and weather patterns so right
now we are in was called a
mutual phase see surface temperatures are actually near
normal not to warm not to cool
however it’s likely tha
will end up in an El Niño
pattern by this upcoming winter. (90 day) looking at the 90 day
forecast July August and
September starting with precipitation slightly dryer
than normal is anticipated
across for West Northweste Montana but much of Montana
could fall into the normal range
which is encouraging compared to last year’s flash
drought so if we pick up our
normal amount of moisture in
July and August that would bode
well to have a lesser impact on
fire season. However what will have a big impact on fire
season is the temperature
Outlook in July August and
September far western Montana
will likely end up warmer than
normal and you can see working way eastward slightly
above average temperatures
expected and this could have a
big impact on again are fire
season this summer. (Jet) so what’s next? Break in
the pattern for least one day
with this high-pressure ridge
right behind that is a cold or
core storms or next weather maker will be showing up
and will linger over much of the
Pacific Northwest northern and
central Rockies into
Friday and Saturday ahead of the storm temperatures could warm up
in the 80s
tomorrow but as the storm moves
in Thursday the could be some
thunderstorms the afternoon and then a sharp drop in
temperatures will
coming Friday and Saturday. (Forecast) so as picking up on
the true view forecast hour by
hour again keep it very, quite week high-pressure to our South
low-pressure tour north zonal
flow temperatures likely b
quite frosty in some areas
tomorrow morning but just the
opposite in the afternoon warmin
up in the 80s. But starting
Thursday morning here comes and
a new upper level
trough cold front and surface in
upper level low. This will bring a good chance for
showers and stronger
thunderstorms Thursday afternoon
and evening as the low spends
Friday morning temperatures will
be quite chilly. (Rain) rainfall forecast, quiet
into most of Wednesday but
Thursday afternoon through Saturday to pick up a
half an inch of rain in many
areas some little more some a
less. (Belgrade) very comfortable out
there in the mid to upper 70s
near average for highs
falling barometer we did pick up
a little bit of rain last night. (MSU) Bozeman coming in with
again mostly sunny skies and
perfect temperatures in the mid
to upper 70s not too hot not to
cool. (Now) temperatures highly varied
across the state we have some
60s and 70s this the more
common temperature range but
there are a few low 80s out
there in the far eastern counties
this afternoon. (Tonight) keep a clear cool and
light winds most lows in the
upper 30s through the lower
40s however higher elevations
could drop down into the lower
30s that includes wisdom. (Tomorrow) mostly sunny warm
light winds highs in the 70s and
warm low to mid 80s. (Tonight) clearing cool tonight
you can see some cool forecast
lows around big sky We
Yellowstone close to freezing
the low to mid 40s likely for
everyone else. (Tomorrow) mostly sunny very
warm light winds highs reaching
the low to mid 80s
(Bozeman) let’s extend your
forecast through the next seven
days low 80s likely tomorrow for Bozeman but afternoon
thunderstorm some of which could
be strong should be showing up
Thursday afternoon by Friday and
Saturday cool and wet forecast
highs well bel average in the low 60s and then
we start to slowly warm back up
into the low 70s which
still cooler than normal but
still trying to warm up a little
right before the Fourth of July lo
at night in the 40s and 50s. (Butte) Butte’s shooting for 80°
tomorrow may sound wonderful
however watch for some
stronger thunderstorms by
Thursday afternoon will keep a
cool and wet into Friday with a few
showers possible on Saturday
temperatures well below normal
by Friday and Saturday but
trying to get back up in the
lower 70s right before the Fourth of July 30s and 40s at
night. (Dillon) warming up in the low
80s on Wednesday but afternoon
showers and
thunderstorms becoming Thursday
Friday Saturday for Dillon
temperature trends will fall down into the
60s for highs but trying push it
back up in the mid-70s Monday
and Tuesday 40s at night. (West) West Yellowstone 70s
likely tomorrow isolated rumbles
Thursday but
cool and wet that you had into
Friday and Saturday but your
highs falling into the 50s lows heading into the weekend back
down there in the low to mid 30s
slightly warmer
slightly dryer as we work your
way into the first half of next
week. CARROLL SUMMER CAMPS After weeks of waiting, an NFL
team who has really tight ties
to Montana are bring