Hey, um, daddy, don’t get mad, but I lost my arms. *SIGH*
Jeffy, you did not lose your arms. Yes, I did daddy. I was putting on my shirt and my arms ran away! (The 3rd stage of life) Jeffy, your arms did not run away, they are inside your shirt, I can see them! No they’re not Daddy. I already looked. *sigh* Jeffy look…
What is that? Oh, that’s my pee pee, daddy. – Oh that’s your pee-pee?
– Yep!
– Then why does your pee-pee have four fingers? So I could put none in the pink and four on the stink.(sub to SML) – What?
– I’m punching butt, daddy.
– Jeffy, just take your arms out of your shirt. My arms aren’t in my shirt, daddy!
It’s my pee-pee! Jeffy, your arms are inside your shirt, and that is your arm. No its not, daddy, its my pee-pee. You know what Jeffy, ok fine!
You want be stupid? I bet you $100 that you can’t go the whole day without using your arms or your hands. Oh, that would be easy daddy. ‘cuz I don’t have arms. you wanna shake on it? N-No, Jeffy. I’m not gonna shake on it, but look, if you go the whole day without using your arms, I’ll give you $100, but it’s not gonna happen. All right daddy. Pass me the remote Jeffy. okay *spitting out remote* Fine, ok, that works, but you’re gonna have a hard time going throughout the day without using your arms or your hands. No, I won’t daddy. but, I will be right back daddy, I gotta go to the bathroom. I gotta poop. *grunting* ( ate to much tacos on tuesday) Uh Uh Uh Uh Welp, time to wipe *grunting* Well, what am I gonna do? I can’t use my arms oh, I know Alright daddy, i’m all done. (JESUS CHRIST, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE, JEFFY?!LIKEJESUS) Well Jeffy, how did you wipe? JEFFY! What’s that all over your face? Chocolate cake. Jeffy, it doesn’t look live chocolate cake, it looks like poop. Well it’s chocolate cake, daddy, I promise. Where did you find chocolate cake, at Jeffy? In the Bathroom. There is no way you found chocolate cake in the bathroom. Yes I did, daddy. *munching* Well then I’m gonna go check. Alright then go check. Wh-There is chocolate cake! Why is chocolate cake in the in the bathroom? Shrek(out of no were like randy orton):Oh hey donkey! so it was you who ate my chocolate cake! No Shrek, I didn’t eat your stupid chocolate cake! Well someone did, donkey, and I’m going to get to the bottom of this, right after I take my massive crap! *grunting*(constipated af) *sigh* I guess there was chocolate cake. See daddy, I told you! Well, did you still use the bathroom? Yeah in my pants!(no crap he didnt pull his pants down) Why would you go your pants Jeffy? Cause’ I didn’t want the toilet to get dirty daddy. Well thats what the toilets used for jeffy What are you gonna be potty trained hey, um, daddy? does that mean that when I start driving, I’m gonna get pulled over more? What why would you get pulled over more? because I don’t have any arms and I won’t be able to drive so good No, Jeffy, because you still have arms! They are in your shirt! Hold on get me. I’m gonna see that is uh hello? Brooklyn Guy:Catch! Why didn’t you catch it? What was that for? Oh, you’re on the hit TV show can you catch that, yeah! We go door-to-door throwing balls (the non-sexual type)at people and if they catch you they win $50,000 I know about this show I watch it all the time popular show, but you believe I missed my chance sorry you’re just a loser, can I please have a second chance? Please? Yeah, sorry we can’t let the same person try twice Hey. hey daddy, I cleaned all the chocolate off. oh hi jeffy. Oh does your son want to try Oh Give me one second Jeffy, what? yeah ok, please, look. You could win $50,000 all you have to do is catch that football and you get 50,000. can you do it (jeffy opens mouth AH) no AH (jeffy: AH) Ta-take your arms out of your shirt. I don’t have any arms, daddy Jef-Jeffy Please take your arms Out of your shirt, so you can catch that football. Ah is he gonna try in that Yeah, just give it a try alright go long kid! Oh my god! he caught it, he did it! he caught it! he caught it! he caught it! don’t touch me We won $50,000 Jeffy! we won $50,000 Actually not quite where we what you see for the second part of the show you got to catch the check And if you don’t catch the check it bounces So we don’t get the money unless he catches that check yeah He’s got to catch the check whoa can I catch the Check no. It’s got to be him the no-armed kid All right, you ready kid? jeffy, please I’ll do anything. Please try your hardest to try to catch that check Please we need that $50,000 try to catch that check please oh, he’s ready Here you go, kid -blowing down the check- (is he high?) Catch it! Catch it!Catch it! Sorry daddy, i tried to catch it, *Mario Crying* Sorry, you didn’t catch it, NO NO NO! PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT!PLEASE DONT TAKE IT Sorry all right cameraman. Let’s go try the neighbors. I tried to catch it. I’m sorry Jeffy you literally blew it well. I’m trying to catch it Daddy like(blows) You did not try to catch it W-why couldn’t you take your arms out of your shirt for five seconds to catch that check? I don’t have any arms daddy plus you bet me $100 Jeffy. You could have won $50,000 if you were to caught that check. I’m a man of my word daddy. Jeffy You’re so stupid my god. Okay. I’m hungry right now You’re hungry. Yeah, you’re not full of eating all that chocolate cake What chocolate cake? jeffy, the chocolate cake you ate in the bathroom You know you know what you’ll have any arms, so why don’t you go make yourself something to eat? I want to see you do that well alright daddy *grunting* Well, now time to make me a bowl of Cheerios!
But how am I going to get the Cheerios in the bowl? Oh I think I know! (Jeffy breaks the bowl and the Cheerios fall down) (didnt he marry the cherios!?!?!) *censored* (thanks alot yt ;-;) Well, I need another bowl!
Hold on… *grunting* *spit* (Jeffy didn’t break the bowl and it still breaks the Cheerios) *censored* (thx again yt ;-;) Well, I guess I will just eat it off the floor then, I just need to add some milk. *spit* *grunt* (Jeffy got spilled the milk and he’s making a big mess)
(From 2015, SML Movie: Bowser Junior’s Big Mess) Well, time to eat, but daddy’s gonna be mad! Hey Jeffy you’re done eating? yep what did you eat?, Cheerios oh, I guess you just ate them out of the box . Yea lets go with that Well jeffy i Have nothing else to do tonight, so I’m just gonna go wash my balls all right daddy, you gotta keep ’em clean Okay almost done, almost done Okay and done all my balls are clean now okay, go get ready for bed the front door just gotta lock the front door WHAT HAPPENED TO MY WINDOW?!
DID SOMEBODY BREAK IN?! FREEZE RIGHT THERE! AHHHHHHHH!!! YOUR’E BEING ROBBED! Please don’t kill me! You can take anything you want but please don’t kill me! I’m going to take anything in your house and I’m gonna shoot you if you don’t stop screaming! – JEFFY! JEFFY!
– JEFFY! – What Daddy?!
– Call 911! Call 911! YOUR ASKING TO DIE! JUST HURRY UP! OK DADDY! I gotta call 911! Daddy’s in trouble! *grunting* JEFFY HURRY UP! JEFFY! I’M TRYING DADDY!!! *grunting continues* I wish I had arms! *grunting continues* Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me! I’m going to take everything you’ve got, and I think I’m going to injure you right now for all the yapping you’ve been doing! No please don’t kill me! Hey! Catch! Aww you didn’t catch it. What’s going on? Oh, we’re part of a new TV show called: “Can you catch that well being robbed at gunpoint?” Oh, we’ve got you mate! Yeah, we got you pretty good. Aw, so I don’t win anything? No. No sorry. You didn’t catch it. Man, darn it! Yeah, it’s too bad, but you know what you’ve been a good sport, so I’m gonna give you a free $20 gas card! Okay, I mean I guess I guess that is pretty good. I guess I’ll just miss my second chance. Yeah, it’s too bad *sigh* (Jeffy is trying to text his friends) *sigh* (Maybe the next video Jeffy will have his arms back) (Subscribe to Jae Games on yt) Captions by WilsonPerez3 (Fixed the captions, well almost.), Leo Cavallo, Jack Gar Harsen, Health Bar Channel & WinnieAero these captions are updating every second. Also guys, DON’T FORGET to subscribe to SuperMarioLogan! And he’s close to get 5 million!
The next video is probably gonna be Jeffy Plays VRChat or Bowser Junior Plays Roblox! Peace out, homies! (I mean, folks!) ๐Ÿ˜€