(xylophone notes)
– [Girl] Tic Tac Toy! – Ooh, I just love getting
new packages of toy food! I can’t wait to put all
this out in the cafe! (dramatic music)
(glass shatters) Breaking news? What is this all about? Let me turn the volume up. – Hi folks. I’m Bill Wetherspoon. – And I’m Lisa Breezy and this is Channel 6 News. – We apologize for interrupting your regularly scheduled programming, but we have some breaking news to report. – That’s right Bill. If you’ve been following the case you know that the Toy Master escaped from toy jail last Saturday. – Despite a nationwide search, he continues to elude toy police and has been wreaking havoc
on toy businesses everywhere. – Just this morning he wiped clean a local Toys R Us store and has once again escaped capture. – So, like, I came to work this morning and not a single toy
was left on my shelves. Like, he left all the money in the cash register, but no toys. This is so not cool! – Wow Lisa, he appears to be getting bolder and bolder each day, doesn’t he? He sure is taking a lot more risks. – That’s right Bill. In fact the toy sheriff
released a statement today urging everyone to lock their
doors and protect their toys. There’s no telling where the
Toy Master will end up next. – Well folks, we now return to your regular scheduled program. Thanks for watching Channel 6 News. – Wow Maya, this is getting crazy! – Yeah, I bet you anything he was the one playing games with Lulu. – Yeah, when the toy food inspector came. – Oh, for sure. – Yeah, we better get to
the Toy Cafe to make sure there aren’t any more problems today. – Ooh, I lost track of time. The cafe opens in five minutes. I better get all these out there
and on the shelves quickly. (footsteps thumping) That’s strange, it sounds like someone’s running around the cafe. I better go take a look. (mysterious music) Huh, there’s nobody here. That’s so strange. And everything looks fine. Ooh, I need to turn the sign on. Oh! Wait a minute. I know that shopping cart was filled with Cotton Candy Cuties. Where’d they go? (phone rings)
Oh. Coming! Hello, this is the Toy Cafe, where all your toy food dreams come true. This is Lulu, how may I help you? – Look, Addy. – [Girls] Ew. – What do you think happened here, Maya? – I don’t know, but there’s slime smoothie all over the floor. Gross. – Okie-dokie. You girls have fabulous timing. – [Girls] We do? – Chef Pierre has too much
to do and too little time. Would you mind helping
him out in the kitchen? – No problem, but maybe we should help you pick this up first. – Holy moly! What happened to my
slime smoothie machine? – Um, did you see the
news this morning, Lulu? The Toy Master is at it again. – I know, I know. That news clip has got me all on edge. But we have to stay focused. You girls help Chef Pierre,
I’ll clean up this mess. – If you say so, Lulu. – C’mon, I’ll walk you girls to the door. – (gasps) Now that’s strange. – I know, isn’t it? It’s been happening all morning. – Do you think it’s the Toy Master? – Maybe, but whatever it
is, it better stop soon. Or those noises are gonna
crack me like an egg. – A Sparkly LOL. Looks scrumptious. – Bonjour, Chef P. – What’s up, Chef? – Up? Uh, nothing, I think. Uh, nope, uh, nothing is up there. (girls giggle) Uh, what is so funny? – (chuckles) Nothing, Chef. What’s up means like, how are you? – Not literally up. – Oh, I get it now. (laughs) Very good. – Whoa, what are these treats, Chef? – These are what I need your help with. – OMG Chef, those look delish. – Oh, yes, this is my
own special creation. And I call them Super Cool LOL Bites. – Yum and awesome. – What can we do to help? – I need you ladies to make another 15 cupcakes just like these. – Easy-peasy, Chef P. – But I need them done in 10 minutes. – What? – No way! – They’re a last-minute
order for a hotel guest. And I need you to deliver
the trays to the front desk. – Will you be helping us, Chef? – Alas, no. I need to meet with
the hotel wedding guest coordinator right away. I set the timer for 10 minutes. Good luck. – Yikes, we better get a move on, Addy. – All the ingredients that
you need are right over there. Good luck. – Okay, let’s do this. You fill up this tray,
I’ll fill up this one. – Four deluxe toy surprises
for the Scruff-a-Luvs suite. You got it, I’ll bring it up in a jiff. I’m not seeing that right. I can’t be. No. (suspenseful music) TM was here? – This is way stressful, Addy. – Totally. We have six more done, Maya. We gotta pick up the speed. – These ones are finished. Whoa, Sandy! Sandy! – Oh, man, look at this mess. What are we gonna do? – We only have six minutes,
we’ll never make it. – Never say never, sis, we can do this. (upbeat music) Or not. This is getting ridiculous. – Okay, the Toy Master was here. It doesn’t say he is here. No need to panic. I’ll just lock the doors,
get back to making those deluxe toy surprise boxes, and everything will be okay. (timer dings) – And, done. – OMG, we did it, Addy. – Easy-peasy. – Yeah, right. – Let’s get these to
the front desk pronto! – I’m so sorry but our
fabulous new Rainbocorn suite is all booked at the moment. Be sure to check back next week. Well hello, Addy and Maya. – Chef Pierre told us
to bring these to you. – Yes, and it looks like
you’re right on time. These Super Cool LOL Bites look amazing. – Well we better get back to
the Toy Cafe to help Lulu. – Oh, okay, perfect. The guests in the Scruff-a-Luvs suite are waiting for the
deluxe toy surprise boxes that she’s been working on. She seems to be taking longer than normal. – Uh oh, we better go help. – Okay, these are about done. I sure hope the Scruff-a-Luvs suite likes these toy boxes. Okay, start stacking. (glass shatters) What was that? I think it came from the break room. Okay, don’t be scared, Lulu. It’s probably nothing. I need to go investigate. Hello? Anybody in there? Hello? Olly olly oxen free. – Lulu, we’re back! Um…
– Addy? Maya? How did you get in here? I thought I locked the doors. – We just walked right in. They weren’t locked. – Do you want to be locking customers out? – Normally no, but something strange is
afoot at the Toy Cafe. – Like more weird noises? – Definitely. And some more unnerving things too. – This really feels like
the Toy Master to me. – Yeah, pretty sure it’s him. But it’s odd because making noises doesn’t seem like the
Toy Master’s normal MO. – MO? – That means mode of operation, like the way the Toy Master
normally goes about his crimes. It just doesn’t seem to fit him. – Well maybe the Toy
Master changed his MO. – You could be right. I need to finish checking
out the break room. You two wanna come with me? – Totally, Lulu. – Okay, follow me. Okay, everything seems in order, right? – Looks fine to me. – For sure. – What happened to the lights? This isn’t good! – You said it! – Let’s get outta here! – Go! (screams) – Wait a minute, where’s Lulu? – I thought she was right behind us. (Lulu groans) – What happened, Lulu? – I think I twisted my ankle. – Oh no, are you okay? – Oh, I think I’ll be okay. – You should get checked
out by the toy doctor, just in case. – Ooh, but I’m right in
the middle of filling an important to-go order. – We’ll do it, Lulu. – Really? – Sure thing, just give us the low down. – Well, I already made up
four deluxe toy surprise boxes for some hotel guests. I just need you to use the dumbwaiter to get them to Chef Pierre. – Who you callin’ a dumb waiter? – (chuckles) No, it’s
not a who, it’s a what. A dumbwaiter is kind of
like a little elevator. You use it to move things
from one room to another. – Oh yeah, I’ve seen it, Lulu. – Thanks, and be super careful, girls. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious. – Let’s get that order off, Maya. – Copy that. Whoa, these surprise boxes look fantastic. – Totes, I’ll give Chef
Pierre a call and tell him we’re sending them up in the dumbwaiter. – Good thinking, Addy. (funky music) – That’s odd, the phone isn’t working. There’s no dial tone. ♪ Sacre bleu ♪ ♪ Pepe le Pew ♪ (dumbwaiter buzzes) Ah, that must be the order from Lulu. – Voila, c’est magnifique. – Well, it’s been one crazy day, Maya, but we did it. – Yes, and do you think the Toy Master is the one causing all
the trouble around here? – I kinda think so, but I’m not sure. You know what I’m thinking? – If only. – I think we should help
Lulu capture the Toy Master. – That’s an amazing idea,
but how do we do that? – No clue, let’s think on it. – I’ve got it! – I’m all ears, Maya. – Let’s hide out in the Toy Cafe tonight and take the Toy Master by surprise. – Love it, let’s go home
and get our spy kits first, and return for Operation
Capture the Toy Master. – We’ve done it once and
now we’ll do it again. – [Girls] Ah! (suspenseful music) (graphic whooshes) (graphic sparkles)