part three the things Margaret made for
dinner section 14 soups of a little cookbook for a little girl this is a
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soups at first of course margaret could not get dinner all alone indeed it took
her almost a year to learn how to cook everything needed soup vegetables eat
salad and dessert but at first she helped Bridget and each day she cooked
something then she began to arrange very easy dinners when Bridget was out said
his cream soup beef steak or veal cutlet with potatoes and one vegetable and a
plain lettuce salad with a cold dessert made in the morning the first time she
really did every single thing alone Margaret’s father gave her a dollar he
said it was a tip for the best dinner he ever ate soups the soups in the little
cookbook began with those made of milk and vegetables because they were so easy
to make and when one was learned all were made in the same way first there
was the general rule one pint of fresh vegetable cut up in small pieces or one
can one pint of boiling water one pint of hot milk one tablespoonful of flour
one tablespoon of butter half a teaspoon full of salt three shakes of pepper
after the vegetable is washed and cut in very small pieces put it in the pint of
water and cook it for 20 minutes or if you use a canned vegetable cook at ten
minutes while it is cooking make the rule for white sauce as before melt 1
tablespoon full of butter and when it bubbles put in one tablespoon full of
flour with the salt and pepper shake and rub smooth and thick with the
hot milk take the vegetable from the fire and press it through the wire sieve
letting the water go through to mix with the sauce and strain again and it is
done almost all soups are better for one very thin slice of
cooked with the vegetable when you want a cream soup very nice indeed whip a cup
of cream and put in the hot soup tureen and pour the soup on it beating in a
little till it is all foamy cream of corn one pint of fresh grated corn or
one can one pint of water one pint of hot milk 1 tablespoon of flour one
tablespoon of butter half a teaspoon full of salt three shakes of pepper one
thin slice of onion cook the corn with the water make the white sauce with the
milk strain the corn and water through the sieve pressing well and add the milk
and strain again cream of green peas one pint of peas or one can milk water and
seasoning as before mixed by the general rule in winter time you can make a nice
suit by taking dried peas soaking them overnight and using the messy wood fresh
all pea soup should have dropped in it just before serving what are called
croutons that is small even cubes of bread toasted to a nice brown in the
oven or put in a frying pan with a tiny bit of butter and browned cream of lima
beans one pint of fresh or canned beans for those which have been soaked use
milk water thickening and seasoning as before add a slice of onion as these
beans have little taste and beat the yolk of an egg and stirring quickly
after you have taken the soup from the fire just before you strain it for the
second time cream of potato this is one of the best and most delicate soups 5
freshly boiled potatoes 1 slice of onion 1 quart of hot milk 1 small teaspoon
full of salt 1 teaspoon full of chopped parsley this soup has no water in it
because that which has had potatoes boiled in it is always spoiled for
anything else and must always be thrown away that is why you must take a quart
of milk instead of a pint there is no thickening in the soup because the
potatoes will thicken it themselves put the parsley in at the very last after
the soup is in the terrine the yolk of an egg beaten and put in before the
second straining is nice sometimes in this soup but not necessary
cream of almonds this was what Margaret called a dinner party soup because it
seemed almost too good for everyday but as her mother explained almonds cost no
more than canned tomatoes or peas and the family can have the soup as well as
guests provided one has plenty of cream 1 cup of chopped almonds one quart of
thin cream small 1/2 teaspoon full of salts get 10 cents worth of Jordan
almonds and put them in boiling water for one minute then pour off the water
and put on cold till they are well chilled trim this off and push the
almonds out of their skins one by one if they stick it is because they were not
in the hot water long enough and you must put them back into it and then into
the cold chop them while the cream heats in the double boiler and then put them
in with the salt and simmer 10 minutes and then strain this soup is especially
delicious if whipped cream is either mixed with it
at the end or served on top you can also make good almond soup by using the
regular rule cooking the chopped nuts in a pint of water adding the thickened
pint of milk and seasoning and straining twice then after it is in the terrine
you must put in the egg beater and whip it well to make it light cream of
spinach one pint cold cooked spinach one quart of milk heat the spinach using a
little of the quart of milk with it and press through the sieve pick’em the rest
of the milk and the seasoning and strain again it is better to use cayenne pepper
instead of black with spinach cream of tomato soup called tomato bisque for
large tomatoes cut up or half a can with half a cup of water two slices of onion
2 sprigs of parsley 1 teaspoon full sugar 1/2 teaspoon full salt quarter
teaspoon full soda one quart of milk 1 tablespoon full butter 1 tablespoon full
flour cook the tomatoes with the onion parsley and sugar and salt for 20
minutes mix in the soda and stir well the soda prevents the milk from curdling
make the milk and flour and butter into white sauce as usual strain the tomato
mix the two and strain again sometimes add a stalk of celery to the other
seasoning as it cooks cream of clams one doesn’t hard clams or one bunch of soft
ones one quart of rich milk 1 tablespoon full butter 1 tablespoon full flour
three shakes of pepper chop the clams and drain off the juice and add as much
water cook till the scum rises and skim this off drop in the clams and cook 3
minutes heat the milk and thicken as usual put the clams and juice cook for 1
minute and strain notice that there is no salt in this soup a cup of cream
whipped either put on top or stirred in is very nice moisture soup one pint of
oysters half a pint of water one quart rich milk 1/2 teaspoonful salt drain off
the oyster juice at the water boil it for one minute and skim it well heat the
milk and mix it with this dropping the oysters and cook 1 minute or till the
edges begin to curl and it is done the soup is not thickened at all but if you
like you may add two tablespoonfuls of finely powdered and sifted cracker
crumbs meat soup or bullion made from extract this Margaret made from beef
extract before she learned to use the fresh beef two teaspoonfuls of extract
or two capsules 1 quart of boiling water 1/2 an onion sliced 1 stalk of celery
1/2 teaspoon full salt two shakes of pepper 2 sprays of parsley simmer this
for 20 minutes strain and pour over 6 thin slices of lemon one for each plate
serve with hot crackers creme bouillon make this same soup and pour it over
half a pint of thick cream well whipped do not put any lemon in it serve with
hot crackers meat soups you can make meat soup or stock but have almost any
kind of meat cooked or raw with bones or without many cooks never buy fresh meat
for it and others think they must always have it it is best to learn both ways
plain meat soup one shin of beef five quarts of water one small
tablespoon full of salts one head celery cut up what a onion one carrot
once heard it one sprig of parsley two bay leaves six whole cloves wiped a mean
and cut off all the bone put the bone in a clean kettle first and then the meat
on top and pour in the water cover and let this stand on the back of the stove
an hour then draw it forward and let it cook
this will bring scum on the water in half an hour and you must carefully pour
in a cup of cold water and skim off everything which rises to the top cover
the kettle tightly and cook very slowly indeed for four hours then put in the
cut-up vegetables and cook one hour more always just simmering not boiling hard
then it is done and you can put in the salt and strain the soup first through a
heavy wire sieve then through a flannel bag and set it away to get cold and you
will have a strong clear delicious stock which you can put many things in to have
variety clear vegetable soup slice one carrot turnip and one potato and cut
them either into small even strips or into tiny cubes or take a vegetable
cutter and cut out fancy shapes simmer them about 20 minutes meanwhile take a
pint of soup stock in a cup of water and heat them sprinkle a little salt over
the vegetables and drain them put them in the soup tureen and pour the hot soup
over split pea soup one pint split peas one and a half quarts of boiling water
one quart of soup stock one small teaspoon full of salt three shakes of
pepper wash the peas in cold water and throw away those which float as they are
bad soak them overnight and in the morning pour away the water on them and
cover them with a quart of boiling water in the rule I’d cook it hour and a half
put in the rest of the water in the stock and press the hole through a sieve
and after washing and wiping the kettle put the soup back to heat adding the
salt and pepper tomato soup one canned tomatoes for one quart of fresh stewed
ones one pint of stock you can use water instead in this soup if necessary
quarter teaspoon full soda one tablespoon full of butter two
tablespoonfuls of flour one teaspoon full of sugar one small onion cut up one
sprig of parsley 1 bay leaf 1 small teaspoon full of salt 3 shakes of pepper
put the tomatoes into a saucepan with the parsley onion bay leaf and stock or
water and cook 15 minutes and then strained to receive wash the saucepan
and put the tomatoes back in it and put it on to boil again melt the butter rub
smooth with the flour and put into the soup while it boils and stir till it is
perfectly smooth then add the sugar salt and pepper and soda and strain into the
hot terrine serve croutons with this soup soup made with cooked meats put all
the bones bits of meat and vegetables which are in the refrigerator into one
large kettle on the back of the fire and simmer all day in enough boiling water
to cover it all adding more water as this cooks away skim carefully from time
to time if there are not many vegetables to go in put parsley and onion in there
place at night strain right through the sieve then through the funnel and cool
this stock is never clear as is that made from fresh meat but it is almost as
good for thick soups such as pea or tomato chicken or turkey soup break up
the bones and cover with cold water add a slice of onion a bay leaf and a sprig
of parsley and cook all day adding water when necessary and skimming cool take
off the grease heat again and strain serve with small even squares of chicken
meat in it for a little cooked rice and salt
many people like a small pinch of cinnamon in turkey soup end of part 3