(Accordion music plays)>>Jenna: Hi, my name is Jenna.>>Emily: I’m Emily.>>Jenna: And today we’re going to be making French toast.>>Emily: We’ve already washed our hands to make sure we have the proper hygiene for cooking.>>Jenna: And I already prepped the griddle at around medium high heat. You can also use a frying pan if you want to,
but today we are just going to use a griddle.>>Emily: So the first step in making your French toast is making the egg wash, and we’re gonna add all of our ingredients
that we already pre-measured. So first I’m gonna add my cinnamon and
salt, then I’m gonna add my eggs, and then I’m gonna add the milk and vanilla. The
vanilla and the cinnamon are optional, but they do add a nice boost of flavor
to your french toast.>>Jenna: And now we are going to mix all of our ingredients
together, just to really incorporate air into your egg mixture. (Jazzy guitar music plays).>>Emily: So our next step is to soak the bread in the egg wash, and you want to take an individual slice and soak it on both sides. It’s best to just use your hands, because using any kind of tool can puncture the bread. So I’m just evenly soaking it on both sides of the
bread, and I’m gonna place it gently on the griddle right where the butter is.>>Jenna: Alright, now that you have your bread placed on top of your butter you’re
going to want to move it around just a little bit just to make sure it’s evenly
coated on that one side and then you’re just going to wait about one to two
minutes on each side, just depending on what your preference is on how crunchy
you want it to be. I personally like mine to be a little bit more crunchy, and
Emily here likes hers to be a little bit more soft (sizzling sound).>>Emily: Now that our delicious french toast is done we’re gonna go ahead and garnish it and dig in. So we’ve got fanned strawberries, syrup, powdered sugar, and whipped cream to put on there. So you can use any
combination of these things that you would like.>>Jenna: Alright, are we ready to dig in?>>Emily: Yeah, let’s do it.>>Jenna: Yay! I’m so excited!