– Hey PSJA Family, I’m
currently at Carman Elementary, where they’re hosting a NASA
STEM family enrichment night. It’s going to evening of space science, and a lot of fun, so
let’s go check it out! – Hi my name’s Yvonne Gomez, and I’m the the science lab teacher here at Carman Elementary, and tonight we’re having our NASA STEM Family enrichment night. Where these are NASA STEM
based education activities, that were brought down from trainings, that we attended at NASA, and we are presenting
them to our students, and they’re having a fun night tonight. – Things happening on the sun okay? That’s the surface, look, look at that. Now you’re gonna get the chocolate chips. Those are the dark spots,
on the sun’s surface. And they have to be in pairs. Like when you have a pair
of shoes, you have two? Okay put two together. There you go, and you can
put two more over here. Now you can get your solar flares, those are bursts of energy on the sun. And now, you’re gonna
do your loops of gas. – [Teacher] What did we make here? – [Teacher] A lot of what? – Craters? – [Teacher] A lot of craters. – [Teacher] How many did you make? How many? Did you count them? – Okay, one, two, three, four, five. – [Teacher] Oh and show me
the five, show me the five. Very good. – [Student] Go Mary Jane,
go, go, go, go, yes, yes! – Hi I’m Celena Miller. I’m a science lab teacher
at Cesar Chavez Elementary. We’re doing NASA night here,
and the students are decorating space art, using different
paints and sponges and textures, in order to put that steam
STEAM into the sciences. (popping) – [All] We love science!