as the skies rip open the chase itzá better whoo maybe then more than just tornadoes come crashing down we lost our tire if Shawn doesn’t get that to fix we’re gonna start missing ignitions but weather won’t wait let’s get right next to the thing that shaking some of the head bottom line we gotta get there – this mission is ah I just got shot in the car it’s been one of the deadliest tornado seasons in years an IMAX filmmaker Sean Casey is desperate to get his tornado intercept vehicle tip to back on the road all last year all my focus was on building tip to a vehicle that could go down any road in any condition and yet I’m very leery of – – I always feel something was going to go south quickly while we’re going down the road at 8 miles an hour this broken rear axle is keeping Shawn from completing one of the most dangerous and gratifying shots a filmmaker can capture the only thing that matters out here is to get that one shot of tornado that beautiful tornado and violent tornado coming right at us and impacting us Shawn storm-chasing partner dr. Josh Wurman is suffering the same problems fortunately now some of the most stupid things are working which is that I don’t have who work control my basic braids are his new and improved mobile radar system Dao six also needs last-minute fixes whining sounds come on oi keep going through these problems Josh’s problems don’t in there even with the powerful Dow six the science team risks being shown up by Josh’s former meteorology student reed timmer is chasing and catching this year’s tornadoes the favor going on there’s only a laptop and a video camera we’re finding out this last issue hopefully we can do it relatively soon because the weather is not gonna wait forever ready let’s do it go today’s weather is perfect for tornadoes and Josh can’t wait any longer he decides to send out his scout team to what he believes will be a hot area Josh moved me to this vehicle I got a promotion I guess to the Scout vehicle to lead it without having the doubt directed me where to go at all time we’re gonna go 40 west to El Reno and then we’re gonna drop south from there a severe storm system with powerful rotating winds called a supercell is descending on the small town of Abilene Texas Abilene Texas is the place we’re looking at trying to go to and we’re gonna get out about an hour and a half to two hours before the Dow this gives us better chance as a group of seeing storms and a better chance of deploying data collection devices called pods in the path of tornadoes the most valuable data comes from the very point the vicious tornado touches down I have a compulsion an obsession to get this data we can make better warnings we can engineer better buildings there are things we can do with that scientific knowledge so we’re maximizing our strategy of getting some of these pods into the tornado Danny and Aaron are going to be able to get that great data when we mess up I wish I had more modern vehicle like the other groups do but I’m excited about having the opportunity be more independent we’re already starting to look at some connection that ooh severe workin beer yeah that’s the great that it rooms moderate-risk the breath of meanwhile josh is Dow six and Sean’s tiff two are both ready to chase but there’s debate as to whether they’ve missed their opportunity in Abilene the best shot of twenty does is high forty down tell me oh yeah moderate baby let’s do it ten percent tornado was it one bad thing is if we drive too far south it’s gonna be pretty miserable tonight cuz we’re going to drive back north for tomorrow Josh makes a decision he directs his team to target Amarillo Texas the storm potential is less but they’ll be in a better position for tomorrow’s chase why not try and get the most out of today tomorrow is possibly a good day so I don’t want to go full bore today and take a Santa competition for tomorrow Josh and I were different you know when we’re chasing tornadoes I want to go I want to move I want to I want to stay close to it you know he likes to hedge his bed that was rolling the route is west on 40 on one hand we have to be focused on them now what are we gonna do in the next few minutes on the other hand we have to make sure what we’re doing in the next few minutes in the next hour doesn’t completely take us out of play or what we’re gonna do tomorrow and the next day and they’re all moments away Josh is cautious he’s too slow so I’m impatient because I’ve been waiting five years for a certain result and I want that result very badly and I don’t think Josh’s life depends on it but I feel like in a way mine does all right yeah we’re we’re east of Wichita Falls right well we are heading west towards Amarillo do you know where Rita’s uh do we know where Rita that Aaron we don’t know where read it I’m dr. Galani it’s probably left already Jamaica be throwing my glasses Reed and his girlfriend meteorologist janae Young will chase together today along with reads regular crew in the tornado video business you take your pictures of rainbows today janae wants to take pictures of rainbows another Jean you have more excited about that rainbow last year the little tornado them so it’s okay janae okay alright mother pretty you guys are so funny you know only thing better than a rainbow a rainbow the tornado in front of it you did we should go through Abilene or head west on 40 I think maybe head down to hide 20 and head west yeah I think we should probably go south west yeah Bobby we just need to be right near Lubbock than the storms go up we should probably go cuz that’s six hours away eight hours so storms fire we got about a six-hour drive so yeah that means two hours of frisbee yeah they’ve targeted the same areas Danny and Aaron near Abilene once it’s when I was about to come down Chris and I’ll deploy the probe liquid and on this chase Reid plans to deploy his own video probe inside the Beast a very important part of scientific research is observation that’s the whole goal of this probe is to capture high-resolution video the fine scale structure inside a tornado I mean we’re just trying to run a business and also help to contribute to science it’s easy to play the pro best the top priority is to get this probe deployed we don’t want to take any risk we got to make sure we execute because we’re gonna be like a hundred guys from a tornado All Right game on are you gonna be focused on the tornado or the rainbow the rear axle repaired Shawn is finally on his way with the help of Josh’s science team I need Josh because he provides the guidance and the safety net hey we’re up and scanning Josh needs us because we put instruments on top of our vehicle the tip is a movable pot if the tip drives straight into a tornado it could mean groundbreaking scientific information for Josh so Shawn breaks down her his instruments don’t work then there’s a big hole in the science that I’m trying to accomplish this spring without the tip Josh won’t get what he’s waited years for and neither will Shawn mentally I’m going overtime axe camera in my mind again what’s got to be done to get that shot I don’t want to feel like this beautiful I mean things aren’t risk it’s not just getting shot surviving that especially when I have a family that I am going to get back to no matter what that’s weird now we’re going to attorney to this mission is death it’s an all-out race as two teams chase the same story the Dow team led by dr. Josh Wurman is headed west towards a storm cell near Amarillo Texas while his scout team is a hundred and eighty miles to the south where the weather is beginning to brew pray to watch oh nice and it’s for our area once again the scout team was ahead of the ball and realized what was gonna happen tornado watch has been issued our stuff certainly not impressive yet but it’s gradually improving I mean I personally would rather be down there drunk or just looking at the storm that Danny’s probably be targeting as opposed to where we’re gonna be targeting the problem of that storm is if we go all the way down there we might miss a better opportunity tomorrow so we’re gonna play for the north mainly to keep hedging and keep ourselves and play for tomorrow to get a trigger warning this early in the day you know before really the Sun speeded up the land surface very much it’s definitely a rare occurrence so I call Reed I think we should call Reed Aaron old friends from meteorology school Aaron and read often compare strategies hey what’s up read Ezzor 20 to watch we just now left they’re actually leaving down like right now they’re just leaving Norman so not hardcore I’m hardcore not magic hey you’re about that south southeast of Lubbock we might get there a little bit for you guys this time and you might have to pay up that $5 bet we’ve got a bet with Aaron and Danny out who will see more tornados this year no I will pass you guys here probably about 15 minutes in your car even go above 5 under the speed limit that’s not great briefings trash-talking this guy they’re an hour and a half asunder up here probably too much late-night partying yesterday hey how’s the rest of your team doing the DAO group is up like wet severe Marilla they’re playing like those west of Amarillo are you kidding me have you seen the models and they’re not even gonna be any cape up their cape is a measure of instability in the atmosphere no cape no tornado a little bit worried that the Dow is too far north I don’t understand why they’d be playing it up there dr. Josh Wurman is one of the most famous research scientists you know in the field of meteorology you know I always respected him and idolized him godlike to surpass what he’s doing now why would they target further north I mean are you kidding me Reid’s obviously great chaser he gets two tornadoes a lot I don’t know if he’s got the scientific mindset are you flirting with me we’re trying to get extreme video that’s what we do that’s what pays the bills but at the same time you know by getting right next to these tornadoes we hope to collect data that most people can’t collect because they’re not willing to get as close as we are I made more than willing to drive into tornado in this car I have no problem doing that going to the tornado and have a picnic we’ve done a tornado scientist he’s not studying the storms are doing research going really Josh is focused on just collection of data but I think video can also help advance science you know if we have all these successful probe deployments we’d like to give him the data for free the Dow’s the tip they’re actually targeting the northern Texas Panhandle but that area is not gonna be as unstable so we like it further south so there’s better instability higher moisture and better heat what do you think janae you like the southern target better yeah all the unstable air will be down there as far as the high moisture content here’s what happened over the past 24 hours Reid’s girlfriend janae is a part-time chaser with credentials this is exactly where the storm has headed a lot of times if there’s like a big outbreak I will see you know what footage Rita gets until let me use it for my TV station we saw a tornado touched down and it was fortunately over an open field anytime I could use Reid’s footage I definitely try to do it he does get the best footage it’s pretty cool because not a lot of people get to say you know they they have a working relationship but it works out really well pretty excited how are you janae are you fired up because I can see some rainbows tonight 150 miles from their Amarillo target Josh gets encouraging information from the National Weather Service a tornado warning remains in effect the tornado may form at any time the storm is down when they don’t work wait young though right now josh is top forecaster Justin Walker is directly behind the Dow he’s there to deploy pods if the storm touches down I mean right favorable environment I have no idea what’s going on Justin’s wife Hannah is new to storm chasing this season basically there’s a storm just off to our East that has become tornado warned so we’re gonna go check it out it’s certainly not most bigger storm I’ve ever seen but it’s possible for it to make tornadoes we’re well positioned if one forms so the next hour really probably really tells anything is happening 250 miles to the southwest the Scout reaches the edge of the southern target area it’s very calm and light rain and not severe that base is pretty impressive out there though dandy see that I mean looks decent up there but I don’t think this is as much potential yeah our lack of wind here is kind of troublesome in theory we should be a little bit wetter and a little bit windier yeah Erin’s hair should be wrecked and it’s no more than normal right now yes Josh yep hello you know I’m looking at the adat image and just looks a little more vigorous right now yeah we’ve got a little bit of hail shooting out this storm is really out flowing and we’re on east of it some hail is ah coming down near us oh he’s gonna hit by a hail some protection down pretty big ham a little bigger than quarter for sure all right now I’m going in already to help how is that gonna protect your face when it gets it and these are concerning ah one’s got me the back Kayle this size can shatter windows and ice overloads but it’s also a sign they’ve been looking for severe thunderstorms that produce large hail can also spawn tornadoes great prior without the Dow’s radar at their fingertips it’s impossible to see if a tornado is forming behind the curtain of hail but go so they take a chance and deploy their data pods looks good I like our plan let it collect whatever data there is yes up north the Amarillo storm is gaining strength and there are reports of tornadoes on the ground nearby Dow X Dow six this is due to our we maintain in forty West at 40 when 10 kilometers or so currently there’s some broad rotation visually some people are seeing a funnel ooh baby this is looking better and better we’re not to tire we lost our tire I’ll be there where’s easy or what what’s happening tips pulling over in wacky there’s another tire rolling up to us what’s going in traffic stop tire stop stop tires stop we’ll just like the Tevez last two wheels lost two wheels if Shawn doesn’t get that TIF fixed in the next day we’re gonna start missing missions next Scout pulls out the pods it could get intent and read pushes it too far while a promising storm builds to the west a stranded tip awaited support vehicle doghouse a tip the stock house may be watching for us on the road taught me we’ll see it should we go look for the other tire I saw I saw where it went I’ll go find it I don’t know what the situation is put it I mean if it takes an hour to fix that seriously seriously puts us back some wheels have fallen off of the pill care what kind so my god let’s go me if they have eight if you had least I got plenty of tires now six is getting farther and farther away from us if to make sure things don’t explode anymore I’ll tribute some of it to his old age but a song doesn’t have the wherewithal to put up with anymore problems going on so if he cracks it’s gonna be soon tire up were here tired here’s the tire tire it was just a scary for you as was for us I know I know I know no no no don’t worry it’s not your fault time 225 miles to the south Danny and Aaron tracked the Abilene storm cell looking for any sign of violent activity and they’re still stuffed trying here but there’s not much to see over here don’t think you wait for it to pass we’ll have to make a decision because there’s stuff popping up out west a couple cells yeah this this lightning makes me think it’s getting angrier and more intense out of nowhere they spot a rotating movement in the clouds a visual sign that a funnel could form within minutes the team hasn’t seen a storm pick up this quickly all season Joey yeah we gotta go look at that then they rotation right here yeah we gotta go fast Wow let’s really start the road get out of nowhere they start off that it really ramped up and like visually holy crap it’s really exploding there’s a piece to the storm I really want to get used to this thing to take a look that storm snuck up on us we sorted we’re really not doing much and all of a sudden this storm went from being kind of a good-looking storm to gigantic high precipitation beast of a storm tornado warning really yeah the eastern cell has a confirmed tornado tornado big reveal to get it used to this thing we have a shack once we get out of this town yes we’re stuck behind this truck a tornado was on the ground 25 miles to the east the chase is on I don’t know forgetten they get through it we might not have a choice to it to sit here only 50 miles west of the scout team Reid takes his chances with a supercell near La Mesa Texas that he believes will produce twisters there’s some low-hanging clouds right there that are not the base of the storm I’m pretty horny good call by your name putting that out you guys gotta looking around I just look at the radar this is exactly what we wanted to have happen and it’s happening car one to car to the storm south Lamesa looks absolutely amazing when a it’s got a tornado warning now they just issued a tornado warning we’ve got to get there this takes crop may already have a tornado in the ground this is go time here stop looks so good come on we gotta get there look at that thing it’s a beautiful self yeah there’s warnings everywhere now 200 miles north josh is about to hit his target area near Amarillo he’s lost the tip but still has hopes for the storm so the plan is basically to get ahead of the precip maybe 10 kilometers or so like we need to go oh and amarilla and get out ahead of it trying to pull up the Amarillo right now um yeah I don’t know why it’s not showing up a threat Annette stand by is this image an hour old this image is an hour old Josh yeah it’s already ahead of what it would be if the radar image is an hour old then the storm they are chasing is long gone they’re just messed up it just doesn’t make sense to me once again technology fails them we’re kind of in the dark here and I’m disappointed my bar for success is so high that it’s rarely reached Josh gets the accurate real-time information from Justin and they will now look is here less than 2% nice it doesn’t look like we’re gonna get a shot supercells today the Dallas gonna start hunting for a place to stop so really we’re just giving up on today we got nothing to the south Josh’s satellite team is having much better luck a beast of a storm down here is incredible really intense it’s got like in a pub and speeding into it everywhere the winds are changing direction violently a man is incredible if you look with your weight here we’re looking a huge band of inflow clouds that are getting sucked up into the storm inflow bands feed a storm building intensity by the second the perfect environment for tornadoes oh gosh this storm is mean man this thing has exploded so good get subscribe Wow watch ahead air and I’m watching close alright guys we’re going to punch through this last wall of rain and wind right here and drop a pod and allow this storm to pass over our stuff and see what we get this type of situation is exactly why one would want to deploy a different team or remote team that can go out pick a different target in this case we picked the target area we’re wrong but Danny and team seat were right at least as far as getting violent storms go one two three go right down here I don’t know if we’re gonna get a tornado but they have a much better chance of getting a tornado than us we have a zero chance two pods are deployed this could get a little intense let’s get out of here all right we’re gonna bout to get hammered by this outflow so we’re gonna go yep after he’s on those ones he actually still has another play cuz there’s another storm behind it and Lemay’s apparently three Timbers over there breeds in Lovaza I thought he was behind Danny by a hundred miles this thing is so classic do look at it Jill it’s perfect come on closing in on it fast who that yeah National Weather Service Doppler radar a tornado warning remains in effect we got a tornado warning issued here at Dawson County we’re approaching rapidly from the southeast dominating hey Chris next time we stop you Jame can switch out just to make sure we get the probe deployed shoving out that is where NATO right there you may be able to see the tornado up here into our Northwest right see any rainbows like an eye in that rain all right perfect we’re interested in right back here this massive walk out here hey Joel look at that look at that circulation we’re gonna head go ho a rotating wall cloud lowering to the ground could tighten up into a funnel need that rain to clear before that wind flying this thing is a monster hate lightning my eggs hey lightning I just shot the car like everybody get in the cock show your door getting dominated by this ball a deadly bolt of lightning doesn’t slow down the chase just all of a sudden this webpart jolt maybe a funnel transform we’re gonna look at it Joe we gotta get there priority has went back there 31 not is getting stronger keep blasting North Dave get right in our ass if you can’t fry behind a tornado in about 10 minutes can we stop and go to the bathroom and then I the next classroom I don’t think we have time read it’s gonna be really bad we have any diapers back there have a coffee cut it’s not that kind we’ve got to stop in about five minutes I can’t stop to go to the bathroom give me a storm-chasing diaper for my birthday see this immediately I’m in some serious pain right now dammit we should have just left a little bit earlier all right we’re getting off here we got the Shell gas station on the right let’s make this fast big-time a lot depends on this we got to make this happen the storm looks amazing it’s dominating with dangerous storms raging in the south the tip is stuck 350 miles away from the action hi-yah I don’t know towering we’re onto some Road in the middle of nowhere are you stealing up for home at uh point oh come on my god alright well I just want to make sure you guys are still rolling well what do you mean rolling I’m moving down the road at high speed without metal parts dragging on the pavement oh that rolling oh yeah more like rocking I would say that’s a better term that’s more accurate than rolling it’s that’s it to mean by moving you mean moving rolling we’re not moving we’re just getting fixed here well that’s great yeah we’ll leave in about 10-15 minutes yeah I’ll get better than the day National Weather Service Doppler radar a tornado warning remains in effect okay go that took about six minutes and all these things add up crying I miss it no good I know oh it’s probably producing actually it’s gonna be out of this road and soon we got to fly I mean we’re probably already got one on the ground so careful people people up here on the right with a stroller be careful be careful copy that if it looks like a tornado is definitely coming down then we’ll surge north on these farm roads and get in position and drop the probe all right still a little cool I’ll look at it Wow massive hi this is Scud but we’ll say that could be something is that one very old 50 is that one let’s go after it don’t go go chrysalis whit tornado coming down let’s go bigger go go half a mile let’s go we got it dominating look at that big yes this is so pipe look at it let’s get ready to poop Chris get the camera whoa yo you got the pill ready Chris get the pro ready ready wires tornado Wow let’s get right next to this thing there’s no telling how long this funnel will touchdown they have only minutes to get their probe in its path all right the probe is on and recording okay Wow man first tornado here Chris Rios right over here but now it’s roping out lifting back up we’re waiting for the new one this is a cyclic supercell so we’ll get a new tornado Prime forming here just to the right okay where’s it action gonna be okay we may need to with a seasonal feast road okay get ready to deploy all right we’re ready it’s recording guys at about a quarter-mile we’re gonna head east northeast and it’s gonna be a large tornado we’re gonna be in perfect position for this one get ready to deploy the probe if you guys can see this on radar you yourself reads team is tracking a cyclic supercell a storm that could produce tornadoes over and over so you’re the next good look at it right there in front of us rapid rotation see yeah that’s for the rapid rotation that’s the next one there it is it’s writing right on the Bobby we’re on the northern cold side of the boundary like it feel just the temperature fly yeah I reported it did you is you get engineer who’d you call you called the 901 good work nice congratulations on your first real tornado damn it we should have been closer though it’s really ripping in there isn’t it see that look at the sinking motion now that’s gonna be a big one isn’t it leave ocean on one side up there we’ll get it down there down here see another wall cloud is lowering towards the ground this could be another chance to see a tornado yeah let’s go east yeah I’m having at least one or the other see we’re behind it look at that it’s definitely pulling it up up there see yeah it’s getting more warm air it’s about to recycle look it let’s go well cover it’s not looking as ragged new tornado warning what do you guys think okay good luck bye I’m shaking so bad one of the people in the Dow our field right now in Amarillo I feel really bad for them hey they called to chase an hour ago another tornado is everywhere here it is Dave get up here we got to get you got to stay closed rapidly rotating on there look at that his pots come down over there see tornado forming to our West tornado pouring rapidly to our West gonna be big ah neela Mesa Texas reed timmer is surrounded by developing tornadoes hey did you get that tornado the south of Lamesa or on the western self yeah we’re gonna head west we just have to think of our pods and we’re getting towards it so oh you’re on those Eastern styles you got to get into one west near La Mesa yeah it’s about to come down to get air and you got to get out you gotta get over here they could do it again alright we’re heading west come on scout still looks pretty good now we’re gonna try to get into position for the new tornado so we can deploy the probe when I inflow tell an inflow tale is evidence that the storm is gaining strength what’s happening is the storm is pulling in rain cooled air from its own rancor and hail core and it Orient’s itself in a streamer light cloud that’s called a tail cloud that’s getting sucked into the circulation yeah it looks familiar doesn’t it yeah yeah Justin this is Josh just thought I’d say first Reed Timmer has already reported a couple tornadoes in La Mesa Texas that’s we’re not on that storm that’s weird um this is the torture with the problem with having radar that you can watch from far away you get to watch you see what you missed this la masia area is an area where we could have gotten we just didn’t think it was necessary obviously we were wrong still have some hope with Danny I’ll get in that storm and maybe he’ll get some data so we’re rooting for Danny now to get that Lemay’s and catch one of the tornadoes coming out of that storm Danny and Aaron have seen hail and severe weather but so far no tornado we picked up our pods and we’re heading west towards La Mesa could be one of those days where persistence pays off we’re finally you maybe get one late in the day there’s a chance for that at least but the scout team is too late this is cool stable air not even moist so it’s a reasonably good looking storm just without the tornado potential yeah this deer is too cool if I get goose bumps on my arm that means there’s not gonna be a treated without an inflow of energy the tornado potential is decreasing just so I’ll flow dominant frustrating you know after seeing that first tornado you know we’re thinking we’re gonna see tornadoes all day long that’s almost a little disappointing if we had gotten there ten minutes earlier we could have been right next to it but wouldn’t have had to go to the bathroom we may have seen it yeah that’s gonna be it yeah yeah that’s probably gonna be just NATO right there there’s strong one right there look at that cos NATO right there while they do have rotating winds gust NATO’s are shallow and short-lived and never produce enough vertical force to become a powerful twister let’s head okay hit those trees look at that okay one that’s so funny good what read always goes over in gizzard yes and Wow well you got a good tornado yeah it’s pretty cool it’s good to share that experience with you though just couple of weather enthusiasts Dominic totally cheesy right they’re just so good to share that house six hours after breaking down TIF – still isn’t moving for pretty much at the peak of frustration right now we’re still trying to get a first chase down there’s a lot tied into this there’s a lot at stake that whole IMAX film is coming out of my pocket that isn’t cheap so this is my last chance to get a shot of a tornado impacting us let me should be done with this in probably 15 minutes look there’s something stuck in there Oh pebble goes in there we ruin the rear end and then we’re starting to lose my cool just a little tomorrow though is a real day tomorrow is the real day today didn’t turn out to be today’s real day there’s tomatoes tornadoes yeah who was Josh there did we were we targeting that with Josh it was a no we weren’t was he gonna know that didn’t happen we didn’t miss tornadoes because we broke down faith in this vehicle is dropping quickly a lot of weight riding on his shoulders their hopes of an intercepts washed for today the DAO team heads north to rest up and get into position for tomorrow’s chase and you fill how do you feel how do you think I felt so far storm-chasing is basically what I expected a lot of driving to nowhere for no reason so Hey see that is that amazing a spectacular storm the pretty sunset is nice to see do that sweet I don’t really appreciate the pretty storm back here I’ve got my panel of monitors and I’m doing my science thing I’m pushing knowledge forward I think it’s a much richer experience for me personally than just sightsee chasing Oh today look huh you got everything now it’s a rainbow since the best day ever yeah it’s pretty cool it’s a really good rainbow chasers like read they’re getting out in nature and appreciating the storms and scientists have a very different mission what we’re doing is really work we’ll be able to sell this video to all the major news networks big success from from a business perspective from a science perspective it’s not as much of a success because we couldn’t deploy the probe you know we’re paying the bills with storm-chasing but it doesn’t change our dedication level at all we’re the most dedicated chasers out there and we’ll storm chase until our head hits the pillow that is not you know Josh says it we’re reckless but I mean the true reason why he doesn’t really like us because you know we have motivation to chase every event their own hectic day drawing to a close Danny and Aaron head north to reunite with the Dow very pretty but it’s all abuzz we come out here for us to see stuff like this I mean it was a unique day there are a lot of unusual storm we saw several good super cells and I was really cool big hail incredible winds and we got pods deployed on a huge storm and can’t wait to see the data from that one pod bed storm is intense I mean that today I still consider a good day even though this will day no tornado but the only thing we know about is Alan Reed saw everybody’s heard the read saw what I said it was 5 to 10 minutes long on the ground it was a nice stovepipe but you know translating we talked about one minute tornado difficut Lee small poodle that touched down maybe once or twice that’s right about it he probably saw a tornado but who knows how good it was you can’t really trust anything recess until you see the video we go now to Reed Timmer he’s a storm chaser with tornado Reed was this around Sweetwater or was it actually around the La Mesa area in Texas yeah for the laughing Johnson now he did not meet the major it was a really quick tornado of war but it go the underground for about five minutes that’s what jet videos in the lane tornado we talked about but definitely you saw signs of a touchdown of a tornado no that’s wrong go find trail and the look that it would hit something worth of inferior damage that’s a little Ginny Antonio we’re probably a mile or two away for it from it seeing someone else’s video of a tornado is always annoying when we didn’t go there the fact is we can’t forecast them really really well or we wouldn’t be doing this there’d be no science going on if we did forecast amazing that’s Reed Timmer and right now we’re still dealing with thunderstorms and a threat of more severe weather this evening and damage report Oh that’s where we should have been well next time sometimes you’re lucky sometimes you’re not sometimes you make a good choice and smart choice and sometimes you know but that’s the way it goes for the first time today there’s good news tip 2 will live to chase another day it’s 11:10 and and pretty soon all the bugs are gonna be dead and we’re gonna roll we’re gonna roll I’m hoping we’ll get a tornado tomorrow cuz you know what I want to go home and see my kids Heath is almost done we’ll probably be out of here in 15 minutes