Hi Bold Bakers! This week’s recipe is definitely a no-brainer. We love S’mores on Bigger Bolder Baking,
and I’ve had lots of requests to show you how to make a Baked Alaska. So we are going to merge those two things
together and we are going to make a S’more Baked Alaska. Before we get started, I just want to share
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Box below. When you join my class, I will be there answering
questions with you along the way. So traditionally, Baked Alaska, is ice cream,
cake, and meringue on the outside. So my big and bold twist on traditional Baked
Alaska is we’re going to have a graham cracker base, chocolate ice cream in the middle, and
then covered up in marshmallow fluff. So we’re going to start out with our base,
which is chocolate ice cream, and we are going to make our no-machine ice cream. So in a large bowl, I’m going to add in
my cream. And then we’re just going to whip this up
until it’s soft peaks. Normally I whip this up on my KitchenAid stand-mixer,
but this recipe is a little bit smaller, so I’m going to use a little hand mixer, and
it works really well. And those are the soft peaks that I was talking
about. This is perfect. Then, just go ahead and pour in your condensed
milk. I like to use fat-free, as I find it is less
sweet. Also, you can make your own condensed milk,
and I have a recipe for that on BiggerBolderBaking.com, along with the recipe for the S’more Baked
Alaska. So now just go in again with your beaters,
and we’re just going to whip it up until it’s stiff peaks. For this recipe, it’s really important that
your condensed milk and your cream are really cold. So pop them into the fridge for at least 24
hours before you use them. And that’s it—no time at all, and we have
no-machine ice cream. I just want you to look at this texture, so
you know that it should be nice and thick, full of body—this is what makes really good
ice cream. So because we are making a S’more Baked
Alaska, we need some chocolate. So we are going to flavor this ice cream base
with chocolate, and it’s really easy. So here I have a bowl of melted chocolate. Now the chocolate has been melted and cooled
a few minutes ago, so it is not too hot. You want it to be nice and cool before you
add in the ice cream base, so this is perfect. Now I’m using 72% cocoa solids, so it’s
nice and sweet, but also bitter at the same time. You can use milk chocolate, whatever you’d
like. To mix your ice cream base into your chocolate,
you want take a little bit of ice cream base first. This method is called introducing, and what
it does is that it introduces two ingredients that are of different temperature and of different
texture, and it allows them to be mixed well together, so you want to add a little bit
of base to the chocolate like that. Lovely. And then we’re going to take the chocolate
mix and add it into the rest of the base. Nice and swiftly, go in there with a spatula
and then just fold in the rest of the chocolate into the ice cream. You do want to move quite quickly because
you don’t want the chocolate to set. Okay, so that’s our ice cream done, so now
we’re going to prepare our bowl that we’re going to freeze it in. For the bowl for your baked Alaska, choose
any bowl that you have in your house. I wanted something big to make a big enough
dessert, but also kind of tall, so I can make my Baked Alaska kind of high. It doesn’t matter what kind of bowl that
you use. You can use a pudding bowl, anything that
you’d like. Just make sure that it’s safe for the freezer. Before we add in the ice cream, we are just
going to line it with some cling wrap. Without any cling wrap, your ice cream is
not coming out. I like to do two layers just to make sure. Push it all around the bowl. Then you’re just going to take your ice
cream and pour it straight into the bowl. You know what else would be a really good
idea? Little individual-sized Baked Alaskas. You can always freeze it in little small cups. They would be so cute. Once your ice cream is in there, just go in
with a spatula and smooth out the top. You can also give the bowl a little bit of
a jiggle and it will find its own way. So this is our ice cream layer for our Baked
Alaska. I’m going to pop this guy in the freezer,
and we’re going to get started on our next layer, which is the graham cracker cookie
base. So I’m just grinding up some graham crackers. Now, graham crackers are such an important
part of a S’more. They work so well with the rest of the ingredients. If you don’t have graham crackers, you can
use Digestives, rich tea, any kind of a plain biscuit is good. Once they’re nice and ground, just like
these guys, we’re going to add in some melted butter, the same way you would make any kind
of a cookie base for a tart or for a pie. It is no secret to you, I’m sure, that I
love cookie bases—love, love, love them. They’re my favorite. Okay, so we’re just going to blend it all
up together again until it comes together. So, that’s our cookie base, looking good. I’m going to pop the ice cream out of the
freezer and top it off with this. With your spatula, just gently push your crust
into place. If your ice cream is still soft, then just
go easy. The S’More Baked Alaska is coming together
pretty nicely, but I have to pop it back in the freezer to let this base set up. Now you can make this dessert up to five days
in advance, and have it safe in the freezer. And then whenever you have a party or guests
coming over, you can just take it out, and finish it off. So you absolutely cannot have a S’more without
marshmallows. And you can’t have Baked Alaska without
meringue on top. So here I have some of my homemade marshmallow
fluff. I know a lot of you have made it already. It is such a great recipe and it is really
easy to make. And this is what we’re going to top our
Baked Alaska with. So it’s been a few hours and my ice cream
and base are totally frozen. I’m just going to turn them out onto a baking
tray. Go ahead and remove the bowl; it should pop
right off. Look at that! Then go ahead and gently remove the cling
wrap. My Baked Alaska came out really round. This is perfect. Next, is to generously pile on your marshmallow
fluff. If you want to create peaks like this, you
can always pipe on your marshmallow fluff. Just pipe and pull it away to create the peak. So what you want to do is pop your Baked Alaska
under a hot grill. You want to keep a close eye on it because
marshmallow can burn really, really fast, so you want to make sure you’re sitting
there right beside it. You can also use a little chef’s torch as
well and that works great. I think this dessert looks amazing! The thing about this guy is that he has to
be enjoyed straight away, unfortunately, so I’m just going to go ahead, and cut myself
a slice, because I want to try, and also because I want to show you what it looks like on the
inside. Oh yeah, this is my kind of dessert: a big
thick layer of graham crackers, a decadent layer of ice cream in the middle, and then
we have all the warm marshmallow on top. This is for sure a show-stopper. This is just another great way to enjoy a
S’more. Make sure you sign up for my frozen dessert
class by clicking the link below. And I’ll see you back here next week for
more Bigger Bolder Baking.