(quiet music) – Okay. – I want to switch. – Yes! (laughs) It looks exactly the same. What the heck. That looks exactly the same. (rock music) Hey everyone, it’s Kayla. – And Tyler. – From We Are The Davises and today we are going to be doing squishy versus real switch up challenge. So there is going to be
one food looking squishy and then one of the real food. One person gets to look
under their little plate while the other person looks away and then when the look back they have to decided whether they want to keep their plate or switch it with the other person. And then whatever they get, they get to eat it or play with it. – And I’m gonna look away first. – All right, sorry. (laughs) Oh I don’t know why I’m looking away too. I’m sorry I’m a hot mess. (laughs) Okay. – I wanna keep it. – Yes! (playful music) I got a donut. This looks so good. – [Tyler] Mine tastes better. – (laughs) So I’m gonna try my donut. Mmm. – It’s squishy but it just squishes but it’s not full rising. I don’t know what to say about
this, it’s just a squishy. – Mine’s delicious. Yum. (laughs) Next round and I get to look this time. I mean I get to pick this time so I’m gonna look away. Sorry I got a little bit mixed up there. (quiet music) – Okay. – I feel like I may have heard little clicks from the squishing. I might be crazy but I
think I’m gonna keep. (laughs) – I don’t like pie anyways. (Kayla laughs) – Look how close they are. – Beautiful. The berries aren’t the
same so it’s not close. – Is this apple pie? I don’t eat pie that much so
I don’t know how to eat it. Yay. – Should I take a piece of pie? – [Kayla] Tyler! – [Tyler] I got the fork stuck in the pie. – Okay so I think this is apple pie. – I think mine’s pie. It’s very hard but it’s very slow rising. – I like my pie better. I hope I get all the food. This is the pie, sorry
it’s all destroyed now. (laughs) It was good. – It’s squishy and you
can turn it into a taco. – I can try though. Taco. Apple pie, taco. Yum. (laughs) Next round. And I get to look this time, so ready? Okay. – I want to switch. – Yes! (laughs) It looks exactly the same. What the heck. That looks exactly the same. I keep thinking he has the real one because they look so similar. Wow that’s a lot of frosting. Look how thick that frosting is. Oh my gosh. I’m gonna die. That was a lot of frosting. – This squishy squishes and
it’s really slow rising. – Tyler’s getting all the squishies and he’s running out of
things to say. (laughs) Do you wanna try some? – Sure! (laughs) – Tyler. (laughs) I’m gonna try the (mumbles) part because I want more cake this time. Because the other part was all frosting. Oh what are these? I thought they were hard candies so I didn’t try them. – Mine has fondant on it too. – (laughs) I like the cake more. – I can throw this squishy. – You can take 10 of those and
make a big cake out of them. I’ve always wanted to make
a pool out of squishies. Is that random? (laughs) – Upcoming video. – Next round- – I get to look. – Yeah is now Tyler’s turn to look. So I’m gonna look away. Be right back. – Let’s open this up and see what it is. Whoa I can’t tell what this is. I can’t tell what it is. I can’t tell if it’s real or fake. (laughs) Oh my gosh. That’s actually really realistic. Or really fake-a-listic. – Can I look now? – Yeah you can look now. – Okay. (laughs) I’m really determined to get the real food so I’m gonna go with switch because you said I can’t tell what it is and then you kind of
panicked and switched. We’re gonna switch. (upbeat music) Yay got the food! – You’re doing horrible. – I’m doing awful. (laughs) Killing it. I don’t know what this is. (laughs) I wanna eat this. – Yeah same. – Okay. I think yours is supposed
to be a pink drizzle though and I’m pretty sure this is just fondant. So whatever. (laughs) It’s all sticky. It’s very sticky. There! (laughs) Yay, stick the landing. – I have a squishy. A squishy. And I have the same exact response. It’s a squishy and it rises. (Kayla laughs) I want food. I’m starving. I haven’t been fed in five years. – Do you wanna try mine? I’m pretty sure these are … Oh okay. Well whatever. I’m pretty sure these things are the same things as the cake. – [Tyler] Yeah. I literally can’t even get it. (Kayla laughs) – It’s like a giant brownie. They did a really good job. They look really similar. – It’s a brownie with fondant on it. – Yeah. – It’s good. I love these squishies,
they taste so good. – And mine was delicious. Next round! – I get to look away. – I think I’m gonna get the food again. – Okay bye. – Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself but I’m crossing my fingers
that I get the food again. – Okay I get to look. (sneaky music) Okay. – Yay! I got the food!
– I jinxed myself. – I finally got the food. – Ah and that’s the cheesecake! – I finally got the food. You can have it. – Too late now! (kids laugh) I jinxed myself. I was hoping I would get
the food for all the rounds and I’ve been brought down. Like this cheesecake. (laughs) Congrats Tyler for getting
your first food item. I know you’ve been waiting
for this moment all your life. Do you wanna say an acceptance speech for your cheesecake? (choir sings) That’s your acceptance speech? (kids laugh) Okay. – Okay I wanna thank- – The bakery.
– Hershey. – For making my cheesecake. – I wanna thank Hershey
for all he’s done for me. – He’s like oh cheesecake. – I want to thank Hershey
because he’s just always there and he’s adorable and I wanna thank We Are The Davises fans. And I wanna thank for my
merch, link in the description. (kids laugh) – Okay moving on. I will happily take my
squishy because everyone loves a good squishy. And this is a really good squishy. I think this is at Michael’s. You don’t like cheesecake? – No. – I am offended. I could’ve had that cheesecake and still had my streak. I wanna try it. (laughs) You’re right. That’s weird. That’s weird. Maybe I don’t like cheesecake. – I need a water. – Is my life a lie? (laughs) – I need water. Water! – I guess I won after all. (claps) Yay me. (laughs) – Well I broke your streak. – Next round. – So now I get to look
at the thingy-ma-jigger while she looks away. – Okay sounds good. Bye. – Oh my god, beautiful. – [Kayla] Is it really? – No. – [Kayla] Is it gorgeous? Would you want it? – Okay interpret yourself and that’s it. – Oh, oh, sorry. Hi I’m back. I’m gonna switch. – Okay thank you. (Kayla laughs) – Now I get the strawberry shortcake. – Aw come on. I think I jinxed myself
for the rest of the game because I have not been getting any food. Actually it’s only been two rounds. I’m upset. Okay sorry. So this is the resemblance. – This one’s better. I wanna take a big bite out of this. – I’m so jealous. I could’ve had that right now if I just didn’t jinx myself and say I was gonna get all the food. And now I’m not getting any food. It’s a real thing people. Don’t jinx yourself. (laughs) But the squishy is nice. I’ll take the squishy. I think this is a Michael’s squishy and Michael’s squishies have been getting a lot better lately. Like before they were
really hard and not great and now they’re getting better. Look how slow rising that is. That’s pretty great. – Yeah this one’s really good. (kids laugh) – You’re just shoving it in his
face. He’s like … (laughs) – This one’s really good. – Okay eat your food first. – Really good! I like it a lot. That’s why I’m eating it. – Okay. – It’s better than the cheesecake. – Yeah the cheesecake was gross. Whatever. – This turned into a (mumbles). – You made a mess. Just show everyone your mess. Tyler’s just in la la land right now. We’re gonna move on. – This is the last item. I cut you off. (laughs) – I didn’t start so that’s all right. But it’s the grand finale. Fireworks, explosions.
(firework explodes) – What are we doing?
– Party poppers. Please let me get the real food and let me redeem myself at
least for the last round. – Yeah. (sneaky music) – Okay. – I want to switch. – Yes! – No! – I redeemed myself! I did it. Are you proud of me, guys? Simil-alaries. – [Tyler] Simi-limi-naries – [Kayla] Similarities. – [Tyler] Sama-lama-naries – [Kayla] They look so similar. – [Tyler] Sama-lama-naries. (Kayla laughs) – You’re just jealous
you didn’t get the food. – I am. – I really hope this isn’t just frosting. It’s frosting. This is a big mouth full of frosting. That’s a lot of frosting. They couldn’t think of anything else? Thank you. – So it looked like that was disgusting. – Yeah that was a big
mouth full of frosting. Let’s see if I can open this. – Life lesson, frosting
does not taste good. – We can’t take the whole cookie
off because it’s stuck but you can see it’s just
a big mound of frosting with a cookie on top. – [Tyler] And bottom. – Yeah and bottom. The little lemons made out of fondant. – Can’t they just find a little llama? (llama cries) – Whatever. – Don’t judge me. Judge this.
– Where is the squishy? – [Woman] Where is the squishy? – Oh it’s in my foot. (kids laugh) – That’s very random. – It squishes. – Yeah I think I’d rather have the squishy but at least I got my streak back. I redeemed myself for the last round. But we hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below. (creepy music) – Do you (mumbles)? – What? Comment down below if you would wanna try any of the foods that
we tried in this video. Maybe you wanna try the cheesecake. Maybe you like cheesecake. I thought I liked cheesecake
and apparently I don’t. My life is a lie, I’m sorry. No! (laughs) But my favorite round was … Oh I liked the cake with
the three different colors. The yellow, purple, and red because that was pretty similar. – My favorite round was this one because I got to see you suffer. (kids laugh) – You got to see me eat
a mouth full of frosting. – My favorite food was
the strawberry shortcake. – Yeah.
– Oh my gosh that was so good. The strawberry short cupcake.
– Yeah it was like a cupcake. – Was very good. – But anyways, we hope you
guys enjoyed this video. And until next time, – [Both Together] Bye! (upbeat music)