Carter remember I met I’m right here and
then I guess in the middle of nowhere so I don’t really know where my location is
my phone doesn’t have service on it but Carter I’ll be here just remember where
I am okay all right don’t leave me too long let’s go whoo we made it to the
airport with just enough time to catch the plane let’s get going okay we made it through security now we
just gotta hop on this awesome giant huge bus it’s the coolest thing ever
Sharers have you ever come to Dulles Airport they have these giant shuttle
buses and they raise up and then they go across and they raise back down it’s so
cool this one that one’s not leaving this one’s leave me a minute to the
front so yeah oh yeah check this out you go to the front of this bus there’s no
AC up here it’s okay but you can see all the airplanes it’s so cool look how cool
this is we’re gonna drive we’re gonna drive anything straight across into that
terminal there oh and we’re off there’s the drive room look at this
there’s like steps inside there to climb up in there that’s another one of those
shuttle buses that’s how big these things are that’s exactly what we’re
riding on right now you’re so big oh there’s another one we’re heading
straight for it this bus is so tall that we’re almost as
tall as this an airplane right here check out that it’s got a three leaf
clover on the back I wonder what airline that is when we’re turning right now
whoa this thing makes some crazy turn Oh get ready we’re going to turn again hang
tight hang tight whoa well this thing is turning like crazy
alright we’re coming in for a landing we got to make it straight into this
thing oh wow hang tight hang tight oh yeah so we just got off the flight
Carter was sleeping that entire time cardi you were passed out yeah I’m so
tired I’m like still sleepy now we are on our way we’re going to get something
super super special we’re getting at the super special weapon that’ll help battle
the monster the weapon is super powerful and so rare that we have to fly all the
way out here just to get it yes you know such a long flight we gotta get our
luggage we gotta get a car and we got to drive an hour and a half in the middle
of the desert yeah we’re gonna be so far away from home Steve I hope we can find
this weapon to battle the pond monster oh yeah got the rental car let’s do this
car – this cars so awesome yeah let’s get going come on let’s go let’s go
let’s go we got to pick up Liz she’s waiting out the corner let’s go oh
there’s Liz Liz come on let’s go hop in let’s go get this weapon for the monster
you ready yeah it’s gonna be a long drive we’re
gonna literally be in the middle of nowhere
let’s do come on let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go Wow there is literally
nothing but desert look at all this where we go and see we’ve been driving
for so long and there’s nothing out here just wait once we get there we’ll get
there but uh hang tight Liz are you still awake back
there I don’t think so I think we gotta keep drive because there’s nothing here
yet Steve look there’s nothing out here I’m pretty sure that’s the right way
there’s no navigation because there’s no service out here we’re in the middle
bluey uh-oh it says no media fancy alright I think this is way what Steven
exit one exit one this is the first exit in the entire world right here I think
it looks like it’s going nowhere though wait Steve where are we going this might
not be right Steve I don’t see anything out here I’m pretty sure this is right
though there’s nothing out there for miles Steve Steve what’s happening what
are you doing something’s wrong it’s not moving
look Steve I knew we should have gotten a rental car like this you never you can
never trust that look it’s not moving oh my gosh see what’s it’s not moving
what’s going on with the gauges Steve it’s not doing anything Carter okay we
need to uh what’s going on let’s go pop the hood quick let’s pop the hood how do
I open this thing how do you open the hood Carter I don’t even know how to
open the hood this is like a brand new car don’t know how to do anything okay
we got to go take a look at this sheriff whoa Steve where are we
I’m no idea oh my Liz where are we we’re not straining it’s probably just a
simple fix I’m just gonna open this and see what’s
alright what’s that noise see if that doesn’t sound good
oh wow it’s hot it’s smoking a little bit look at that oh that doesn’t look
good Steve okay okay sure is this is not good the car is not working right now we
are literally in the middle of nowhere Carter we need to find something that
can fix this car I don’t even know what’s wrong with it
not a rock cart I don’t think that’s good were they gonna help us very much
no I don’t think this is gonna help it’s kind of cool because I Green Liz did you
find anything to help fix the car let’s keep exploring maybe we’ll find like
whoa what is that Steve look at this what is that I think it’s like a crystal
look how shiny it is that is like the craziest rock I’ve ever seen might be
worth a lot of money sharers save that Carter yeah I’m gonna save and rinse it
off when I get home oh look there’s another Crystal Rock Oh what is this
thing no that’s some crazy type of rock do you remember those crystals you found
the wood oh yeah one of these are like the same type of thing it’s a break easy
quarter I broke it in half easy but now it’s really hard come on it’s like the
front and body well you can write on it whoa that’s crazy there might be snakes
out here I heard they’re really venomous rattlesnakes out here if you get bit
you’ll get paralyzed from your spine though yeah we had to be super careful
out here not to run into any rattlesnakes so if we hear any
rattlesnake noises we’re gonna to run we don’t really know what’s wrong with the
car we’re just gonna let it cool off a little bit left a smoke died down and
hopefully then again it’ll start moving but in the meantime we’re just gonna do
a little exploring I don’t really think there’s really anything out here though
car like we’re literally in the middle of the desert dry this ground is just
like crack whoa it’s so dry out here look at that
a white cricket what where it’s where we’re jumping I don’t see really hard to
see because it blends in sheriff’s coming if you can see I don’t miss it
here if there’s bugs here Liz you know what you might eat crickets what snake
lizards maybe there could be more wildlife oh my gosh I’m scared I want to
go back in the car whoa there is wild look at this there’s a flower all the
way in the middle of the desert okay oh don’t touch it you get poisonous flowers
out here that can like make you sick that’s not
good yeah careful snakes can live under the rocks yeah Carter found a bug what
kind of bug pray mantis look it’s like a baby desert pramantha baby desert
romantic this is crazy Cher’s whoa and car there’s a fence
yes Eve what is it trying to keep us out of what’s back there do you think I
don’t know how is there a fence and we’re literally in the middle of nowhere
how’s their fence let’s never put this fence up is trying to keep people out
behind there because maybe they’re hiding something they don’t want people
out there I wonder what’s in that ditch right there yeah that’s probably what
they don’t want us to go into oh hang on I can see look there’s like a lizard or
something I’ll zoom in it’s a great about I saw it move
I just saw it crawling there’s definitely some type of animal right
there shows if you see it come back what is that why is the fence shaking what is
going on all right I’m gonna take a step back card take a step back I don’t know
why that I don’t know why the fence is shaking Carter Oh Carter
Oh sheriff Carter you scared me don’t do that
that was so scary wow that’s a bigger cricket oh my gosh no I’m just kidding
just kidding sharers the prank that was so scary I didn’t know what kind of bug
that thing was well I don’t know these are like desert crickets I’m gonna let a
desert cricket can do to you it’s yeah I think I should get out of here look at
my legs Oh No what’s going on I don’t know I think I’m like
you need to get Liz you need to get back to the car quick yeah Liz you know let’s
go let’s go back to the car let’s see if the car will start another cricket where
where where I don’t even see it no whoa legit fly all right let’s careful
because I think these bushes might be irritating your skin so you got to be
what where yes ready it’ll fly again get ready I see I see I see it just flew
that’s crazy these bugs out here are crazy let’s head
back to the car corner I think if I’m right we’re almost there okay I see that
the car is not gonna start I think we got to start walking come on let’s go
I’ll stay here with the car you guys go walk and get some help Oh Cher’s this could be bad I really hope
the car is gonna start Carter remember I met I’m right here and then I guess in
the middle of nowhere so I don’t really know where my location is my phone
doesn’t have service on it record I’ll be here just remember where I am okay
all right don’t leave me too long okay sure I hope this car is gonna start
come on please start please start please start come on come on
let’s see please start please start please start Oh No
it says engines too hot will not start oh no the engines still too much here’s
what can we do to cool it down think think think
oh we got a little bit of a drink left just a tiny little bit we pour a little
bit of this on the engine the hope that the car will start okay okay this is our
last hope sharers I definitely don’t recommend doing this at home but let’s
pour a little bit of this on hopefully this cools the car down please cool down
okay let’s hope that works close this thing
up please start all right please start come on come on come on come on come on
come on start Oh oh it’s working the car started all
right we’re good let’s go pick up Carter and Liz let’s do
this come on let’s go let’s go let’s go Carly Liz look look look the cars
working fuck it up in let’s go let’s go okay hop in hop in
let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go go go go go okay I think I know where we
are we just got to make the turn right up here and then we should be there wait
B where C look right on this road appreciate we turn right
wait there’s a photos a building there’s a little I mean a little bit of yeah not
much of anything out here still but this is it this is the road after this drug
we should be there and there’s cars okay I think we finally made it
no we’re definitely almost there but look at that mountain up there where are
we here we are we’re here we made it we made it this is Emma straight back here
right back there okay this is it we’re here you ready guys yeah looks good
let’s just hope that they’re home deep you think this is the right house yeah
it’s been here before you think so yeah keep it a knock they know we’re here
you think they’re watching out that I can’t run yeah they know we’re here just
not yeah but I’m kind of nervous do you I don’t no one’s home what someone’s
there hello hello hello hello hello hello oh there you are have a monster
problem yeah whoa or this of plasma blasters whoa sharers this is awesome
okay the plasma thrusters are set I think we’re ready to go stay tuned for
next vlog where we test these things to see if it works
in getting the monster out of the pond oh yeah all right cheers then until next
time you know what to do, stay awesome and share the love, peace!