[Music] [Music] the scenery changes place to the other industry we did good job I think it’s here to the left yeah yeah here we are this is our home one sweet oh my god I’m excited really what is our bed Wow solid here wow this is different what is a shower yeah the shower oh right here right here above so cozy so relaxing like the views are pretty too it says welcome to Daisy Adam and guests enjoy your stay welcome [Music] [Music] I might be so nice yeah we can have a fire where’s your fork is this looks good big thank you thank you which with a lot one that would make us fall asleep I’m not so tired so that’s the point but you’re you’re already tired oh yeah so you go to bed before I will be watching a horrible movie [Music] [Music] lay this way it’s hard to look at it like this right oh yeah [Music] I’m excited to see this park yeah people say it’s pretty we’ve seen some pictures it looks really pretty yeah what a cactus school it’s different from what we’re used to seeing [Music] are you fired give me $30 [Music] ready for the hike are we gonna go let’s race you know we’re gonna do that I think you need something I have some but I think you need some more TP itself I like that bandanna who really did I do I don’t skip it you can never look stupid you know doubt the trail not to give people know this point supposed to be easy you know we don’t want to take a long time on the trail because we want to [Music] [Music] come here yeah this is the path there’s no other way it’s a big backpack huh oh my god maybe this isn’t the way it’s a little dangerous you follow me okay I’m not sure about that because if I had their I don’t know what arrows here it was right there I didn’t see any error obviously because that’s all we got left [Music] they have like a thousand fuck okay have you got where’s a stunt back up you have this biofouling huh biofuel is stung by a film no you what did you ask stung by a cactus by a few lion I’ll buy a field by a few of them by a few I didn’t have a steel I feel ya know I heard by a few by a few I feel nice view my few yeah you you give but then sounds like feel like Ford car now that’s feel feel yeah P oh God oh my god y’all feel feel now let’s feel you’ll feel feel you’ll yo field and that’s what I’m saying you’ll feel now the L you have to do L feel yeah so have you ever got thirty I’ll go let’s go let’s keep walking [Music] Oh too bad well it was kind of easy yeah but still it feels are really cool nothing said to you know flowers are pretty the flowers so many flowers the story of our life trying to find oh you found them what are we gonna you know how to open it no I’m sure we can figure it out let’s do it wait you forgot the banana you’re so distracted I guess we’re not gonna get to be now now you’ve been in on the camera why not it’s all sexual in your mind because your little perfect you know like like a lady I’m excited we’re gonna grill out tonight got some hamburgers and hot dogs and some chips and Bernardo might have dessert you have the lighter [Music] Oh [Music] Oh see I know what I’m doing didn’t look like I knew what I was doing nobody know but it turns out you don’t think my face is scary enough I’m trying to make it scary how do you do it scary I have to face of an angel baby you were so dumb go get out of here baby that’s mean no that’s not funny because we’re in the desert real scary which dropped your phone let’s go [Music] two little indie it’s a little cloudy and cloudy probably ring I hopefully have to relieve the cleaners fuck the Airbnb are coming two minutes showering we got a little late start we did not stay this this is a hard one to leave yeah we can say that about the last one but this one this one oh it’s a good weight changes trip yeah oh yes sir it’s really good [Music] the trip is now coming to an end that sounds it was beyond my expectations mine too I had no idea California was like this yeah so cool if I like this video give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribed go ahead and subscribe because even though this trip has come to an end we have many others oh yeah alright heading back to San Diego that’s our flight right back that’s right [Music] I’ve said it many times I know I would change my ways and for sure when all the crows decide to me they settle down beneath my feet I’m gonna write and I got it wrong but otherwise [Music] comes in here with me by the fire and let it go for so be stars fall [Music] nothing so always in your head [Applause] [Music] you [Music]