New processor, new gaming consoles and new products in this tech news. I will teach you everything happening in the world of tech, I am your Tech Friend Joe 🙂 AMD launched a new Processor Ryzen 5 3500x. It is a mid-end processor. In a benchmark taken recently, AMD ryzen 5 beats Intel i5 processor. Usually AMD will be faster at multithread applications, but now it is faster than intel in single threaded applications also. One cannot beat Intel at games. But this processor is faster than intel by 5 to 8%. Knowing AMD performance is more than intel, reduced its price for their F series and KF series processor. Only if there are more competition in the market, users like us can be benefited and will get good product for cheaper price. Nikon announces new mirrorless camera. It’s an entry level crop sensor camera. It uses same mount from the Z6 and Z7. It has 20.9 Megapixel aps-c CMOS sensor. It can take continuously up to 11 frames per second. It has 87 percentage coverage and 209 phase detect autofocus system. It’s ISO range from 100 to 51200. It can take 4K video of 30 FPS and for slow motion, 1080p video in 120 FPS. It has a special feature in it, it’s rear LCD can be flipped down. You can use it for taking selfies and Vlogging. The price of the body is $859. Alongside, they introduced two lenses 16-50 mm and 50-250 mm. For those students who are interested in photography who wants an all around camera, this will be a good option. Techfact Techfact – did you know an average person blinks their eye about 20 times per minute. At the same time when they are using computer or mobile phone in a minute they only blink for 7 times. Sony is gonna launch next version PlayStation. They are launching this after 7 years from its predecessor PlayStation 4 launch. With the new generation gaming console there will be a new gaming controller also. In this new PS5 controller, its old Rumble Technology will be replaced by haptic technology. Included a newly added a feature called adaptive Trigger. They are launching this next year during the holiday seasons. Nike has launched a new type of shoe. Its name is Nike Air Max 97s. It has another name also, ‘Jesus shoe’. They are injected ‘holy water’ from the Jordan river. If you look closer at the sole, you can see the movement of the water clearly. At the side there will be marking of the Bible verse of Matthew 14:25. The price of this shoes $3000, according to our country it is price at Rs.2,13,000. A thing to be noted is, even if its launch at this high priced it went out of stock as soon as it launched. Even at this high rate, people went crazy and bought this shoe. Today’s hot news Let’s see about Flipkart and Amazon sale which took place recently. First sale took place from September 29th to October 4th. Second sale from October 13th to October 17th. If you have missed this sale don’t worry, from yesterday Diwali sale started! So if you were waiting to buy any products, do you use this sale. In each sale around 3 billion dollars i..e..Rs.19,000 crores worth of products were sold. In this Flipkart sold more than Amazon. Amazon VP Manish said that around hundred million customers shopped online during the sale. Even I bought so many things for me and my friends. I’ll show what all products I bought in a separate unboxing video. Continuing that I am planning to start unboxing and review kinds of video. If you want me to review any product, let me know the comment section down below. Friends if you like this video, ‘thumbs up’. ‘Share’ it with your friends who loves Tech. If you want to see videos like this daily, ‘subscribe’ and don’t forget to click the ‘bell’ icon next to it. We will meet in another episode, I am your Tech friend Joe 🙂