good morning I am at breakfast all right do some pastries today this is the same horse cafe they’re known for their chocolate croissant launching show you I got their famous go croissants yeah then I got a pumpkin chocolate croissant and then this thing look really weird like one of those spaceships from Independence Day so I got that I got this egg sandwich whoa look at it looks like a piece of a floor tile I mean they’re shrimp in there as well and then finally I couldn’t resist is this like a footlong pretzel dog okay and I got so much data they laughed at me I know they were talking about I got so much hmm chocolate sauce right really flaky that is real there’s a lot chuckling in here pumpkin chocolate croissants Halloween time hmm oh my gosh we might not seem like there’s a lot in there it looks like a little piece of pumpkin filling and sitting inside a croissant cave but trust me this is so flavorful huge pumpkin flavor really really really fragrant this is wow this is amazing in this country whenever I see an egg sandwich I get it and this Nate shrimp sandwich platter scrub a crust just like a cracker now I love that crunch mom so creamy I love the texture of the spread this is like a melted croissant almost chocolate inside it’s a chocolate almond for some not sure this we brought it up I know what this is gonna be like I just wanted it I’m from the great the third really good workout for my jaw then tastes bad but most part the truth dish oh I know it’s still early in the morning but drinking some dessert yeah [Music] spicy chicken nuggets with spicy sauce from McDonald’s oh I should I need something else something you had to get some fries because I want to eat the fries dipped in that sauce oh yeah these might be the greatest things McDonald’s ever made so I got a spicy sauce and the cheese sauce [Music] super juicy this thing already is on the buyer has some spicy sauce with that the sauce not only brings the heaters a perfume factor as well goodish thing with donald are amazing I got to try the cheese sauce even though I love spicy I am absolutely in love with this tree saucer it’s so incredibly cheesy and creamy Wow if you’re not if you like it just a little bit and you want to chase day here with something cool something smooth this is it let’s try this little bit of cheese sauce a little bit of spice [Music] now might be the greatest butt of a chicken nugget in mcdonalds history so many flavors creamy spicy cheesy all concentrated on a single bite of crispy McDonald’s chicken nuggets a place I didn’t think that much flavor could possibly come together I officially love me perfect the testosterone fries she sauce – please McDonald’s I beg of you never get rid of this this might be the greatest if you ever hurry see this is the I Olli sauce Susie’s spicy garlicky creamy that in this amazing grape soda I love Japanese snack stores [Music] these are amazing the crazy kick-ass selections [Music] my favorite thing to do in Kyoto just walk around I could be here for a full year just it’s never before just walking around just any of these houses any of these shrines whose’s history and culture is why this is probably my favorite city in the world oh all right I got some time us I’m outside this popular dessert shop called kyon Takuya I’ve been trying to come for like a week finally today is sunny and date eight or passing out some umbrellas now I can wait and stay in the shade at the same time this place supposed to be amazing so the desert you gotta dip the toasted rice cake you roast the rice cake on the charcoal dip it in the hot water roll it in the Kanako powder or into the sweet soy sauce knowing that this is this is a process the way to eat this just looking at the menu and whatever be about this might be where this dessert place in Kyoto natural [Music] so here we take the mochi and Grill it it’s upside this is the war of emotion this is a serve a jelly-like perfection is made from broken starch and we’re gonna dip it in some Kanako this one is really cool that’s why it’s a preferred dessert especially during the summertime it’s almost like Japanese ice cream this might not look like the most advertising thing kind of looks like something that will come out of the kids nose really sweet and fragrant nice mouthfeel then we’ll check before it goes on the fire especially kind of hard right and then after it’s smoky and sweet a little crispy on the outside I can either dip it into this red bean soup with little gold flakes on top or I could dip in that to the hot water to add the bean powder or I’ll get that into the seaweed and each of this right here I think that’s just a side dish and dipping it into the red bean soup completely melts it and hot water if the shredders boon powder see how stretchy it is doing completely different structure than you do when I was on the fire incredibly true that extra step vesting about it another way to eat it is wrap it in nori and Tiffany here and that’s the savory option I think I like the weapon the most [Music] that’s super yummy that was pretty awesome that was very traditional Kyoto dessert and she was really pleased that has a lot of different unique foods that was definitely one of them do really recommend it if you’re ever in the area [Music] I recognize this place without it being rainy and stuff oh my gosh I never walked on this Main Street me where’s is so amazing this guy tons of food guys has a big ball is just so cool the vibe is so nice I gotta go check out the bamboo forest one more time I love bamboo so much I think I was a panda in the past life maybe that’s why you so much meaning a calm few battles probably took place in these bamboo forests it’s like haunted these bamboos are really thick seriously you really need a carve your name on to a man boo series everywhere I go anyway my point being they’re skinny bamboos and they’re like really thick bamboos do you think those are eaten by like giant chime Candace so it’ll groove a little fish eating a piece of bread [Music] that’s one big Kalamata oh wow as much as strong good dog nice powerful stuff I don’t like about this country is that you can’t ever find a trash can and there are more bathrooms in this country than trash cans just doesn’t exist back in my hotel and this is really where check this out so get out a yell evader and there’s the hallway see you can either go through this big open door or I don’t get it just finished filming the first part of my you put all versus each year on drama video I did not know you put all could be this good I really didn’t I had the New York one and it was just a that was okay that was amazing experience I didn’t you know just expect to eat three balls though you know normally three balls not a big deal but it’s ten o’clock at night I gotta hit the gym I got a bed thanks for watching yeah