Hey! It’s me ! That’s cool. By the way! I’m injured again! Thank you for your concerns… So let’s get to it! This week I’m doing a squishy makeover! A good old-fashioned squishy makeover, no challenges , no scandals… Just nice normal content. So let’s meet this week’s victims, shall we? By popular request, the creepy fingered gorilla. Or monkey? I don’t know. It’s pink. It’s hard to tell. Wow… Quite interesting, his fingers- So many people commented that they wanted to see this one get a makeover, Specifically to see it made into a sloth. A sloth? We’ll see how that goes. The next choice is this one, which I’m excited by because- AAAAYYY! It’s a planet. And the final squishy, Is this torn taco. Whiiiiiiiiiich…… Not many people requested. But, I really wanted to do it. HEH So, those are the victims for this week. Now time for- SQUISHY ROASTING. Starting, with the creepy monkey. Not a Gorilla. I keep feeling the need to tug at its ears. I don’t know why. I’m disturbed by his fingers. I think it’s like they’re no longer connected? They’re like floating fingers? Or maybe it’s the color? Why do they keep using this fleshy pink for animals? It makes them look like they’ve been shaved. We’ve got a crooked smile, Demon eyes, Rips, Rough edges, Some marbled, looking, grime, What looks to be a blood trail.. Leading right back to his ear.. *shotgun sounds* I think I’ve been watching too many crime shows. Oh, look- we match. So, he’s a mess. I’m gonna start by sanding him, Safety first. I can’t breathe. I got this little sanding block to make it easier to do this, but it wasn’t coarse enough to really do much at all. So, gotta bring out the big guns. (This old Man, He Played one) I want to actually TEAR into the foam and create lots of texture so that the paint will stick. There we go. This will be my last ear tug, because they’re leaving. That’s right, cover those eyes. And there goes the other one. I’m holding your ears. So, then I’m just gonna trim up the area to flatten it out. I AM turning this into a sloth, just for you guys because you wanted me to, so FINE. Actually, I just think it’s a pretty good idea. So, thanks for that. Here he comes… Alright. And I’m just taking the opportunity to trim off all the messy edges, and, I exposed an air pocket on the way. Aw, sugar! Also, this tail? That does not belong on a sloth. I found another hole under its tail. And again do my best to get all of that smoothed out as much as possible. Now, I have to deal with this- So I’m just gonna fill it with a little piece of foam, and trim it to size, then cover up the hole with some random, slick fabric paint to seal it in nice and secure. Oh yeah, real secure. Okay, get that done for real this time and smooth over the missing tail. Also the ears– well, the lack of ears. Well, they’re just you know- hidden. ew And I always have to apply multiple coats like this to build up the paint, And get things nice, and smoothed out. Okay, so here is our new shape. That’s a nasty rash you got there. So I mixed together some brown, white, and yellow fabric paint to create this custom color. I call it… Sloth. But yes, I’m building up the layers until the color is fully opague- OPAQUE. Sometimes I say “opague” and it kind of makes me die inside. (opague, opague, opague, opague, opague, opague..) So I’m sorry about that. Anyway, it’s opaque and looking- Pretty good. There’s one thing I forgot the nose kind of sticks out and then there are these like, details around the face. So, I’m back at it again with the scissors ,and the violence and then the patching, and filling with slick paint. Okay, finally getting rid of the rest of this, fleshy pink, and look at that. Those fingers are looking a lot less creepy already, so, that’s good. Wow. So now I’m gonna move on to painting the details. I’m gonna go in with a light tan to create the little face, Nice little widow’s peak there. And you know what, in honor of the sloth.. I’m gonna go ahead and slow this down nice, and slow. I’m in no hurry. Okay, now back to full speed. Now, I’m gonna create the signature sloth, eye mask thing. I don’t know that I’ve ever painted, or drawn a sloth in my life. Wait, I need to make more sloths. But, I’m realizing looking at it now that I should have made the mask more curved. It’s a little too straight across. I’m kind of getting like, raccoon vibes, but that’s okay. So, here’s where I faced- heh, faced Some difficulty. No problem. Let’s just try again. You know what? No. No. NO. Ehhhh. Umm.. Okay, you know what I’m just gonna start over- That- is somehow, worse? That doesn’t look right.. So, believe it or not, I continued to struggle with this, until- I’ve had enough. Clearly, he doesn’t want to smile. He’s a serious sloth. So, that’s that. I’m gonna touch up all around the face, add some nice eyebrows, and go in with the nails. Later, I did try to make these a little bit pointier to make them look more like sloth claws. Last minute, I decided to add some fur details, because you know sloths are messy, and shaggy- and this dude was looking a little too smooth. I’m adding some highlights in his eyes. Final detail, I’m gonna sign the bottom with my initials. This is a thing that I’m trying to do again. I used to do this like, waaay back in the day. “”It’s just a ‘m.e.’ with a little heart, ‘m.e.’ stands for Moriah Elizabeth.”” And it’s back. Here’s the final squishy. I hope you guys like this, because I made it for you. Do you like what I made for you? You better. It’s okay if you don’t, you know- I have to give you guys credit. It was a good idea. It’s kind of more of a very stern raccoon-ish sloth-bear, but I’m still pretty happy with it, believe it or not. P i n c h I do think that the creepy finger thing has been resolved- mostly. He’s not like, the life of the party or anything, not really in the mood for jokes, or joy. He mostly just stares off into the distance.. Yeah. Let’s move on to the planet. The idea of it is really cute, But I think that the design could use something. The stars are a little lumpy looking, and it doesn’t help that they’re peeling and ripping all over the place.. But, nothing I haven’t seen before- Also, that air bubble, it’s bad. So, let’s save the planet. First step, tear holes in it. Perfect. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and remove those stars. They were just getting in the way- I’m gonna keep these though. They may look cute on something else.. Here’s where I keep all of my usable squishy parts that I cut off and save for later Now I’m just using my mini scissors, aren’t they cute? Look at them go! To trim up the rough areas and you know created several holes in the process, including the giant air pocket.. ew. I’m gonna shove some scrap foam in there to fill in the hole, and now break open this paint bottle- Literally. And here we go. Keep building, and building, until I have a smooth surface. I feel like this looks better than it did before. I’m not even being sarcastic this time. I actually think it looks kind of cool like this and now I’m gonna break out my nice clean palate. Now I’m being sarcastic. Apparently I thought it was acceptable to leave my palette like this- Come on. I’m gonna use some white matte fabric paint and paint the entire squishy to create a base coat since the original colors of the squishy are actually darker than the ones that I’m going to be using on top. So, base coat- Okay, now that that’s done, I’m going to start actually designing it. Starting with a lovely sky blue and then throwing a darker blue and pink into the mix and you know trying to make them get along. But after a lot of blending and back and forth, I finally got it how I wanted I probably could have just left it like this, honestly, but i’m gonna take this a hundred steps further. So, AHEM How do I explain this idea? Um… I want to put a landscape on the planet.. I guess it’s not that hard to explain. So I’m painting the mountains right now. I know this looks wack Just hang on. Do NOT leave.. Did you leave me? Now i’m painting in some little clouds, nice and fluffy. And the sun That doesn’t make any sense. I’m taking the time to add shading, and detail, to each and every little mountain, I’ve actually been wanting to paint something like a landscape, or just something really detailed, like make a proper painting on a squishy, you know? no. So, when I saw the planet I was like yes. no. Okay, so the top is done. Do you like it? Now, I’m gonna turn this over and get to work on the bottom, and we start with the same blue, and the same darker blue. But not there. Oh.. That’s not what I was supposed to do.. What have I done? The darker blue goes around the ring, and then GREEN on the top, or well at the bottom actually. Yeah, okay, that’ll do. Now I’m adding yellow to the bottom, as sand, you see? You see? you see what I’m doing here? So the top half is the sky, bottom half is under the sea there now, I’m gonna add some sea stuff Whoa! Suddenly, there’s like a ziploc bag that just appeared out of nowhere. That was weird. yesh. Anyway, I’m adding the Seaweed, Coral Starfish, and of course, I’m using the exact same colors down here, as I did on the top, so that even though they’re completely different designs, they still feel connected by some special bond called color. now, I’m not going for like realistic, OBVIOUSLY, because this is a giant failure for realism. But, I do want it to have some kind of dimension, or at least look detailed.. Pop some bubbles on there.. Well, actually no, not pop. Just put. All right, but what about this big white ring? What do I do with that? As you can see by this very detailed and skillfully done sketch, I had no idea. so, basically I took the dark blue from the bottom, and blended that into a light blue, and then I took the green from the top and blended that into yellow and then I threw pink somewhere in there in the middle. This was starting to feel like a little bit much, But I just keep going, and going, and going, and blending, and blending. Wow, that’s annoying.. I eventually settled on this. I pulled back the green in the yellow. Here goes my little signature, and here it is. I’m SO happy with this one. I was kind of nervous to do this, I ALMOST changed my mind last minute, and decided on doing something simpler, but this has to be one of my favorite squishies, ever. I’m not trying to like over-hype it, and I understand if like if you hate it, but I’m really happy with it. We’ve got the sky, and the land, then the sea, and the sand.. and I’m rhyming. it does look kind of strange when you look down on it. As I was saying, I like it. This design is out of this world. hah, hah, ha ha ha hah. hah.. Finally, I’m gonna work on this busted taco. I don’t know how this happened. Maybe a dog, Or a very, hungry child.. Don’t eat squishies kids. The filling is interesting.. It looks more like worms. So, let’s get to work. Now, with missing chunk number one. hmm. I’m gonna make it a bite mark! So here I go, chopping away trying to shape a somewhat convincing bite mark.. And, it wasn’t going very well, but eventually I got it looking, you know, decentable. That’s not a word! WHAT?! Now about the top, I’m bringing out my- parts box, and I’m just looking for something to add to this taco. I found these strawberries I’m actually gonna hold on to these because they may come in handy at some point. I have such wisdom. Also, I have hoarder tendencies. And also this dollop of whipped cream. so I’m gonna trim down the rough area so that I can fit the new pieces in there nice and cozy. And I’ve got my brand new bottle of fabric glue.. Yeah, that’s fresh. Slap dat dollop of whipped cream on, there rubber band that to dry, and there it is. and then I’m just gluing those extra strawberries on there as well. perfect now to use some puffy paint to fill in those cracks, and seal those little toppings on there for good. And since we have exposed squishy flesh. I’m going to put some thick layers of coat- No, thick coats of paint to fill in all the little holes. Now, the strawberries and whipped cream on a taco? Well, this is not a regular taco anymore. It’s a desert taco ‘clearly’. Well, it will be clear. I’m pretty sure this is a thing. I’ve seen versions of it somewhere. Basically, the shell is a waffle cone and inside it’s filled with ice cream. So here I go painting the shell, but it was looking a little too pale. So, I ended up darkening it. Sudden color change. Do not be alarmed! I’m going to begin painting the ice cream in there starting with the chocolate. The only problem is this isn’t really an ice cream texture in here, but we’re gonna try to work with it and we’ll see what happens paint can do wonders, you know, I mean, It’s you take a pile of worms, throw some paint on there, BAM. You got ice cream. Try it. what am I talking about? I’m gonna go with a Neapolitan theme, because there’s plenty of room for all of them to squeeze in there now I’m starting on the waffle lines, which is always very exciting, and interesting.. it’s boring. I spent an eternity trying to create perfect, even, straight lines you might as well just give up and ended up with this magically The other side is done too – must be some editing.. Okay, I’m jumping back to the top to handle that whipped cream and the little strawberries getting them all types of yummy looking, yummy looking, yummy looking am I the only one who hates the word ‘yummy’? What kind of word is that? Back to the painting baby hair out of control. And that would be my headphone cord. Why am I getting distracted by everything that isn’t the squishy? Okay, okay.. I’m now going in with some little details adding some little drips to the ice cream to make it more convincing..? stop thinking about worms. Worms. What’s my thing with worms? Now, let’s really bring this thing to life. So I’m painting on a nice chocolate edge to make it look like the cone has been dipped Ok, I can see this but you know what this needs? aHa? Yes, indeed. Enjoy (sprinkle song plays) I’m going to interrupt this sprinkle song to bring you more chocolate I decided that I wanted the chocolate to be a little bit thicker. There was one casualty drowned in chocolate.. I mean of the ways to go, you know, it’s not the worst back to the sprinkles (sprinkle song continues) shoot! Wasn’t that interesting. I’m feeling a little bit like this side was a little plain. So- *PFFFFF* I failed. Well, wait. Not quite. I smoothed it out a little bit, and you know what? It doesn’t look half bad. Here’s my signature, three for three now. And here’s the final makeover. I like it a lot better than it was before, not that I have anything against regular tacos, you know. Y’all are great, But when sprinkles are involved, I’m always on board. I think it really does look appetizing, it’s just a nice, big, chunky taco. I want to eat it. I’m just going to town squishing this thing. I squish the strawberries like ten times Okay, so that’s it for today. I really enjoyed the squishes that I did this time, even though they literally took me four days straight painting them! I put a lot of effort into the details and trying to make these the best I could, So, thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next Friday. Bye!