[Music] watching this guy do laughs down here at southwestern high school he’s made got a good clip going he’s done 440 since we’ve been watching him anyway not a bad afternoon for a run and we had a little rain earlier in Somerset by the way that’s our Kentucky one health WeatherBug camera from southwestern high school in Somerset you’re squinting and try and see him hailey he’s right there so there yeah yeah he’s always now about to move out I feel like I’m doing the call at Churchill as he’s coming around the far turn so here we go let’s talk about the weather that’s going on for us and we’ve been watching some rain around it’s been mainly north and south of Lexington now mainly to the east so everywhere but in Lexington so here we go and watch that one batch north one batch south some thunder and lightning mixed in with those as well watching another batch move north and as it does so it is bringing rain to the northern part of Kentucky but again the lexa dome is in pretty good effect here if you get under one of these showers and they’re just garden-variety it’s a it’s a nice little downpour some lightning and thunder and then they move on these are pretty progressive systems by Friday summertime begins I know it doesn’t begin until June first meteorological E and then the end of June astronomically but weather-wise it’s gonna be starting Friday in the eighth day there’s summertime heat and pushing with the summertime humidity our normal high would be in the low end mid 70s in fact by the weekend we’re into the 74 degree range look at these high temperatures I mean we are nowhere near normal and Mother’s Day could be the warmest of the bunch Blue Grass Airport it’s 80 it’s been a breezy day south winds at 13 that dew point number is going up so there’s a warm front that’s sneaking by now we’re going to explain all that in just a second you’ve got 70s from Mount Sterling to Richmond Jackson’s at seven eight London’s down to 73 in Williamsburg 72 Somerset we were showing you the WeatherBug camera is at 75 but look at Frankfort to 82 here so here we go all the front is is simply a boundary it’s a change in air masses we’ve got a warm front sliding by this afternoon it’s what kicked off the showers we’ve seen it’s replacing the mild dry air from slightly more humid air that we’ve got coming in for tonight and early tomorrow that is going to get pushed out by this cool front which has warm and drier so think Illya we draw it as a cold front but the temperature tomorrow will be about where we were today but they’re human evil be less so a little more comfortable a couple of showers will be associated with that front we get the warm and dry stuff then through Thursday now we take you to Friday here comes another warm front this one means business now it may have a stray shower or thundershower with it but that chance is small but what it’s going to do is introduce hot and humid air that’ll carry us from Friday and through the weekend as this ridge of high pressure is going to become locked in and with it systems will be going up and around we’re going to keep the warm weather pattern in place which is a big change from where we were March and April with that northwesterly flow and we just saw wave after a wave of cold air Wisconsin and Iowa both had their coldest April’s on record meanwhile where the warmth was Alaska had their third warmest April but now we’re transitioning with the Jetstream with the storm track well to the north this is just a traditional summertime weather pattern and it’s gonna hold for a while partly to mostly cloudy a couple of thundershowers around will be in the mid 60’s tomorrow thundershower chance early with increasing sunshine late high temperatures up around 80 a lot of fund of staying dry tomorrow and I think we say that way on Friday minimal Thunder shower chance Friday we’re in the low 80s as it gets more humid the weekend warm humid middle maybe some upper 80s sneak in there and we have 80s all the way until the end of next week it looks just like one of those 80 degree weekends from February the wayback machine here mr. Peabody [Music]