Nomoshkar welcome to Curries with Bumbi. Today I will be making a dessert recipe called
Bhapa Doi. Bhapa in Bengali means to steam and doi is
yogurt or curd. So it is basically a steamed sweet yogurt
recipe. With 3 basic ingredients you can make this
wonderful dessert . At the same time it is very quick and easy to put together so if
you have guests coming over this is a perfect option. So let’s get started. Take a large bowl . In it add 1 cup of thick
yogurt. I have used plain non fat Greek yogurt which
by nature is very thick but you can even use regular yogurt. It can be full fat , low fat, no fat, just
be sure to use plain unflavored yogurt. Now if you use regular yogurt, you may have
to put it in a strainer and leave it in this way in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2
hours so that the excess liquid drains off. What you need here is yogurt with a thick
consistency. Okay so now stir the yogurt very well to get
rid of any lumps. Do this before adding anything else as it
will be very hard to get rid of the lumps once you add the other liquid ingredients. To this i added 1 cup of sweetened condensed
milk. I know what you are thinking now , yes I know
its a high calorie recipe but come on you are not having it every day, right. To this add 1 cup of milk. Use cold milk or it can be of room temperature
but do not use warm or hot milk as the yogurt may curdle. Next comes the flavoring. I added 1/4th of a teaspoon of cardamom powder
. Then from the 1 cup of milk that I had taken i separated out 4 tablespoons of milk , warmed
it up a little bit and added some saffron threads to it. Remember that this needs to come down to room
temperature before adding. I added the saffron milk. It is not necessary to add saffron. You can leave it out entirely as it even tastes
delicious without it. It just takes the dish to another level. Now just mix everything very well. Finally I added just a pinch of food color. This is also totally optional. I added it just for presentation purpose. Now I will be showing you two methods of how
to steam this. One using a steamer and the other using a
pressure cooker. You can follow whichever one will be more
convenient for you. So this why I am putting the mixture in separate
containers for demonstration purpose but when you make, use only one bowl or container or
you if want to serve each person with a separate bowl then you can do in this way. After filling up , cover each bowl tightly
with an aluminium foil. You can even use those steel tiffin boxes
with lids on them.Here I had already started boiling some water in my steamer. I put my steamer basket. Placed one of the containers in it and covered
it. Steam it on medium to high heat for about
25 minutes. Here I allowed some water to boil in my pressure
cooker and as you can see i am using just an ordinary lid to cover it. I placed my steamer basket then placed the
containers. See to it that the water level stays beneath
the level of the bowls or else the water may enter the bowls while boiling and that will
be a total mess. Then cover it for 20 to 25 minutes on medium
to high heat. You can even use the pressure cooker lid but
remember not to put the weight on it. The purpose here is to steam and not to pressure
cook. You can even use a tiffin box like this for
steaming the yogurt . You can use the insert that comes with the pressure cooker for steaming
if you do not have a steamer basket. 25 minutes done, now i will take both of them
off heat. Then when it will be comfortable to handle
take them out, remove the aluminium foils and leave them on the counter till they cool
down completely. After they come to room temperature put them
in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4 hours. The more you chill it the better it will taste. It’s been 4 hours now and my Bhapa doi is
ready to be served. See that, it is perfectly set. It is creamy, there is this subtle flavor
of saffron and it tastes absolutely delicious. You can even make this 2 days ahead as it
tastes even better in that way. If you are new to my channel then please consider
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