Steve Griffiths
Executive Director of Impact Services and Meals On Wheels
They service Anoka county, Champlin and Hennepin county
with 110 meals per day.
They check on them for mental health, give them hot meals, and check on their wellness.
They are essentially the eyes and ears of the family. If they see anything that needs
to be addressed, they contact the family. A new program will be the Family Aging Process
which help aging folks deal with housing, legal process as they age and
putting a game plan together.
floral provided the mum plants for the Dessert First Fundraiser as well as rose stems for
the centerpieces on the tables. They also provided wine for the Wall of Wine for the
fundraiser. Upcoming events for Impact Services will be
at the Texas Roadhouse where there will be free food from 11AM till 2PM donated by Texas
Roadhouse. They would like a donation for Impact Services but it’s not mandatory.