today’s video is going to be a little
different not just because we’re in my kitchen but because it’s going to
feature something of a cooking tutorial along with some awesome botanical facts
today we’re going to be making shrub and not the growing out of the ground kind of
shrub this is a beverage component made out of vinegar sugar and fruit though
they’re often used in cocktails they’re also great with just Seltzer or tonic
shrub and tonic is my go-to summer drink shrubs are also referred to as
drinking vinegar or sipping vinegar I tried to find some reputable historical
sources on the origins of shrub and drinking vinegar but unfortunately
because it’s become kind of a newfangled health craze I had a really hard time
finding good sources so if you have any about the origin of shrub and drinking
vinegars definitely leave those in the comments some people also tout vinegar
as a healthy thing to add to your diet but I’m not here to give out medical
advice I just think that shrubs are delicious they’re both sweet and tart
kind of like lemonade now to make a basic shrub you only need three
ingredients firstly fresh fruit in my case I’m using strawberries but you can
really use whatever your heart desires second sugar I’m using a basic white
sugar here I’ve used brown sugar but I didn’t really like it as much it kind of
dominated the finished product and all I tasted was the brown sugar and lastly
vinegar you have a few options such as apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar
I’m using apple cider vinegar just because with those acquired you’ll need
a couple of basic supplies you will need a bowl a sieve or cheesecloth plastic
wrap a sealable container for the final product like a mason jar a whisk and a
sharp knife in a cutting board the whisk really optional I don’t know why I have
that on the list now I’ll be making a cold-pressed shrub
which is slower but arguably easier no messing with hot stove tops or pots and
pans especially in this hot summer weather like I said I’ll be using
strawberries which I need to cut into smaller pieces strawberries scientific
name Fragaria ananassa are in the rose family the strawberry is somewhat
unique as a fruit as fruits go it is an accessory fruit meaning that
the fleshy delicious part doesn’t actually come from the ovary of the
flower like with most fruit instead the receptacle of the flower expands and the
little seeds on the surface of the strawberry are actually the fruit it is
very very tiny humans have been eating wild strawberries for at least a few
thousand years but the strawberries we find in grocery stores today are grown
on large farms in fact a total of 3 billion pounds of strawberries are
produced in the US every year this variety is known as the garden
strawberry a variety that wasn’t cultivated until the eighteen hundreds
prior to that if people grew wild strawberry varieties the hybridized
garden strawberry is favored because of its color smell sweetness and size all
right with the strawberries chopped up next we need to add the white sugar I’m
using about a cup of white sugar to start and I’m kind of eyeballing it from
there and then I’m going to mush up those strawberries to kind of help
release the juices so it combines with the sugar what we want is a sugar syrup
as these two things combined so the next step is easy you’re going to cover this
fruit sugar combo in plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge overnight or
even longer those juices will combine creating that syrup and you can check
the mixture periodically to see how it’s doing once you’re happy with that
combination of sugar and fruit you need to strain it this can be a little bit
messy I’ve tried using a strainer and cheesecloth I do prefer cheesecloth even
though it’s way messier because you can really get all the juice out and kind of
use your hands to squeeze out the last of it so you’re not wasting any of that
good fruit juice so you’re gonna want squeeze it out into some kind of bowl and
then I transfer it to the mason jar before the last step and that last step
is adding the vinegar and slight tangent but apple cider vinegar like I’m going
to be using is also plant-derived as this name indicates it’s derived from
apples the juices are squeezed out of apples and then fermented with yeast and
bacteria yielding vinegar so you can add usually like one it’s one part sugar one
part fruit one part vinegar so kind of eyeball it that way I do it really not
scientifically and then like taste it and see how it tastes I like a lot of
vinegar maybe you like less so I say start with less vinegar and then go up
from there and with the vinegar added your shrub is pretty much ready to go
the taste will likely change and mellow over time and it should be
kept refrigerated in a sealed container stored that way it should last at least
a few weeks but if you’re like me it’ll be used up long before that like I
mentioned I drink shrub with just straight-up tonic and some ice I find
it’s like a really refreshing sweet and tart drink especially when it’s really
really hot if you decide to make a shrub of your own please send me pictures you
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