Hey guys Welcome to my carpet. Today is squishy makeovers.Fixing your squishies part two. I have here all of my squishy donations that have been sent to me from you guys I unboxed all of these last week, and I asked you guys to help me pick out a couple to do today So quick announcement. I have gotten so many more squishy donations in the mail since I filmed this and it’s insane I appreciate it so much. But I’m gonna ask that you guys hold off on sending me any more at this point I want to just make sure that I can get through at least some of these before accepting new ones. Thank you Let’s get back to the video. The results are in Let me go through the comments and see what some of the highly requested ones are So I think definitely the most popular request is the huge ice cream cone which is here So this guy, okay. Yes. Oh my gosh the frog *Check* for sure. Another highly requested one was the costume cutie They gon’ get painted today for the fourth one. I’m actually gonna leave it to chance… I’m gonna put the lid back on close my eyes shake up the box and then pull one out at random okay closing my ey.. *crashing sound Yeah, I just bumped the camera because my eyes were closed.. I’m so stupid Okay, so I’m gonna close my eyes now and mix these up. Hopefully that’s in frame. I really don’t know if it’s in frame um.. and.. pick one outt.. oh yess..! I was really looking forward to painting this one. So I’m so happy Don’t worry they will have their time. Okay, let’s get into the makeovers and you guys know what time it is swishy roasting So this ice cream cone. It’s a giant it’s very injured in multiple different places devastating rips running all the way around there’s a decent sized chunk missing over here and then just General rips cracks and holes all over the place the colors and the design is actually kind of cute although I’m not sure what exactly those blue chunks are meant to be first things first the repairs I’m gonna be using some Fabric glue for this fabric glue is definitely the best thing to use because it dries flexible So you don’t have hard bits in your squishy. That would not be squishy licious So I’m gonna apply a thin layer and all these cracks Um and then put a rubber band around the whole thing to keep pressure on it while it’s drying pressure Pushing down on me. Oh my gosh. I’m literally dying. Once it dries. It’s safe to take off those rubber bands at this point It’s basically healed but there are those little surface cracks and it’s best to seal those up So I grab some random color of fabric paint that I don’t use very often and sealed up the cracks I plan on painting the entire squishy anyway But this will make it double layered for more durability You get me beautiful now. I’m gonna work on that missing chunk. Luckily. This area has a lot of texture already So it kind of blends in anyway But I’m just gonna clean it up a bit to make sure that it doesn’t look wonky. Once it’s painted good enough So I’m starting with a coat of white paint. Oh my gosh, the amount of pain that this squishy required is insane I went through almost an entire bottle of white paint. It was intense. Once that dried I’m going to flip it over and repaint the cone in that same typical kony color So we can get that out of the way now I’m not saying that the cone is less important than the ice-cream But let’s just get back to the ice cream because that’s where the real magic happens I’m applying another layer of white paint. You may be asking yourself Why is she holding the squishy with a ziplock bag? I tend to get wet paint on my fingers and then transfer it onto Parts of the squishy that are already done and then I have to go over it and fix it This is not going to be a vanilla ice cream cone I’m just building up a nice base coat so I can use my metallics ha ha ha I’m mixing some white metallic paint with different colors of the Iridescent paint and why is the lens all cloudy? Somebody tell me the reason I mix the iridescent and the metallic together is because the metallic is a lot more Pigmented than the iridescent the iridescent is so weak So this is just the best way I know how to get good coverage and still have that pearly effect So I’m doing a pearlescent rainbow ice cream. It sounds like you’d kill you if it was an actual flavor It’ll be pretty I’m not really worried about blending the color at this point So I’m just kind of slapping the colors next to each other and I’ll take care of the blending later about halfway across the scoop I realized I was definitely going to run out of room for all the colors So the purple got the SAC which affected me very deeply in the moment But I got over it because it actually looks pretty good without the purple And finally that fog has cleared I was about to freak out so to blend the colors I’m using a paint brush to apply a thin layer of paint and get those colors a little blender I probably did like three thin layers like this until I was satisfied with the amount of blend enos and here’s the cone I’m kind of in love with how this turned out. I love the pearlescent. I love the rainbow even though it’s missing purple It’s just so shiny and decorative and my eyeballs feel satisfied when I look at it. Oh my gosh. I’m such a freak It’s also very slow rising, which is great. Just just great -Let us take a moment to bask in the slow risingness (?) of the iridescent ice cream cone squishy thing- Okay, so for the costume QT now, I know some people are just gonna be mad at me for painting this one It is really cute already Tragically injured it can still be fun to customize it and make it your own if I am gonna point out a problem here It’s the pink on pink. It’s just a lot of the same pink problem right off the bat This squishy is too smooth for fabric paint. The fabric paint needs texture to hold on to otherwise It will peel off like a very crappy sticker So the only way I know how to fix this problem and this may hurt your heart take some sandpaper the coarsest sandpaper you can find Make sure you cover your mouth and nose so that you’re not breathing any dust and start scraping up the squishy I’ve tried a lot of things. I’ve tried coding the squishies with everything under the Sun adding things to the paint Nothing has worked except for this when you’re done. There should be little visible rips all over the squishy So yes in a series called fixing your squishies. I’m showing you guys how to rip them mix total sense I’ve gotten a lot of requests to try out matte fabric paint So I went out and bought this and it’s about the same price as the slick paint not cheap The first thing I noticed is that this is a lot more watery than slick paint It’s almost like acrylic paint by the way acrylic paint is not good to use on squishies because it’s not stretchy and it will crack a lot of people ask me that I’m gonna start with the Costume and I’m just trimming off some of the bogus nonsense that’s around the seam and good news The matte paint can definitely be applied with a paintbrush rather than a popsicle stick It’s pretty thin so you do have to do quite a few layers about five or six to get full coverage But it dries a lot faster So it’s not that big of a deal there definitely is still a shine to it But it’s a lot less shiny than the slick paint thank you guys for asking me to use this though because I’ve discovered that I am a fan of the matte paint and I will Definitely use it in the future I was wondering whether I should paint the inside of the costume, but then I was like no, that’s insane I don’t need to paint the inside I didn’t need to paint the inside right I made this into a watermelon theme so the costume and pain Like the outside of a watermelon and I’m aware that these aren’t the most accurate colors of watermelon But I think if the goal was to be realistic we probably wouldn’t be putting a bear in a bunny costume So and I like pastel colors. So I went with that now I’m just finishing up with the little details and The costumes done. So let’s go take care of the bear. So conceptually the bear is the inside of the watermelon I am gonna change the color but not dramatically it’s still kind of similar to what it was before and I didn’t film every coat that I put on there, but I did put about Seven coats of paint to cover up all those rips and now I’m working on the details starting on those eyes And then I realized these eyes are way too far apart in the costume is going to be covering up half of each eyeball So I had to paint over them and this paint is definitely not as forgiving I had to paint so many coats just to get them to somewhat be covered up So if you make a mistake, you will regret it. Some people are triggered by the way I paint faces on squishies because they seem to think that this is the only way a face should look on a squishy Not that there’s anything wrong with it I know the kawaii face designs are what everyone does and that’s like style or whatever and that’s totally fine But I like to try to be creative and come up with my own style and I think this looks good I’m just kidding. But seriously, even if I’m just making tiny little changes or adding my own little spin to something I like to feel like I’m using my own ideas and my own brain. I feel better about my work in the end Here’s the final result the watermelon idea I really love and I also think he looks just as cute naked as he does inside his costume Maybe this squishy didn’t need to be fixed But I love it more now because it’s completely custom and it’s one-of-a-kind He does look a little crazy in his costume with those big eyes. I love it. I think it’s so funny and so cute I love his green eyes and how they match the costume I was originally gonna add more watermelon elements to the bear like add some black seeds on him or something But I just really liked him plain Okay, next let’s take care of this sad brownie This one is so soft and satisfying to squish and the design is really not a problem either because I think it’s nice It looks appetizing right. It is very very cracked and broken cracks cracks cracks crack I think we can all see that. This squishy has got a crack problem. Maybe we should get it on intervention Oh boy step 1 admit that you have a problem. Ok I’m done now. So really only the big rip needs to be glued The rest are kind of just on the surface rubberband that together 30 minutes later. We’re ready to roll again I’m gonna take the time to seal up the rest of the rips One thing I do hate about the matte paint is the bottles. I swear every time I open the cap paint splatters everywhere Maybe I’m just incompetent Anyway, I’m putting together a cakey color and I’m painting that over everything except for the top corner now, don’t get me wrong I loved the chocolate brownie and I mean no disrespect by changing it But I just wanted to freshen things up a bit. And so I went with a vanilla brownie or what Do you call it a blond brownie and now for the filling which was a long? Internal struggle for me to decide what color to do for the filling I considered some weird ideas, but I settled on the most basic option of all white I also added some powdered sugar on the top and I’m aware that you can use a toothbrush for powdered sugar I like to use a toothpick instead because I think you have a lot more control over it and it gives you neater results So yes, a toothbrush is just too wild and out of control crazy for me, finally I’m going to take care of that nasty little corner so I’m making it look like it’s been dipped in chocolate and you may notice I used the shiny fabric paint for the chocolate and The filling because I feel like it would have looked weird and flat to use the map for those also I wanted to use sprinkles nice sneaky entrance there I Don’t think the matte paint would work well for adding sprinkles because it’s so thin and it dries so fast I think you would have a hard time getting a thick enough layer to hold those sprinkles in there, by the way These are the sprinkles I made in my fake sprinkle tutorial So if you’re interested in seeing how to make these you can watch that video. Here’s the final squishy Oh, it looks so good. Now I know I always say that I love the results, but it’s really true I’ve just been really happy with all the squishies that I’ve made in this series so far I know a complete failure is bound to happen and I’m waiting for it I love the look of the matte paint on the cake. ‘part versus the slick paint for the chocolate in the filling I think it looks really nice Okay, now it’s time for the frog this frog is cute very minor small damage on it So it doesn’t really need any repairs, but I feel like it’s just missing something. It’s one solid color with a basic face It’s just kind of And I think most of us agreed when I unbox this one that he could use a species change so I decided to change this Frog into a cat like the bear. He’s too smooth to paint on. So here we go with the sanding again So I’m gonna sit him here so he can watch step one of his species change I’m just using some scrap memory foam to construct a tail I was not sure if it was gonna look right but It’s just not a cat without a tail So I had to do it and take the risk So I cut a big fluffy tail for him and I used some fabric glue to glue it in place now I don’t really know if this frog was aware of his changing body or if he really even wanted these changes to happen But I imagine it was a very confusing time for him so again I’m using the globe paint to secure everything and put a nice thick coat on the memory foam because memory foam needs a lot more Paint on it to cover all the little holes So now it’s a frog with a big wet looking carrot exactly what I was going for now I’m mixing up a nice tan color. This is advanced. So don’t try this at home I’m gonna give him a more cat-like Color all except his head because I have to have something dry to hold on to So it’s now a frog head with a cat body. It makes me kind of uncomfortable to look at it now I’m covering the head and it’s definitely looking more like a cat now that green color was a little stubborn It took three coats to cover it, but it did finally get the picture and get lost time to add the Katniss So I’m adding some Brown stripes on him painting the end of the tail giving him a white chest Which I was going to make into a heart, but then I thought it looked dumb so I changed it now I’m adding all the little details of his face some little pink cheeks and all that kind of good stuff The cheeks were a little obnoxious so to tone them down I just put on a couple thin layers of that cat color and that worked nicely to tone those down and I didn’t end up adding a mouth which I’m sure I’m gonna hear a lot of complaints about I thought someone was going to have a heart attack when I didn’t add a nose to the cat ice cream cone I made last time but you know I think it looks good. Just like it is it looks complete to me. It looks balanced Sometimes you don’t need to show every single little thing you can get away with removing parts or simplifying things a little bit But yes, this is the final cat and I would say the species change was a very successful operation I am really happy with how naturally the tail fits in and looks part of it I think it had potential to look really messed up. So I was nervous about that I do think that he is still a little confused It’s okay. He’ll get used to it. Thank you again to the wonderful people who donated the squishies I have many more Makeovers to do so stay tuned for the future of this series and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode I hope you guys enjoyed watching these squishies get transformed and I will see you next week. Bye