Here we are back in the Canadian land I’m so cold we got our scarves on boots on it is officially fall and We are being whiny again we’re being whiny and Prince is eating dirt All right, let’s get to the intro this little guy just appeared out of nowhere right into say hello Okay So this is cottage living Oh Welcome to Canada, I got my big oversized sweater that I’m literally living in I’ve got eight pairs of long underwear yesterday for lord knows what were you saying at? The cottage isn’t winter? I think we got like heaters all over the place just to kind of keep ourselves warm, but speaking of the cottage Let’s give them the two cent cottage door This is my desk This is where I spend most in the time with my laptop next to the fireplace most of the time because I’m always cold and then mark got his area over there which has Computers and speakers his big headphones, which usually wears for like eight hours a day, and I never hear from this kidding And then Chris has a little cave as well where he spends a lot of the time sleeping snoring and farting away That’s pretty good. Mormons is life in the best shell and actually that’s pretty much the two seconds doer Not very exciting The reason Fry’s doing this video today isn’t really to show you our tiny cottage that we just work in all the time We wanted to share with you guys a very very special recipe that we’ve been making a lot recently because it’s been And that is the superfood hot chocolate smoothie For somatic this amazing mushroom company got in touch with us a couple of months ago and sent us a box of stuff for us to try out and once we Started trying it Although we decided that a video like this would make a lot of sense and we’re gonna be using one of their products today But we just want to show you really quickly and what they sent us here. So I’m right here. I like mushroom sampler box So this here’s a sampler box with everything in it. They sent us the chaga mushroom elixir mix. That’s the chargon mushrooms This one’s mushroom lemonade. It’s more of a cold drink, but it comes to charcoal in there’s the matcha mushrooms my favorite which is the coffee mix the hostess mushrooms and coffee and I couldn’t see tea oil in it and Unsweetened coconut milk. Can I just cut in say these are the good mushrooms like superfood mushrooms? Yeah, I think superfood So much let’s be clear this varies Recreational mushrooms and then there’s healing and this is the healing path and you won’t be going on any fun trips with this My favorite and that’s been the mushroom hot cocoa mix and actually the smoothie that we’re going to be showing you today We’re gonna be using this guy right here, which has reishi mushroom Which helps boost your immune system and keep you from getting colds and flus, especially in the fall So let’s take you to the kitchen and let’s get the smoothie going through the school All right So the first thing what we’re gonna do is all the coconut milk and that’s gonna give your smoothie that hot texture So we’re gonna use about a cup of coconut milk here. So I’m gonna measure it out Now Ravin thrown this milk over into the pot And let it come to almost boiling temperature so when the milk is Starting to boil we’re gonna add two squares of this raw organic dark chocolate and that again is just gonna make it super super yummy in two three Now from here we’re gonna move on to creating the actual smoothie so what we’re gonna use first is our bananas So are you gonna take your blender? Banana Bananas really tough this peel so usually I like the little more ripe So I just cut them to a couple pieces here and throw the banana in and then we got a tablespoon Big tablespoon, it’s gonna really thicken it up a little bit here for you And then we’re throwing in a few super food ingredients we’re gonna throw in a teaspoon of maca powder to give you a little bit of that energy and Then I got about two tablespoons of raw cacao powder so those could that go thick as well And then we’re going to add This for signetics mushrooms hot cocoa mix which has the v-shape mushroom into it and reishi mushrooms Like I said earlier are amazing for helping boost your immune system So when it comes to the fall or winter seasons and the flu is everywhere you want to start including these into your regular diet and Then we’re gonna add just a little bit of pinch of sea salt and that’s just gonna give it a little bit of a kick Once you have your boiling coconut chocolate milk, you pour it into the mixer And throw the lid on this bad boys and you mix it up Final piece is coconut whipped cream vegan approved Actually almost healthy doesn’t build tons of sugar and I only get to buy it when we do videos like this. So oh my god If you know how to do it One of marks disgusting habits so once I caught him doing that in the elevator and you put it on top and Last touch a little bit of accountant And there you go voila Oh Alright Okay, you’re gonna have your it’s the superfood hot chocolate smoothie Perfect for a super cold and wet day and it’s vegan approved We actually have included a couple variations to the recipe such as a cayenne pepper different levels cacao One with those salt it’s all with all the measurements in the complete recipe that you just saw in a link below in the video Description as well. You’ll find pour sig Matic giving all our viewers 15% off on your first purchase of the mushrooms So all of that details is in the description of this video so, please check it out and go on their website and check out all the different variations of Mushroom elixirs that they offer it’s pretty awesome and see what really speaks to you So if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up leave some comments down below Let us know how you liked it or what other kinds of videos you’d like to see us make or if you also have any Different recipes for hot drinks that are healthy for you, please share We would love to learn more about ways we can keep ourselves warm in this nice beautiful cold cottage amazing guys Thank you so much