[Music] we are getting ready to close the book on what has been a remarkable autumn season the solstice will occur on Friday which begins our winter we’ll talk more about that coming up so in one’s been remarkably wet and for the most part really pretty doggone cool as well now we’ve had some exceptions here in the last week and a half when we’ve warmed it up a little not much and as we go ahead into the first part of winter we will see some warmth max track live doppler wood has been a rarity doesn’t have a whole lot on there so let’s get in and let’s tell a a little weather story kids settle in relax as ole uncle bill talks about what’s going on here the last days of fall which fall officially ends on Friday enjoy the warmth that’s gonna go along with it we’re talking temperatures running 10 degrees and more above normal late week when we are going to begin the fall season we are winter season we do have a rain maker coming in so our quest for 70 continues 70 inches of rain with by far and away a record amount and it’s a legitimate shot it’s a nice round number to get to sing along at home if you would like I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas doesn’t look like chances for a white one around here it remote’s chances at best you also notice as we are approaching the Solstice here that at Point Knight seems to come on awfully quickly sunset actually has been starting to move in the good direction over the last couple of days it’s a little quirk on how that everything works out but last week our Sun set was at 5:18 that’s as as early as it gets for us as we are looking at today the Sun set was at 5:21 with Twilight continuing after that but we have also been seeing our sunrises getting later into the morning that’s why our days end up being shorter New Year’s Day so about a week and a half away our Sun set will be coming up at 5:30 so we’re gonna gain almost 10 minutes there and by the time we get you into the end of January there’s six o’clock so the days will be getting longer but on Friday will be our shortest daylight hours of the year 9 hours 31 minutes in Lexington so that’s what we are looking forward to here normal highs are falling now into the loaf we have been above normal 46 today it’s upper 50s tomorrow low to mid 50s on Thursday we do cool off some as we head toward the weekend nothing dramatic nothing that would get your attention really 38 right now at the Blue Grass Airport the air fairly dry there is a minor wind chill thanks to that northeast wind at 6 and 46 was that high temperature today you look around we’re getting some good radiational cooling now we’re seeing mid 30s in a lot of places Frankfurt’s 36 Danville’s 37 same in Monticello Jackson now at 39 well you look out to Morehead in London each coming in at 41 what’s interesting when we look at the temperatures for tomorrow afternoon how little cold air there is when you look across the northern tier you see 40s and 50s even in Michigan for us we’re gonna be 50s pushing 60 in some places so cold air has left the building the reason why we’ve got what’s called a zonal jet it’s plowing in off the Pacific’s by the way it’s also bringing a big storm out there that’s gonna dump a tremendous amount of rain and snow up in the Pacific Northwest but with that zonal jet stream right there keeps the cold air locked to the north there’s a little Pacific wave here so we’ve got basically two different jet streams going that wave in the southern stream it will try and tap just a smidgen of cold air and drag it southward really that storm is gonna basically manufacture its own cold air and so there’s your little trough coming in here that’s for Friday and with that rain but with that smidgen of cold air perhaps just a hint of a snowflake or two is possible the time to get you to Christmas zonal jet reestablishes itself so cold air continues up here across the northern part of the continent meanwhile across the south we keep things pretty mild things change as we start heading toward the new year cold air begins to dump first out to the west every indication as it begins to come eastward with time but if you’re getting down there early for the bowl game it should be warm down in Florida at least headed up toward the beginning of the new year high pressure is in control that highest sliding off to the east and with that high you are looking at again the clear sky tonight sunshine during the day tomorrow storm down in the lower jet that was the Pacific Way we were talking about it starts picking up a Gulf moisture and lifting it up you have rain begins for us on Thursday and will continue meanwhile there is your cold front you notice you have to go up to Mission to find any snow but a little bit of snow may try and mix in here as we show you here on the future track there we go into Friday it’s all rain but at the very tail end of this a little cold air in this system could indeed mix a couple of snowflakes in it’s about the best we’re gonna do is we greet the winter season as there’s a whole lot of warmth out there you can feel warm inside by donating to the Salvation Army through Christmas Eve the Red Kettle campaign continues contribute a dollar or two when you can and it adds up to some wonderful work here that the Salvation Army does clear to partly cloudy not as cold tonight we’re headed down to the low 30s just a little bit above normal obviously nowhere near record territory so that sunrise 7:50 partly to mostly sunny tomorrow warmer and a great December day we’ll head to the upper 50s it’ll be low 50s with rain on Thursday rain continues on Friday for the first day of winter could end as a couple of snowflakes Saturday looks good maybe a little rain Sunday and a little rain perhaps late Christmas Day and we hit six feet of rain yet 72 inches we have not sixty eight point seven where we said yeah if it’s about built all at this point thanks pill