Ro: Hey guys, It’s Ro! Welcome to another
episode of Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today, we have a very special guest! Astrophysicist
Neil Degrasse Tyson! Neil: Hello, thanks for inviting me! Ro: Thanks
for being here! Neil: Mmmm-hmmm, my 1st time! Ro: Yes, and
I’m so excited! Neil: And I love to bake by the way, I’m
a baker. Ro: Yep, we got our bakin’ hats on. Neil:
Mmmmhmmm. Ro: That’s right, and I know that the both
of us enjoy Star Trek. Neil: Indeed. Ro: My favorite series is Star
Trek Voyager. Neil: I’m, I’m old school though, because
I’m old enough that I remember the Neil: 1st series when it came out. So I’m,
I’m a Star Trek, First Generation. Ro: First Generation! Right on! Neil: Captain Kirk and Spock and the whole,
the whole crew. Ro: Today we are gonna be making a Star Trek
Cake from season 6, episode 6, Ro: A cake made by Tuvok, we are gonna be
making a pistachio cake. Ro: Are you ready? Neil: I saw that episode!
Ro: You did? Neil: Well you made it sound like the whole
episode is him making a cake, that’s Neil: like 5 minutes in the whole episode. Ro: Yeah, that’s true, he became a pastry
a pastry chef for the episode because, uh, Neil: Because he lost his mind! Ro: He went
out on a flyer and he lost his mind. Neil: He lost his mind. Ro: So apparently if you get hit by an alien
weapon and you lose your mind you Ro: become a pastry chef! Ro: Alright, are you ready? Neil: I’m ready!
Ro: OK… Both: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: 6 egg
whites, 2 cups of flour, Ro: 1-1/2 cups of regular sugar, 1 little
box of pistachio pudding mix, Ro: 2 Teaspoons vanilla extract, 1/4 teaspoon
salt, 2 teaspoons baking powder Ro: and you will also need… Neil: Not only that, we need 1-1/2 sticks
of butter, we will also need 3/4 of a Neil: cup of milk, 2%! Ro: Mmmhmm! Neil: Not
only that, we’ve got a hand mixer here, Neil: You know in my day we had to actually
do it by hand, now you just plug it in Neil: and push a button… I’m just saying. Ro: We got it easy! Neil: You have it easy!
Ro: Yeah. Neil: Also 2 bowls, that would be 2 mixing
bowls, love these no, no skid bottoms. Ro: Yeah! Neil: And an 8 by 1 inch tray. Ro: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: The 1st thing that we’re gonna do is
prep our pans, so you’re gonna take Ro: a little bit of butter, and… Neil: That’s
a lot butter, hahahaha! Ro: Yeah, yeah it kinda is, a lot of butter. Ro: And you just grease all the corners. Neil: You know my sister, when I was growing
up, used to almost eat butter. Ro: Really? Neil: Like the stick of butter would be there,
she’d rub her finger on it. Neil: And we’d see these finger marks in
it. And her nickname was stick of butter. Ro: Now we’re gonna take a piece of parchment
paper, I’ve cut them out into Ro: circles to fit the bottom of the pan,
and you’re just gonna press ‘em Ro: down, so that your cake really won’t
stick to the bottom of the pan, Ro: This recipe is a little bit sticky, so
they’re harder to pop out of the tray. Neil: You don’t ever
want to be in a sticky situation! Ro: Now, in a big mixing bowl, we are going
to mix together our butter and sugar. Ro: And here, Neil, I’m gonna let you do
the mixing. Neil: That’s why you have me on the show.
Ro: Yeah! Neil: To use your power tools! Ro: Yeah, pretty much, so thanks for coming!
Neil: Hahaha alright! Ro: OK, I’m gonna. Neil: Dump it in? Ro:
Yep, plop it in there. Neil: Is the butter Neil: kind of soft? Ro: Yeah, butter is room
temperature, that’s a good point. Ro: You don’t want it to be cold from the
fridge, I let it sit out for a while. Ro: So it’s room temperature and softer.
Neil: Otherwise you’ll break this thing. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil: Like the butter gets in
there and it can’t turn, and Neil: it smokes, and fire, and you don’t
want that. Ro: And then we gotta go! Neil: Haha that’s right! Ro: There we go. Neil: That looks pretty cool,
yeah. Ro: Just mix it together. Neil: I like that. Ro: Till it’s well combined,
Neil knows what he’s doing! Ro: Look at that! Neil: I got this, I got
this. Ro: Right on! Neil: Captain, we need more power! Ro: If
you need more power you crank it up, Ro: it’s got 5 levels! Ro: I can’t believe you’re an astrophysicist,
that’s so smart! Neil: Astrophys… Well, it’s just the universe,
that’s all. Ro: That’s amazing. Ro: In high school, what, did you have a favorite
class? Neil: Uh my favorite, I like math. Ro: Math?
Neil: Oh yeah, I like math. Ro: Me too! Neil: If you want to speak to Chinese people
in China, you learn Chinese. Ro: Mmmhmm. Neil: If you want to speak to Spanish people
in Spain, you learn Spanish. Neil: If you want to speak to the Universe…
You learn mathematics. Neil: That is the language of the universe.
Ro: I like that! Neil: I’m just saying. Neil: I also taught a seminar on black holes
in my junior year. Ro: Amazing. Neil: No one else in the world knows
that, you’re the first person Neil: I’ve ever told that to. Ro: Oh my
gosh! That’s so cool! Neil: So next, now that our butter and sugar
are well mixed, we are gonna now Neil: add the dry ingredients and whisk them
together. Neil: So, we’ve got a package of Jello Pistachio
Pudding mix, so why don’t you Neil: open that while I dump this in. Ro:
OK. Neil: Then we have 2 cups of Neil: unbleached flour, here we go. And 2
teaspoons of baking powder. Ro: Alright this is ready now. Neil: You got
it? Ro: And it’s got pistachio Ro: nuts inside of it even chopped up.
Neil: I see that, it smells like Neil: pistachio too. It ought to, that’s
what it’s… If it smelled like bananas Neil: that would be a problem. OK, so dump
that in, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Neil: And now I take the whisk, and I whisk
it away! Ro: Whisk it up. Neil: That’s the same word,
to whisk something away or use a whisk. Ro: Whisk it… Ro: You’re a big whisk taker! Neil: Haha, oh! Ha-ha! Ro: AH! Ro: For the wet ingredients, we are gonna
whisk together in a big bowl, 6 egg whites, Ro: remember we just want the egg whites,
our vanilla extract and our milk. Ro: So are you ready to crack some eggs? Neil:
I can crack some eggs, and… Ro: OK, I’m gonna crack ‘em. Oh you do
it on the side. Neil: Oh because this is thinner here, on
the lip of the bowl, and that can make a Neil: sharper cut into the egg. You have a
broad ridge here, so now you’re smashing it Neil: with a broad ridge, that’s why I did
it. Ro: I’m learning stuff from an Astrophysicist
right now! Neil: It’s not… Hahaha! Ro: You guys, this is amazing! Ro: Now we’re gonna add the vanilla and
milk, here you go Neil. Neil: Mmmmhmmm. Ro: And I’ll add the milk. Neil: This is
actually vanilla extract. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Neil: Because vanilla itself is actually a
flower, in fact it’s an orchid. Ro: Huh! And it smells delicious! Ro: Alright, and now we’re gonna whisk it
together! Neil: Now this looks really gross, I just
want to make that… Ro: Yeah, it does. Ro: Look at how it separated. Neil: Yeah, yeah,
so let’s not look and we’ll mix it, and then… Neil: there we go! Ro: Before we mix this, I wanted to ask you
about your shirt, it’s pretty awesome! Neil: Oh, up here? Ro: Mmmhmmm! Neil: Occupy
Mars, I’m trying to get people Neil: thinking forward. Ro: I like this. Neil:
Get people thinking in the future. Ro: I want to be there. Neil: You want to
go to Mars? Ro: Yeah! Neil: Do you want enough money to come back
or do you want to go there and stay? Neil: Some people, like, want to go and stay, and
I’m thinking… Ro: Oh this is hard to think about now. Neil: No, no, it’s not like the pilgrims,
where they come across the ocean Neil: And they land and they’re in the United
States, they could at least breathe Neil: the air, right? Ro: Mmmhmmm. Neil: If
you go to Mars, there’s no, you can’t Neil: breathe the air. Ro: So when do you think a person will be
on Mars? Neil: I don’t know… Ro: Hmmmmm. Neil: You know, if you went back to the
60’s, people would say we’ll be on Mars Neil: By the 80’s. You go to the 80’s,
we’ll be on Mars by 2000. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil: And we’re, like, the more time goes
on, the more farther away Mars becomes. Ro: That’s true! Neil: So, it’s still
good to dream, maybe the 2030’s, maybe. Ro: This part is the easy part, it’s the
last step. We are gonna alternate Ro: adding our wet ingredients and dry ingredients
into our butter mixture. Ro: So, and we’re gonna be mixing the whole
time, so Neil, you ready to mix? Neil: I am ready, oh, again I am your official,
like, mixer. Ro: Yep, the mixer! Ro: Mix it up! Neil: Power tools person. Ro: Yep! Ro: OK, so you get mixin’! Neil: 1/2 of dry? Ro: 1/2 of dry first. Neil:
There we go. Ro: That’s about 1/2, that’s good. Neil:
That’s pry about 2/3. Ro: Shake it around, Ro: there we go! Neil: OK. Ro: OK, mix that
up, great! Neil: Give me some 1/2 wet? Ro: Alright, here we go! Neil: That’s good.
Good! Nice! Ro: Just eyeball it, mix it together. Ro: And you’re gonna want to scrape the
sides, get all the little extras. Neil: Little more dry. Ro: It’s starting
to turn Green! Ro: Alright, last of the wet ingredients. Ro: Ready for my favorite part? Neil: What’s
your favorite part? Ro: Ejecting? Neil: Oh I love ejecting! Ro: OK, OK, OK! Neil: I was gonna like, try to get to, see
if I could reach the sink. Ro: Oh yeah, try it! OK, try it! Neil: Now, to, to launch something the farthest.
Ro: OK. Neil: OK, you want to Neil: do it at a 45 degree angle. Ro: A 45
degree angle. Neil: If you do it higher than that, it’ll
go high and then go short, if it’s Neil: lower it will fall before it goes, so,
a 45 degree angle, ready? Ro: 45 Degree Angle! Neil: OK, ready? Ro: This is great! Both: Yeahhhh! Neil: Let’s put this one over here. Ro:
I think that one, he’s just stuck… Neil: Let’s try that one. Ro: Let’s try that one! Neil: Aaaaaaaayyyyyy! Ro: Yeahhhhh! Oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Neil: So, we have the green batter. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil: Looking very alien. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil:
Because everyone knows Neil: aliens are green. Ro: They are! Neil:
Everyone knows this. Ro: They’re green! Neil: OK, Did you know that E.T. was a plant,
not an animal? Ro: E.T. is a plant? Neil: E.T. is a plant!
Ro: Pfft! Neil: Did you ever wonder why he had such
good relationships with plants? Ro: Yeah. Neil: He came near plants and he
brought them back to life. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Neil: He’s actually plant matter,
not animal matter. Neil: Now they don’t say that in the movie,
but you know how I know? Neil: I spoke to Steven Spielberg. Ro: Oh
my gosh! Neil: And he said that’s how Neil: he conceived him. Ro: Oh my gosh! Neil:
Yep! Ro: That’s so cool! Neil: E.T. is vegetable Neil: So, we have 3… It’s a 3 layer cake! Ro: Yep! Neil: We have… This amount of batter! Ro: Yep! Neil: We put in 1/3, in each 3rd, 3 x 1/3 equals 1. Neil: So here we go. Ro: And just eyeball it, do it to the best you can. Neil: So, while we’re splitting this into 3 parts, another little factoid. Ro: Huh! Yes! Neil: About E.T., E.T. appeared
in Star Wars Episode 1, Neil: I think he was in the… 1 of the creatures in the Senate. Ro: Mmmmhmmm. Neil: And they identified what his species name is, and it’s Spielberg, Neil: spelled backwards. Ro: Spielberg… Both: Greb… Greb… Greblips? hahahahaha! Ro: Now that our cakes are ready to bake,
you’re gonna heat your oven to Ro: 350 and we’re gonna bake them for 30 minutes! Neil: 350 Degrees Fahrenheit. Neil: Time to make decorations for the cake. Ro: Mmmhmmm! Neil: Otherwise, it wouldn’t really be a
cake. Ro: Yeah, it would be boring! Neil: Yeah, so what, do we… Like, there’s a concoction in here, what? Ro: We’ve got some melted chocolate, this is milk chocolate, but you can use Ro: dark chocolate or whatever kind that you’d
like. Ro: And I put it in a plastic bag, with a
number 3 tip at the end, so we’d have Ro: a little bit more control. And then, I
drew 2 designs over here, and I will Ro: scan these so that if you’d like to,
you can download them and use them Ro: as a guideline as well. But I just sketched
little designs that look like the Ro: cake from the show. Alright, and I put
a piece of wax paper on top. Neil: So these are not completely random?
Ro: No, not completely random. Neil: You studied the cake in frame captures
of the show, and duplicated it here. Ro: I did, I did take screen caps. Neil: It
doesn’t get Nerdier than that! Ro: Thank you! Ro: Alright, so now. Neil: Ready? Ro: You’re
gonna take your chocolate, and Ro: you’re just gonna copy little shapes
on top of the piece of wax paper. Ro: They don’t need to be perfect, just
do your best. Ro: Once you’ve drawn all your little designs,
we’re gonna put these in the Ro: freezer for 10 minutes to chill. Ro: While our decorations are chilling, we
are going to assemble our cakes. Ro: Once your cakes are out of the oven, make
sure they’ve had plenty of time Ro: to cool, and brrrroooop! Just put down
the frosting on our first layer. Neil: This smells good, what’s this made
of? Ro: This is vanilla cream frosting. Ro: In the episode, it’s called para-cream
frosting, but I didn’t know what that Ro: was, because that’s Star Trek Lingo
and that doesn’t exist. So we’re gonna Ro: have to settle for vanilla cream frosting. Neil: Does not exist… On Earth. Ro: On Earth,
true that! Ro: You’re gonna put cake, frosting, cake,
frosting, cake! Neil: Nice frosting job! Ro: Thank you! Neil:
Excellent, excellent! Ro: Our chocolate designs have chilled in
the fridge and now we’re just gonna stick Ro: them all the way around the cake, any
way you’d like. Ro: Now we’ve got all our chocolate decorations
on the cake, you want to give it a Ro: spin? It’s on a turntable. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! Ro: And then over here, I’ve got some vanilla
buttercream frosting that I’ve Ro: dyed red, and I’m using a number 10
tip to draw the cloaking frequency design Ro: on the top that Tuvok drew. Ro: Down… Neil: Then come to the middle,
yeah, you’re good, come up. Ro: Come up. Neil: OK stop! Ro: Ohp! Neil: Put a little segment after that, do a little boop. Ro: Boop! Ro: Ta-daaaaaa! Neil: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
pets and whatever other species are Neil: watching the show… This is the cloaking
frequency from season 6, episode 6, Neil: of Star Trek Voyager. It is this frequency
that, which, when used, Neil: in the vicinity of the space through
which their vessel was traveling, Neil: they could un-cloak the enemy alien
vessels… SNAP! Ro: It’s like the Harry Potter Invisibility
Cloak… But in space! Ro: Alright, thank you so much you guys for
watching! And thank you Neil for being here. Neil: It’s a pleasure! Thanks for having
me! Ro: This was amazing! Seriously made my year!
This was so cool. Neil: Do I get to eat this? Ro: Yeah, we can, we can cut a slice right
after this! Neil: Well cuz the sh… Yeah, but there’d
be no evidence of it. Ro: Ohhhhh… Ro: We can cut a slice right now if you want. Neil: No that’s fine, it’s too beautiful,
it’s too beautiful! Ro: Ohhh OK, OK. Neil: Plus you never know, if aliens are parked outside of the earth Neil: right now, and we need to invoke this
frequency in order to find out where Neil: they are. Ro: And we’ll be like, look
guys, this will save the day! Neil: Give this to the pentagon! Ro: Yeah!
We, it’s top secret! Ro: And Neil, are there any specific links
that you would like me to put, Ro: like um… Neil: I, I got some links,
I tweet, @NeilTyson. Ro: Mmmmhmmm Neil: N-E-I-L-T-Y-S-O-N. And my tweets are,
they’re just brain droppings, Neil: they’re just stuff that falls out
of my head, what am I gonna do with this, Neil: let me tweet it. Ro: Cool! Neil: That’s
what my tweets are. Neil: And, my Facebook page is pretty easy
to find, uh, I have a radio show, Ro: Mmmhmmm. Neil: And its just jumped species
and it’s going to appear on television. Ro: Cool! Neil: The National Geographic Channel,
check it out. Ro: Right on. Neil: It’s called Star Talk. Ro: I love
it! I love it! Ro: OK, cool! Alright, I will be posting lots
of pictures of our baking creation Ro: today on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and
Instagram. And if you guys bake Ro: this cake, please send us photos, tweet
them to the both of us, we would love Ro: to see your baking creations! And I will
be putting all of Neil’s links down Ro: below, so go check him out. He’s a busy
astrophysicist, he’s got a lot going Ro: on and he’s doing really cool stuff,
so go check it out! Ro: Thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Ro: Live long. Neil: And Prosper.