these are beef short ribs and there’s basically five to six bones across there and as the short rib cooks if six that bone the bone implants flavor and the meat just sort of melts cooked slowly gives it that nice level intensity slice alongside the bone stray down you’ll see that marbling that sort of disappears and disintegrates I’m cooking than a roasting tray get it on the heat until nice and hot seasoned beef short ribs beautifully olive oil in both on the top we’ll start coloring that in [Music] pretty important to give the beef short rib a really nice sear if you didn’t brown the meat off it goes in the oven and it looks like boiled meat so you really want that nice dark rich coloring just cut the garlic half slide that down the side it’s gonna give that beef an amazing flavor to give body to the sauce stir in a heaped teaspoon of tomato puree I’m just hitting the bottom of the pan without some out of fury and we call it cooking out with the smaller puree otherwise it just goes in there raw and it gives this sort of tartness for the braised short ribs red wine in don’t use an expensive bottle of red wine there’s no need bring the wine up to the boil and reduce it this burns off the alcohol and concentrates the flavor it makes a big difference when you reduce the red wine down by half because it gives that nice dark rich intensity but a my garlic that it’s just gonna sweeten everything up incredible stock in leave stop perfect chicken stock fine just to about an inch underneath the beef short ribs bring up to the ball to lock in all that flavor as the beef ribs slow cook cover them so they braised from the bottom and steamed from the top into the oven between half hours 170 to 180 degrees in she goes the great thing about slow cooking is you do most of the work in advance and then put your feet up 5 or 10 minutes before the beef short ribs come out of the oven start your garnish it’s the light cured pancetta but what nice thick lardons nice big thick sticks of crispy bacon [Music] these are delicious and chestnut mushrooms along with sliced me just gonna cut them in half so look at the color on those lardons now all the whites raw fat that disappears the lardons are shrunk right down and all we’ve got there now is the proper bacon mushrooms in beautiful so the mushrooms get seasons from the bacon I’m Pam frying these separately to the beef so they remain crisp another different texture leave that to cool down now this is like Christmas Day for me when you unwrap that fault wait you see what’s underneath it mmm-hmm Wow this smell incredible lift and place on your tray beautiful to make a fantastic rich deep sauce press the stop roasted garlic through a sieve into the cooking juices that nice pureed garlic coming through there as that it’s going to make the most amazing flavor scrape all that off the sieve nice then just start setting all that lovely braising liquor well in that smells delicious take your sauce and just glaze do them individually they deserve that respect spoon on your bacon and your mushrooms beautiful be generous with these mushrooms I’m telling you they taste amazing flat leaf parsley all that freshness over those amazing ribs incredible never ever be embarrassed about going to your butcher and asking for cheap cuts because the results are incredible amazing beef braised short ribs with bacon and mushrooms pour in hot water to braise the brisket [Music] bay leaf and delicate strands of saffron then fry to release all the aromatic flavors next