hello and welcome back to my channel I bring for you and dissipation a great idea for a Valentine’s Day edition let’s see the ingredients first we are going to start by making the dough for our dessert first we have the milk and the water the sugar salt and the bowl we let the butter to melt you once it’s melted we add the flour we stir until the mixture has a smooth consistency let me show you how the dough has to look like now we are going to mix the dough until you lose all the heat we need the mixture to be cool before adding the eggs now my mixture has cool enough we begin to add the eggs one by one once the dough has absorbed the first egg then we have the second one we move the mix a little before we have the correct adding the last egg and we wait till it get absorb now we just need to have the Benina for this recipe we are going to need a pastry sleeve like this one here you can see how the mixture has to look like now let’s draw hearts with a mixture preheat the oven at 170 degrees and we are going to bake for 25 minutes with a wet fork we make some small marks in the hearts for the glaze we add the powdered sugar and we start by adding some whipping cream not all that makes this world now we have the rest of the Queen you can see how the consistency of the glaze has to be now we have to give the caller to the glaze you can add as much color and as you need to get this color for the green press we are going to add the whipping cream and the powdered sugar and some vanilla M we mix this whip it until it looks like this the hearts are ready and now we will cut them into two in this way now I have the base in the top of our dessert we caught some strawberry slices on the base of our desert press you put some cream then strawberry cream strawberry cream and so in Seoul can we get something like this we need to eat the glazed about 15 seconds on the microwave before we spread it in a plate and now we are going to dip the top of our desert and the glaze now carefully we are going to put the top of the desert wow it looks very special and it’s very nice and so easy to make happy Valentine’s Day I hope you enjoy this recipe I invite you like always to check out my other recipes and to subscribe to my channel so see you next time bye bye if you want to see more of my recipes click on these links