[Two hands place a lime-green
bowl upside down on a table
and remove it to reveal:
“Snacktivitie” and Primrose
Schools logo.]
[Then a serving spoon comes
in to drop the “S” at the end
of “Snacktivitie.”] How to Make Cherry “Sherbet”.
[Two bowls of cherry sherbet
are placed on the table] 1: Add 2 cups frozen pitted
cherries to food processor. [Cherries are added to
food processor. Processor
is shaken to spread the
cherries evenly across it.] 2: Add 1/2 cup yogurt. [A spatula scoops a half-cup of
yogurt into the food processor.] 3: Blend in food processor. [A lid is added to the food
processor and the ingredients
are blended together.] 4: Pour and serve.
[Benjamin Bear holds
a sign that reads:
“Kid-Friendly Step”.] Enjoy!
[Two bowls of cherry sherbert
are on the table and a blue
spoon comes in to scoop
up some sherbert.] Shopping list:
2 Cups Frozen Pitted Cherries,
1/2 Cup Yogurt
[Animated shopping list
with boxes are checked
off from top to bottom.] [music stops]
[Primrose Schools logo]
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