna lot, like that and, then you’re gonna flour it, little spoon
of flour there, whack it in that one first, knock it around. I think I need more, whats
the flour for? This stops the cake sticking, what as well as the butter? yeah ok, you done
that one lets tip that one in there, you can do that one now thats the finish how much.
Do I need more flour or is that enough? You need to do your sides. (laughs) Now this cake
is really easy because you virtually throw it all in there and turn it on – job done.
We’re gonna put dry ingredients in first. We’re going to put your flour, baking powder,
bicarbonate of soda, four eggs, we’re doubling this recipe by the way, to make two big sponges.
What so it’s higher? higher, ok, butter, coco vanilla and sour cream, all that goes in and
then we’re gonna blitz that. Everything’s gone in there? Everything gone in, for the
cake mix, how easy is that? Get a little check, ah it’s looking good what you’ve got to get
it to a paste? Yep that’s it Nice, I think it needs a bit more, You don’t want to over
mix it, if you over mix a cake then it gets very tough. Looking good, now we just need
to do (have a look) two equal two equal out of shot please, laughing, he’s a cheeky camera
man, too close, laughing I do a supremo London cheeky here, handgun you’ve got loads of flour
in here, oh, just kick the excess out so to what, how high do you do it, you just divide
the mixture up, divide the mixture equally. Do that, give it some, have you got another?
no you can. Get the rest of that in there. That is solid, well not solid but, yes it’s
pretty, smooth that down. Shall I get some out with a spoon? Did we miss something? like
what? I don’t know. Old fashioned chocolate cake. It already looks good. Yes. (I think
you forgot the sugar) ah sugar! sugar (laughing) I knew I should of done everything, let’s
see that, excuse me, (laughing) lets quickly pop that back in, (laughing) not the spoon,
(laughing) what would we do without Kamila? Hang on, wait, wait, wait, Kamila thank you
my darling.(I hope this is a trial run, there’s a couple of things I’ll let you know) what?
(don’t quit your day job basically) (laughing) OK a quick flick, now we’re adding the sugar.
That was the diet version. We are going to do the sweet version now. Ooh that looks different
now, (laughing) yeah, ok, (no wonder it was so thick), I just got some on your arm, core,
core, let’s do that, it has got looser. Yes a lot smoother, in there, a bit more in,
a bit in there, I think I need this. So the ovens pre heated to 180, ok, how long is it
going to go in for when it goes in? Ah, lets have a look. 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 30 minutes,
thats what it says. Where’s Jazzy? (upstairs) we need the bowl licker. (Fetch the hound)
here, is Jazzy coming? There is flour and she might have tummy ache after eating that.
(laughing) There’s no, there was flour, you what? (keep on talking dad) you want to
get all the mixture out of the bowl, more the merrier, bigger the better, bigger the
better. Shall I spread that around? Do you want to lick this Jazzy? You know whats a
really good thing I do with a cake? What? No no don’t do that. Dad, because that will
just stick. Hello! do you not want it? No, oh Jazzy, food, do you want some food? Hit
it down, spin it like this, can you see how its sunk in the middle? Yes. When that bakes,
yes, its going to be flat and the middle rises? Yes. Where did you learn that top tip? Well
a little tip. Ok lets get it in the oven. Ok so, gonna make the icing now. Yes, cakes
out the oven, cakes out the oven, looking good- I wouldn’t say its looking good. (laughing)
We’re going to set up a bain-marie and we’re gonna melt the butter, so a bain-marie is?
and the chocolate together. Water at the bottom yes underneath to melt the chocolate and butter,
sorry. Now you mustn’t let the water boll, you don’t want it to get too hot, ah because
otherwise the butter and the chocolate will split. You want to do it slowly right, melt
it slowly, you can do this in the microwave, yes, but it’s, you know, this is a bit more
chefy. (laugh) So you, (laugh) is there anything over here I can do? No you just look good.
That I can do, (laugh) Ok you can ah stop it now, because we can melt it and then come
back. Ok so we have now melted our chocolate and butter. Chef cam in, chef cam, this is
our chef cam. And we’re gonna do a table spoon full of golden syrup as per the recipe,
yep, (err) (laughing) you won’t be saying that when you are tasting it, no she’s not
having any. And a teaspoon of vanilla essence, ok we’re gonna mix that. Does it all go
in? Everything goes in, yes. Then we are going to put the sour cream. How much is that sour
cream? 125 mls sour cream. I can’t even see it on there, yes its on there. Am i looking
in the wrong place? Yes. There, oh yeah yeah yeah. And then we’re gonna pour this in,
add icing sugar, icing sugar, make sure we make the icing. (Jon clean) 300 grams icing
sugar, Jon’s disappearing, we will clean up afterwards Kam, (his face is disappearing
slowly) (laughing) I can’t wait chef cam to see if it ends up looking like that, what
do you think are the chances? Not 1 in a billion. Exactly (can I have a look?) Nigella’s the
professional. No, I’ve got faith. Was Nigella the one that did cociane? Yes, really? (laughing)
there is going to be some heavy editing on that bit. So everything goes in, mixed together,
yes, and thats it once its in a paste, yes decent look very, did you sieve the, flour?
Mmm no not really, well you either did or didn’t, I don’t think you did, its alright
we’ll just make it rough. (When you be cooking in the kitchen can I sit and be the public
and make comments in the meantime?) Yes please do. Take a seat here, take a seat at the bar.
I’m being serious take a seat at the bar (they have nearly finished now so) Kamila
you’re the criticiser. I’m brilliant. You’re pretty good at that, chief critic.
I’ll be brilliant. Kamila, I’m being serious, sit at the bar, next time, next time, Jasmine
doesn’t want to eat, she’s got something wrong with her. Why? She’s going to the
toilet all the time. You are going to need to stop talking, we are filming. Seriously
I know. You see the lights the camera and all of these people. Peoples. These, our people,
our team. Security, security grandpa. Security. Yes security remove this person (laughing)
(ah god) (laughing). Kamila you are either in or out, in or out. I’m one leg in and
one leg out. This isn’t the Hokey Kokey Kam. Ok. I’m gonna do a little bit of icing
here. Chef cam. Chef cam, zooming chef cam. Singing in the meantime, not Sam but. I think
we’ve had a cake disaster. I think we have. This ones fallen apart a bit as well. I think
this is meant to be a, was this meant to be, is this meant to be a cooking channel? Yes,
yes its early days. Ok stick that on top. Here come here that looks fantastic dad. Careful
with it, its falling. Thats not so bad. Is it not to dry a bit? Well you won’t be having
any. It looks just alright. That looks alright. Icing is invented for a multitude of sins.
It hides everything. Hides it all. So I’ll tell you what we will need. Custard tarts
thats what you should be making. Kamila if this wasn’t a practise then you’d probably
be like out the room by now, just letting you know. Either you are in and you’re a
critic at the bar criticising everything that they do because thats quite funny, or you’re
just out. No I’m just giving my opinion. You can’t be behind the camera giving your
opinion. Dad’s custard tarts are good. Yes but you can’t be behind the camera giving
your opinion. And he’s got the clue how to do them. Time is running. Dad what are
you doing now? Icing, we’ve got a little bit not enough icing. Spin round and do it
over here Jon on the counter. Err. Yep, we’re a little bit not enough icing but there you
go. Thats that side looks sort of done. Looks good, do we have the purple flowers to put
on? Probably. Hang on theres a (the camera can’t see it) just as well, a gaping big
hole, looks good, chef cam, smells good, wheres the gaping hole? Nigella was wrong. What?
We can do some sprinkles, no we have got to let it cool before we eat it, oh right, nothing
happened, its only a practise this isn’t going on YouTube, thats why Kamila was aloud
to talk. Sprinkles. What are you going to call this? I’m going to call it take one.
What are we going to call what? This? This is old fashioned chocolate cake. Slater Brothers
cook from a book. Slater Bros, brothers is too long. We are not surfers. (laugh) So we
are pausing? Job done. Here we go, ok, disaster, but lets see what it tastes like. Yes but
the thing we have to discus and we have to work out was it us or the recipe? Us. It looks
good. It doesn’t but it does taste good. Bring on the tasters, tasting team. Arm yourself,
would you like a taste? Come taster. Somebody doesn’t like chocolate cakes. Lets taste.
You have to come round. I don’t want to be in shot, I want to be an invisible taster.
Chef cam are you getting involved? A little taste, give chef cam a, maybe we over cooked
it. Its really dry, no, its not dry. Can I get a fork. Its just you its not dry. Its
actually alright. Have a little taste, thats the big one. Thats fallen, but the icing tasted
nice. I think thats good. No give it to me, Talia has had a lot now. Mmm good cake. Nigella
good cake. so, thats the book, thats the cake, it works and its good. We’re gonna do some
more recipes out of ah. Feast. Nigella Lawson’s Feast, stay tuned, Slater Brothers cook from
a book.