DAN: So, bakers, I have
the fun job this week of announcing star baker. Congratulations, Linda. [cheering & clapping] LINDA: Star baker! It was great.
It was a good week for me. Really good week for me. ROCHELLE: I’m so
thrilled for Linda. She has just brought
all her experience, all her patience… Her skills are top notch. LINDA: I was very happy
with my pie. My crust is an old, old recipe
I’ve used for a long time. That’s who I am.
It’s my signature bake. ROCHELLE: That pastry is
so light and flaky. It is the perfect pastry
for your filling. It’s lovely. I think you did a great job. BRUNO: Simple and elegant. LINDA: I came second
at technical, so that was the challenge. I made fondant fancies
43 years ago, and I know why I
haven’t made it since. [laughs] BRUNO: That’s almost
a perfect sponge. ROCHELLE: These
are pretty good. BRUNO: Mm-hm. LINDA: It was
a good Pavlova. It was crispy on the outside
and marshmallow-y in the inside. Cranberry is a flavour
that not everybody likes. It’s a little bit
out of the box. They enjoyed it a lot. BRUNO: That looks spectacular. I rarely see a meringue
so well done. ROCHELLE: It’s perfect. BRUNO: Linda definitely
deserved star of the week. She’s a very
serious competitor. LINDA: It’s an honour
to have it recognized by the other people. It’s great. They’re happy tears!