In this cake tutorial you’re gonna see
how to make this beautiful and colorful fault line cake with fresh flowers and
sprinkles. If you want to build your skills and confidence to create
beautiful cakes and memories subscribe and ring the bell. I baked three layers
of my delicious carrot cake and then I made a batch of Italian meringue
buttercream and lemon cream cheese filling. Start with very cold or frozen
cakes fill them with cream cheese but make sure to pipe a damn of buttercream
around the cream cheese to hold it in place because it’s very slippery. Gently press the next layer on, center it
and repeat. All hands on deck here. The third layer goes on and then a crumb
coat. A crumb coat is a thin layer of buttercream or other frosting and it
locks in the crumbs. This makes it easier to add your final coat. This is an icing tip number 789 and can
be so useful especially when making a fault line cake. A really great way to
involve the kids and when decorating is to let them choose the sugar sprinkles.
Blue and green was our main theme and then they added gold and a little bit of
silver and white and we just had so much fun mixing these together. There’s more
than one way to make a faultline cake. This might be the simplest way. Just add
a line of buttercream around the cake to adhere the sprinkles to. I went in and added more green as you
can see here. Using the 789 pipe a thick line of buttercream with the icing tip
and then frost the top of the cake, or you could do the frosting on the top
first. I will link to the other faultline cakes that I’ve made so that you can see
how I made them as well. Be very careful when you run the bench
scraper over the frosting. If you try to smooth it out all at once it may end up
dragging and getting sprinkles in it. In general you want to have a very
gentle touch when frosting a cake. We wash our hands before and after and
quite often during the cake decorating process. If you’re a cake decorator you
know what I mean. We use tappets for lettering a Wilton
cutter, this small roller is great to have, a exacto knife for trimming is good
to have and gold dust is great for adding little sparkly touches. The
kids picked the green mums and the silver bling. A 1m tip was used to make a fluffy
border which contains more sprinkles. You can use buttercream as a base for
the flowers or wax paper so they don’t touch the cake. We also added some wild flowers from the
garden and some ferns. Now the cake is all ready for Grandma
Mimi’s birthday. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video.