What is a gold-digger? And why do people
use this word so much? I feel like this has become the new word, popularly used by
both men and women, instead of calling someone a “bitch”
a “slut” a “whore”.. Whatever, people like to use the word gold-digger. They like to
shame women and tell her off basically! Well, let’s figure it all out! Why are
people doing this? My name is Anna and I run an online finishing school called
SCHOOL OF AFFLUENCE. It’s a program for women who want to improve themselves to
become high caliber women, elegant women, and the woman who navigates successful
in high society. If you want to join us visit SCHOOLOFAFFLUENCE.COM … So
what is a gold-digger? Let’s find out! Okay, I have made some few notes here.. I
had to Google this, of course, to give you the exact definition. Because you know
what? I’ve noticed that people have their own definition of gold-digger. Some
people think that “just because you have rich friends”=you’re a gold digger!
Other people think that “just because you don’t want to pay the bill as a woman in
a restaurant when you’re on a date with a man”=you’re a gold digger! I think both
is absolutely crazy!! But the whole point that I’m trying to make is that, people
have so many different variations and perceptions of the word gold digger, so
let’s just quickly find out what it actually means?
Gold digger: A woman who forms relationships with men purely to obtain
money or gifts from them. Okay, so as I understand it, it’s ONLY if you want to
have some material gain from them. Another one, Someone who only likes
people because of how much money they have or because of the items they own.
Again, we have this word ONLY. So as I understand after googling around, it
seems that according to dictionaries and so on, the word gold digger stands for
when women are ONLY interested in the material or the monetary gain of
somebody. I can understand the negative associations with the word gold digger.
If it’s all about using and abusing somebody, I do not believe in that myself.
I don’t think that we should use and abuse anyone, as much as (we don’t like when) men
using women for sex. I don’t think women should use and abuse men for
money. However, how come in our society it’s SO accepted for man to treat women
as sex objects, YET – it’s so incredibly taboo and forbidden for a woman to
somehow have a financial interest in the man. SHE cannot have financial interest
in a man, but a MAN can have sexual interest in a woman. And why I’m
mentioning these things is because genetically speaking, men and women are
wired differently research has proven. Biologically speaking, we were designed
this way for the survival of the offspring. A woman needs to really take
into account who she meets with, because that increases the survival rates (or
decreases) of her children. A man who can offer the woman financial security, a man
who can provide, a man who have some form of status in the jungle. Now that’s going
to be a high survival rate for her children, obviously a woman is going to
take that into account and actually prioritize it. This is written in our
genetics, in our biology, in the millions of years of DNA programming. Now men on
the other hand, they’re not driven by this type of instinct because their
instinct is to impregnate as many women as possible because that has a higher
chance of survival for their offspring. For this reason, men are very much
sexually orientated, the same way a woman perhaps is more financially orientated
than a man, but a man can get away with being sexually orientated! How come, HOW UNFAIR is that in our society it’s like if a man sleeps around, he gets a pat on
his back. But if a woman sleeps around: oh… She is a slut, she is this, she’s that!
Anything to shame a woman! Now this is something that I’m very tired of, and for
that reason I make videos like this on my channel to raise awareness because I
think we all should start thinking about exactly what happens when we call a
woman a gold digger! Should we really promote this
misogynistic hate? I know my values, I know what I stand for. I know that I’m
not using and abusing anyone. I value the romantic side in a relationship as much
as I value the materialistic and financial aspect. Both are equally
important to me, and yes you can have both in today’s society! But what really
frustrates me is how this word is being used against women, and how it actually
has an impact on women. I see it also in my community. Women who are laying low
with their interest in luxury lifestyle because society are judging them and
labeling them and that is unfair, and that is against any form of feminism in
my opinion! But where does this whole misogynistic trend come from? The word
gold-digger comes, of course, originally from men.
It comes from men who do not appreciate women, who perhaps hate women.
It comes from men who get triggered by the higher standards of a woman that
they cannot live up to! It’s basically broke guys, who cannot
afford this type of women. So they start creating this whole Gold Digger trend and
in their way to try and control a woman and somehow dominate a woman.
This comes from dominating someone, to push someone down, to put someone in
their place, into the corner! Shaming a woman by calling her a gold digger, is the
man’s, and also the society’s – it’s a way of controlling her, it’s a way of telling
her that “You! Don’t come and think that you’re somebody! Go back to your place!”
That’s basically what this gold digger word is communicating to us. A woman is
not allowed in this world, to be true to her instincts the same way a man can be
true to his sexual desires. A woman is forbidden to have a desire for
financial gain or status gain. Sadly these misogynistic men get backup from our
fellow women. Oh yes, us women we are doing an
amazing job backstabbing each other. Which is something I really, really hope
and pray for, that one day maybe we can act more like sisters instead of
predators. I believe we should hold each other’s backs instead of taking the side
of men. Now I know this stems from competitiveness. Women can be awfully
jealous and competitive with each other. So that’s actually a way of controlling
other women, by calling her gold digger, by shaming her for having these types of
interests. But more so often, do I notice that actually these women who use this
name-calling and call other women for gold diggers, they are sadly enough
just programmed by society, brainwashed by thinking that a woman has absolutely
no right to have this type of preference, this type of interest. That she’s a bad
person and that they should do a witch-hunt against her. The word gold
digger has become a modern-day witch hunt, as they did in history, burning all
these women. They’re doing the same thing but but by bullying somebody emotionally
and calling her gold digger! And lastly, we have to also think about WHY does
this upset people so much if a woman has financial interest in a man, if a woman
is benefiting financially from a man, if a woman has a preference that she wants
to be part of high society, she wants to change her class from middle
class to upper class. Why is it so triggering to people? Why do people get
so upset that a woman wants to do this and has this interest? Because money
triggers a lot of strong emotions in people. Money is actually a very strong
emotion in itself, because money represents all kinds of different
emotions in people. We have a lot of things that are operating in our
subconscious that we’re not even aware of!
So money becomes a very very strong heavily loaded emotion. But what I don’t
understand is why do other people care so much what people do with their lives?
Why don’t people focus more on their own life and perhaps improving it and becoming a
better version of themselves? And maybe go to counseling and maybe heal some
issues? Perhaps WHY these issues are triggering the person to feel all these
strong emotions? One thing is to have a different opinion but another thing is
to have very strong emotions about something. Not everyone has to have
financial interest in a man. The same way not every man has to be sexually
obsessed, right? People are different! Some people have a very high sex drive, some
people have a very high financial drive! People are different! Let them do
whatever they want without judging. Let us be who we are, we’re not killing
anyone… We are just staying true to what we
believe in, to what we desire and we are not ashamed of having a man provide for
us! And if that is a problem for you then maybe you should think about why you
have such a big problem with this? I have more videos on this topic, so please do
go and check them out I have loads of interesting content about high society
on this channel. But before I leave you, I want to say one last thing… If you’re a woman
who want to have a financially secure partner: You’re not a gold digger! You are
just staying true to instincts, so never let society or anyone tell you that
you’re wrong! See you in the next video!