good morning everyone well I’m just
headed outside for my morning coffee walk have a cold brew coffee today it’s
supposed to be a warm day and this just tastes so refreshing what I’m doing
today is picking some strawberries and blackberries for breakfast when you grow
your own food there’s nothing more satisfying than picking a meal from your
very own garden grocery store so I thought today what I would do is show
you how I make one of my favorite garden breakfasts a yogurt smoothie bowl and
then share some berry tips along the way you ready well the first stop on the
garden grocery store is my little container garden here on my deck and I
have strawberries growing in these wall saddle planters I love these planters
they really make the most of vertical growing space they’re by smart pots and
they have some absolutely beautiful strawberries ready to harvest and max
sitting here waiting for me he got a new do what do you guys think I think it
looks so cute and I think we actually have quite a few berries hiding in here
these looks so delicious see how they’re super red bright and kind of shiny
perfect for harvesting I think we’ve got one right back here and oh we’ve got a
beauty right over here that is absolutely gorgeous now the cool thing
about strawberries is they like to send out runners this this plant here is
sending out three different runners and if you look here this one is already
developing tiny little leaves now you can route these runners for brand new
free plants all you have to do is just stick the runner here in the soil and
about a week or so will start to develop roots and then you can snip it probably
after about two weeks when after it’s established you can snip it separate it
from the mother plant you can either leave it in here put it in another
container in your garden bed and you’ve got yourself some free plants so right
here I’ve got three different runners which means I’m gonna be happy having
three brand-new strawberry plants now strawberry plants love to grow in
containers oh here’s a little frog oh my goodness he just hopped out of here onto
the ground strawberries love to grow in containers
the smart pots give it nice good aeration nice
drainage and the roots really like it you can see here I’ve got my
strawberries mulched with a couple inches of shredded leaves to really help
keep them cooler in the heat so let’s head down to the main garden check out
the strawberries growing there and we’ll share some more strawberry tips actually
before we head down to the main garden I wanted to show you these Wahl saddles
they actually hang over both sides of the deck rail so they’re grateful for
vertical gardening and there’s some more strawberries back here to harvest too we
don’t want to miss those for our berry Bowl these ones are kind of tiny so I’m
gonna leave these I just planted these a couple months ago so over time these
berries will get a little bit larger and there’s one way over there – I’m gonna
have to go around the other side to harvest it as we head down to the main garden let’s
just talk about the kind of weather that strawberries prefer they like nice sunny
conditions but they don’t do too well in heat over 85 degrees they stop flowering
and fruiting when it gets that hot so what I like to do with my strawberries
is keep some shade cloth attached to them and that way I can just flip the
shade cloth over it when the temperatures get too hot a lot of you
guys know that I really like to go strawberries and crates they work great
in the crate Towers again they absolutely love the drainage and I’ve
just found it helps keep them off the ground which tends to keep the snails
and the critters away so you can see here I have some shade cloth on the back
of my crate here and it’s just clipped on with a couple little binder clips so
when it gets above 85 degrees all I have to do is just toss this right over the
crate you can see the shade cloth has holes in it so it does still allow some
of the sunlight to get through but keeping it attached I can just toss it
right over the crate and that way I can protect my strawberries from the heat so
I’ve had this covered up for about five days just uncovered it yesterday because
the temperatures cooled off so you can see the tops of the leaves did get a
little bit burned in the heat but it definitely protected them they’re still
fruiting we’ve got some ripe strawberries in here to harvest so
that’s always exciting and they’re still putting on new berries so shade cloth
really does do the job and you can pick up shade cloth on Amazon or at your
local garden center or you can just use some sheer curtains I’ll show you those
in just a moment so let me grab these berries out of here and if you’ve got
these brown tip 2 leaves don’t worry about it it’s just a result of the heat
just trim them off cuz strawberries really do love a good pruning let’s go
around to the front of the tower see there’s any berries to harvest over here
you can see these are looking a little bit singed but we’ll just go ahead and
prune those off the chard is doing great oh here’s another one so so far so good we already got a nice
little harvest from the garden grocery store let’s go check out the other
towers so the other thing you can use for shape cloth if you don’t have
regular shape cloth is just these old sheer curtains it does still allow some
sunlight to get through so look around your house you might have some of these
stuck in your closet they work perfectly fine and if you don’t have anything at
all you can always use an old bedsheet won’t allow the sunlight to go through
but in the heat and I know a lot of you are expecting hot temperatures this
weekend the old bedsheets will definitely do in a pinch because it’s
better for your plants not to get any Sun than to get completely burned it’s
got a nice little strawberry there this one’s just a tad overripe so we’ll go
ahead and pick that the birds don’t get it now a lot of people ask me how do you
keep your strawberries producing and the thing about strawberries is different
types produce at different times of the year so you have your everbearing
your June bearing your day-neutral strawberries and I’ll pop a link to a
video in the video description so you know which berries produce at different
times of the year but you definitely do want to keep them fertilized on a
regular basis these get a weekly dose of the vermis Terra worm tea of the good
dirt plant food and it really does help keep them producing on a regular basis
not quite ready we’ve got some nice ones under here they
like to hide under here wow this is so much fun these are so beautiful looks
like we’re gonna have a great harvest from the garden grocery store this
morning I think there’s some more up here oh my goodness would you look at
these berries these are absolutely fantastic and there’s tons of green
berries on here too so another week or so I’m gonna have
another harvest isn’t it great when the garden gives
back there’s so many rewards to growing your own food harvesting is one of them
it’s definitely one of the best ones you can see on the back side of this tower
right here where I have this shear cloth just clipped onto the back so again I
can just flip this cloth right over to shade the strawberries on hot summer
days now one thing I do like to do with my strawberry crepe towers especially is
plant them near flowers because the flowers really bring in the pollinators
which of course really help bring on the berries and this particular tower right
here is just loaded down with flowers I’ve got some daisies planted right next
to it some Sun patience there’s a sage plant right behind it that often flowers
and really brings in the pollinators but this plant here is just going crazy the
heat hasn’t slowed it down I do have a shaded during the heat last week I think
we’ve got a couple right berries on here there actually that one’s not quite ripe
I think I’m gonna leave it but I I’m sure I’m gonna have an incredible
harvest from this plant here in just a week or so it’s just loaded down with
flowers I’ve got a nice little berry harvest to start the day I can’t wait to
have my yogurt smoothie bowl with my berries on top now one thing I’m
absolutely loving this summer are the blackberries I’ve got a bunch of
blackberry bushes up there on the hill behind me and I know I’ve got a bunch
there maybe higher so I’m gonna climb up there and harvest some you guys are
gonna absolutely love these I planted the blackberry bushes on this hill
several years ago and this is by far the best year yet we did have a colder than
normal winter time and I know that does help blackberries
they are absolutely loaded down with fruit and I did fertilize them pretty
regularly with the good dirt plant food the vermis Terra worm tea and prune them
way back this winter time and we’ve been harvesting a few handfuls every single
day I mean look at these they are absolutely incredible they’re so juicy
so delicious and I’ve been having them in my smoothie bowls almost every single
morning so you can see this one here is not quite ripe it’s about half way ripe
that’ll ripen up in a couple of days but black berries are ripe when they pull
very easily right from the tree here from the bush here and you can see this
one’s not coming off this one here is nice and ripe and I got to get them
before the birds get them the birds do you really like them oh these are
absolutely gorgeous if you haven’t planted blackberries I highly recommend
it these are loaded with fruit and we’ll be
harvesting these for several weeks what an amazing harvest I think this is
my largest blackberry harvest yet these are just so so tasty wait till you see
them on top of the yogurt berry smoothie bowl now the thing about blackberries
also is they do root just like strawberries do so here is a little
shoot off one of the plants you can see it’s already growing some really nice
roots so I have rooted several new plants over the years and again it’s
super super easy all you have to do really is just dig a little hole here
put your little plant in there and you can even for your little cutting in
there if you’re talking about your cutting your uh your chute in there and
you can even attach it with like a landscape staple or something like that
it will route in a couple of weeks then you can clip it from the mother plant
just like I told you about the strawberries and you’ll have a brand new
plant so I have done that several times over the past years with these
blackberries and my little blackberry patch is growing so hopefully it doesn’t
take over but you can see I’ve got some more room over there for it to spread
out now I want to take you over to the strawberry kale crate tower that we
planted just a couple of weeks ago and show you how well that’s doing and then
talk a little bit about watering for strawberries so the strawberry kale
crepe tower is doing very very well I did have this shaded in the heat as well
and you can see there are some singed leaves there which will go ahead and
trim those off the top has those beautiful Tiny Tim Tomatoes in it which
are taking a little bit of a beating from the heat too but they’re gonna
recover the strawberries are doing great the kales getting eaten a little bit so
we’ll have to spray for that I think we have one a little tiny one to harvest
over here so I just planted these out maybe three weeks ago already harvesting
always a good sign and the thing about these is I put drip irrigation in every
single level of the tower so they are getting a good soaking every couple of
days and they’ve been getting a good fertilizing about once a week the
containers definitely need fertilizing more often than your in-ground garden
bed these are doing fabulous you can see here I’ve got the drip irrigation on top
and then the hoses are around the back I showed you guys this in the strawberry
kale tower video the hoses are along the back that connect to ever
level of the tower so if you live in an area where you don’t get a lot of rain I
definitely recommend drip irrigation just really takes the guesswork out of
it and you make sure that your plants get the water they need to be productive
and to give you lots to harvest so let’s just wash up a few of these berries and
I’ll show you how easy it is to make yourself a delicious berry yogurt
smoothie bowl now when it comes to garden to table meals especially guard
to table breakfast I really like to keep it very simple so here I have here some
Greek yogurt I make my own in an instant pot I have a little bowl of walnuts and
chia seeds and of course the star of the show my berries so all you have to do
here is I just cut the tops off my strawberries just slice them right into
the Greek yogurt it’s just so delicious a super yummy incredibly refreshing
tasty breakfast especially after a workout you get the protein and the
yogurt and it’s just a really quick breakfast on the go too I even make
these for Jerry to take to work with them he takes one for lunch one for
breakfast and he’s good to go for the day just slice up the strawberries throw
in these incredibly tasty blackberries oh these are just so delicious probably
one of my favorite fruits to grow in the garden and then I just topped them all
with a little sprinkle of the walnuts and the chia seeds you can add in some
of your own granola if you want to and it just makes for such a nice garden
fresh breakfast think we’re ready for the taste test
well this yogurt berry smoothie bollocks absolutely delicious loaded with garden
fresh goodness and every bite I got to take a taste here
look at that I gotta get a blackberry on here look absolutely loaded down mmm oh my goodness
I can’t even tell you how juicy and ripe and succulent these strawberries are and
so much fun to eat it and make it right in the garden comment below let me know
if you’re growing strawberries or blackberries or what you’re harvesting
from your garden grocery store growing your own food is just such a blessing
isn’t it I’m just so very grateful and I’m sure you guys are too thanks so much
for watching looking forward to see me on the next video bye-bye you copy Cheers