Welcome to HowToCookThat I’m Ann Reardon and today I have with me James from TheOdd1sOut … Hello. And if you haven’t seen his channel he does amazing animation, some of which are about when he used to work at a fast food joint called … ‘Sooubway’. So obviously if you go there and you order something you get to choose what’s inside I am going to make a cake but I’m going to make it to the custom order of what you would like inside. So if you could have anything, did you ever get to make your own? Oh yeah yeah we got a free six inch every time we worked there. There you go so what would be your favorite things? Start with the roll, talk us through. Well alright how complicated can I make it? As complicated as you like. I want it to be a foot long. Okay, foot long. Wait, that would be like a half a meter long. See the thing is, Australians do understand American feet and inches. It’s just the other way around Americans don’t get Australian. Okay so a foot long on white and my favourite sandwich is a turkey Italiano so it’s salami and pepperoni and instead of putting ham out on the sandwich you put turkey on it. Turkey yes, do you have any sauces in it? Yes mayonnaise and mustard and then oil vinegar and salt and pepper. What salad would you choose? This is where we get complicated, for veggies basically lettuce tomato cucumbers olives. That’s easy so far. Oh and I forgot the cheese – I like American cheese and not toasted. No is it toasted trying to remember? It’s been so long. Let’s do not toasted, it will look nicer as a cake. Yeah you’re right that would be weird. How would you toast a cake? You’d have to make it look like it was but it would look nicer fresh I am envisaging it looking fresh. I’m imagining it as like a cold sandwich you take on the go. You know like you go on a fishing trip and you bring the sandwich. So lettuce tomato olives cucumber a little bit of jalapenos to give it that spice. Whenever I asked for jalapenos there was just like you want to give a mound of jalapenos but just like like for a footlong I guess maybe like one for each bites would be like eight jalapenos. This is very specific! That is probably too low I’m probably low balling maybe twelve I don’t know. Perfect we’ve got the order now I’ve got to make the cake. Sorry for making so many ingredients. It’s your order. Step one I decided to go to Subway and buy James’s exact order yes I took a list with me so I could see what it was supposed to look like. We’ve got the white roll and you can’t even see any turkey I assume there is turkey in there because I had to pay extra to get turkey instead of ham … there is Turkey there’s just not much. I was expecting it to be more like this with lots of Turkey as advertised 😉 But anyway we’ve got the olives the cucumber tomato mayonnaise jalapenos and heaps of pepper it’s just piled on top there. I think we’ll use this is a bit of a guide but make it look a bit nicer looking like they do in the adverts rather than making it look like a squashed down roll where you can’t see half the ingredients. Let’s start with the salami it’s got lots of little bits in it and as much as possible I don’t want to use fondant for the fillings some of them will have to because they’ve got lots of detail but this one I think we can get away with. Chop some nuts I’m using a mixture of walnuts and almonds you can use whatever ones you like. As well as the nuts will need white chocolate and butter and all the recipe quantities for these are listed on the howtocookthat.net website for you and I’ll link to that below of course. Add the butter to the chocolate and melt that in the microwave. Stir it well to combine using a whisk works well for that and then add in some food colouring. I’m using a little bit of blue and some red to get that deep salami colour once you’re happy that it looks like the right colour you can go ahead and add in the nuts and stir them through. Pour that mixture onto some plastic wrap and fold it over on one side seal it then fold the other bit over. Hold it at both ends and spin it to make a roll of mixture you’ll need to place that in the fridge for several hours or I put mine in the freezer to make it set quicker. The pepperoni is a brighter orange red color and to make that I’m going to use marshmallows white chocolate and then a mixture of chopped nuts and dried apricots. You need to chop the apricots really fine so that we don’t have big chunks of orange in the pepperoni. You can do that by hand or if you have a mincing attachment to your mixer you can try that I think by hand was much more effective at getting little tiny chunks … if you do it in the mincer then you’re going to need to chop it with the nuts anyway afterwards to break it into little pieces. Put the chocolate in with the marshmallows and melt that in the microwave and then stir in some food coloring until you get that right pepperoni colour. Then add in the nuts and the apricots and stir that all through quickly before the marshmallows start to set. Wrap it up just like we did for the salami and place that in the freezer for a few hours to firm up. Moving on next we need to make triangles of cheese … grab some banana lollies (candy) and melt them in the microwave with a tiny bit of water and pour that mixture onto some baking paper. Add another sheet of baking paper over the top and roll it out using a rolling pin to about the thickness of your cheese. Once it’s starting to cool cut it into triangles and then you want to put that into an airtight container in the fridge to set. For the lettuce we need some fine green bits but again I don’t want to use fondant for this … so take some compound white chocolate melt it and color it green using some oil based food coloring and then spread that between two sheets of baking paper until it’s really thin. Push it out at the edges to make it way beyond the edges instead of straight and then all you need to do is rip the top piece of baking paper off so you get two sheets of really thin chocolate. Scrunch up each one on the edges so that your lettuce is all crinkled and it’s not flat and then you just put that in the fridge to set this is probably the easiest bit you need to make. Once it’s set just peel it off the paper to get strips of lettuce … that looks pretty cool hey. For the sauces let’s make a white chocolate ganache which is just cream and chocolate melted together and stirred well. We’re going to split that into two bowls and for the mustard I’m gonna add a little bit of brown, it wasn’t yellow which I thought it would be, but at the store it was browny and then add some white food coloring to the one that we’re making look like mayonnaise. For pepper I’m just gonna finely grate some really dark chocolate this is 90% cocoa so it’s really dark and for salt I’ll just use some sugar of course. When the tomatoes are in the roll we can only see just the very edges of them so we don’t need to do all the details of the middle. I’m just going to melt some red lollies (candy) in the microwave and add a bit of white and yellow colouring to get that tomato colour right and then pour that into some greased circle cutters and let it set. You can see a bit more of the cucumber so we’re going to have to put some detail into that so I’m going to make these ones out of fondant. Roll a snake of pale green then flatten it on one edge so that it looks like a teardrop shape. Cut that into three parts and wrap it in some deeper green just adding each of your three bits there so that it’s all in one bit then wrap that in lighter green. Trim the ends and again cut it into thirds and then put those three pieces together and we want to rearrange that and shape it so that we have a rough circle shape there. Round it out and add any spare of your light green around the outside of that and then wrap that whole thing in the other green color that you have and then finally wrap the dark green cucumber skin colour of the outside. Put that in the fridge to firm up before you cut it and then slice it so you get slices of a cucumber with that pattern through it. Take a straw and squash one side of it to make a teardrop shape and then use that to indent around the paler areas so that it looks like seeds. For the turkey tip some white chocolate coloured with oil based food colouring onto a piece of bench top that’s been in the freezer … you can use marble stone or Corian for this but it does need to be in the freezer overnight so it’s really cold ⛄️ Spread out the chocolate then cut an oval of turkey meat. Loosen it from the base and I’m gonna cut mine in half the flat side can go towards the back of the roll and I’m just focusing on what the front side looks like. Lift up some areas off the edges so that it’s not completely flat and it has a bit of a wrinkle to it. Now take some cocoa powder and using your finger rub it along the edges so it looks like sliced turkey … be careful just trying to get it right on the edge and not on the top of your chocolate. Can you believe that this is white chocolate it actually looks like sliced turkey but it’s white chocolate! For the olives roll out some grey fondant and cut small circles using a tiny cookie cutter and then out of the middle use a straw to cut out another circle. Paint around the edges carefully using black gel food colouring, if you get any on the top you can just wash that off using a wet bit of paper towel but try and get it just on the edges. Then give each one a few indents and bumps in the middle they can get a bit uneven from being pitted. For the jalapenos wrap some light green fondant in deeper green and slice off some pieces about the thickness that you want the jalapeno slices to be. Now James wanted 8 or maybe more jalapenos so we need to keep slicing and make plenty of those. Cut a straw so you have about a third of it left and push it in at the edge of the lighter green and you’ll need three cuts like that. Then take a skewer, put it into the cut and drag it down towards the center of the jalapeno and again do that in each of your cuts. Then add some tiny balls of that light green on top for the seeds. Grab your salami roll out of the freezer and wrap it and slice it and you can see all those little pieces inside look just like we wanted it to. Do the same with the pepperoni now because this one has your marshmallows in it if it squashes a little bit when you’re slicing it you’ll just need to reshape it using your fingers so that you get a circle again. It’s quite hard to cut this one thin so if you want thinner slices place it between two sheets of baking paper and roll it out flat and then just remove the baking paper. Now for the bread … finally we’re up to the cake part of the cake. So for this you’re going to need to make a tray of my vanilla cake now you only need one tray per foot long sub that you want to make. Each footlong sub cake will serve 12 people so if you want to serve more than that just make more than one tray and more than one cake. Once it’s baked trim the edges and measure out a piece of cake that’s eight centimeters or three and a bit inches by thirty centimeters or a foot long. Round out your corners and then do that again so you have another one the same shape and keep that end strip because you’re going to need that piece. Trim the underneath edge off one of your pieces and cover that in buttercream then transfer it to a cake board covered in a subway paper. I asked the lady who served me for an extra piece of paper and she gave me one so hopefully whoever serves you is helpful too. Cover that in fondant and smooth it out and around the cake use your little finger just to push it in around the base. Then cut off the extra fondant leaving a little bit more than you think you need and then just tuck that extra in using a spatula. If you don’t have a spatula you could just use a knife for that instead. Use some cocao powder to brush along the outside of the roll so you get a bit of variation in the colour there and then take your other piece of cake and cover the top of it in buttercream and then add that extra strip that we kept before and put it on top. Carve your cake down on an angle and down around sloping at the edges making it the shape of the top of a bun rounding out the corners there. Then of course you want to cover that whole thing in buttercream. Once you’ve roughly got it covered use a piece of acetate just to smooth it out so that it’s nice and smooth. Cover the top in fondant and use your hands to smooth around it and make the fondant hug onto the cake then trim off the excess and tuck it in just like we did before when we were doing the other half of the roll. Brush the top of that in cocoa powder so it looks like it’s been baked and then add a few little creases into the fondant using the back of your knife so that it’s not perfect if it’s too perfect it doesn’t look like it’s a bread roll. Now let’s assemble our subway cake. This Is It this is when the sandwich gets put together and I’m hoping that it turns out amazing! Start with the chocolate lettuce… now you want to place that on the base all over it, paying attention to what you can see around the edges because that’s what you’re going to see so it doesn’t really matter what’s in the middle so much. We want to layer it up because it’s really fine it will get squashed down by the other ingredients so put more than you think you need so that once it squashes down it looks right. Add the lolly snake tomatoes into place and then the slices of cucumber all the way across. Now add in your olives and of course your jalapenos … how many did James want again? We’re gonna have to hide some of them in there there is just so many they’re not gonna all be able to be on display. Pipe on some mustard and then some chocolate ganache mayonnaise. Oh I was like, No not mustard! But no, it’s “mustard” And then sprinkle on the grated dark chocolate for pepper and some sugar for salt. Next add the banana lolly cheese. I’m not sure how many slices you’re supposed to have in a subway but mine only came with four triangles so that’s what I’m putting in. Then put the white chocolate turkey on top add the candy pepperoni and then the salami on top of that. I know they don’t have this but I’m adding a bit more ganache on top at the back just to help the lid of the cake stick in place. Then add your top piece of cake and give it a gentle squash down and tada! We’ve finished … a Subway sandwich cake made to the order of James from TheOdd1sOut. And Wow! That cake looks so amazing there is so much detail on like the cucumbers and the olives and the jalapenos ah this is so beautiful. Let’s cut it in half so that you can see what’s inside. Compare it to a sandwich that I got just now this is a BLT on flatbread… and then to frigging this! Ah at Sooubway we were called sandwich artists … this is a sandwich masterpiece! Thank you so much! This looks so good better than anything I could have ever created. Oh man just like my mouth is watering you know. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more crazy sweet creations. Click here to check out James’s channel TheOdd1sOut and subscribe to him too. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.